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Meat Loaf Concert and Another Tick Off the Bucket List

Non-official "Braver Than We Are" cover art

Meat Loaf teaser Non-official album cover for “Braver Than We Are”

SCORE! I just bagged some of the best seats in the house to see Meat Loaf October 28th at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas with Kelli Nicole Frazier and Robin Frazier.

You should get tickets, too, so you can validate the glowing review I’m going to write based on my personal objective, unbiased, fanatic worship of the Baron of Bombast.

The new album is only the third full collaboration of all time between Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman, the original song writer and architect of Bat Out of Hell and Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell. This is the cocktail of talent that produced two of the best selling albums of all time and my crystal ball says “Braver Than We Are” will be an astonishing event as lightening strikes thrice.

Click here for Meat Loaf 2015 Tour Dates

DIY Motorcycle Dog Trailer

moosemobiletrailerfabrication07071504I’m having a lot of fun fabricating a climate controlled passenger motorcycle trailer for my pit bull, Moose, to ride in. I have a few weeks to go before it’s complete but it’s really starting to take shape.

I started with a Harbor Freight Tagalong trailer and discarded the helper spring leaves during assembly to smooth out the ride. I’m fabricating the fairing by hand with West Marine resin and fiberglass cloth. The clear windscreen is a $26.00 Kage Racing P505C Clear Windscreen for 2005-2006 Honda CBR600RR’s ordered from Amazon.

moosemobiletrailerfabrication07071504My prototype cooling system will be a marine bilge pump sealed antifreeze system with reservoirs submerged in insulated ice tanks and piped to a small automotive heater core with a 120mm computer fan to blow cold air through it into the cockpit. As the entire system is sealed and the ice tanks will be isolated from the inner hull there will be no evaporation, no humidity, and no danger of Moose getting exposed to the coolant. I will post further updates and details as I reach milestones in the project.


Either Anarchy or A Police State

Mark my words, we are witnessing the beginning of the end for law and order in these United States. Smaller versions of what is happening in Maryland are happening with growing frequency throughout the country.

A prosecutor’s job is to champion justice.

Allowing even the appearance that a decision to prosecute was rushed or made under political motivations or mob threat is to substantially risk a miscarriage of justice on one side or the other. The speed with which those six officers were placed under prosecution is highly unprecedented (regardless of whether they are actually guilty or innocent).

There will be horrific consequences regardless of the final verdict now that expectations have been raised so abruptly.

If those six officers are found not guilty, you will have rioting and looting that will eclipse Watts, the Rodney King riots, Ferguson, and Baltimore.

If they are found guilty you will see celebrations in the streets that will degenerate into the same rioting and looting.

In the meantime good cops are going to leave the profession in a mass exodus, especially in the poverty stricken areas where people that depend upon them most live.

I pray for the good cops out there and have total empathy for those who are watching current events and making the tough decision to leave the profession for the sake of their own loved ones.

To those in the law enforcement community who daily uphold the Constitution and protect our individual liberties from criminals I say: The risk and sacrifice you men and women already accepted as routine was enough. There is no need to stay the course when the majority of the people you have pledged your lives for stand silent while mobs and rabble rousing politicians repay your service with anger and hatred.

To those who rush to judgement and broad-brush the entire law enforcement community as villains when you think you’ve spotted a couple of bad cops: You think there’s a lot of bad cops out there now? Once this is over the overwhelming majority of cops left will be bad cops.

Welcome to the new world. Today when seconds count the cops are only minutes away. In the near future you’ll be hoping the cops don’t show up at all, because you will have made what you think you have today a reality.

Stock up on guns and ammo and fortify your doors and gates. It’s going to look a lot like the law enforcement culture in the Republic of Mexico, and only the very wealthy and very corrupt will be able to afford police protection.

City of Grapevine Possibly Jumping on the Breed Specific Legislation Bandwagon

The City of Grapevine, Texas animal shelter policy currently does not allow pit bulls or pit bull mixes to be adopted, placed on the adoption floor or even listed on their website.

While the staff works with partnering agencies to find alternative placement for any animal that cannot be on the adoption floor, in reality, these dogs have little to no exposure, and are very often euthanized.

We are working to educate and convince Grapevine city leaders to treat all dog breeds equally so these dogs are given the best chance to be adopted into responsible, loving homes.

Obama Administration Adds Pet Insurance to Affordable Healthcare Act

051414MooseFrazierBreaking news today:

A bill amending the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as “ObamaCare”, has been submitted to the United States Senate by the Obama administration.

The bill, once signed into law, will require employers to provide pet insurance for dogs, cats, and some other animals residing in employees’ homes. According to sources close to the administration, White House interns were conscripted to draft the bill at the direction of POTUS, who stated that “Pets in America are family members, and deserve the same quality of affordable care as their human owners.”

The initial draft included farm animals, but that language was removed in anticipation of arguments that farm animals are not family members. Vigorous debate on whether Vietnamese pot-belly pigs can be exempt from the farm animal ban is expected.

Among the furry critters specifically included in the proposed ObamaCare coverage are:

Domestic Dogs – excluding exotic recently wild breeds such as dingos, African hunting dogs, wolves, coyotes, foxes, and wolf hybrids.

Purebred Cats only – all felines covered for an initial DNA test to determine whether they are purebred (at least four generations within a registered breed).

Parrots and parrot sub-species.

Weasels, rats, hamsters, and gerbils – excluding mice and specific invasive species of rats like Portugal rats and Norway rats.

Tarantula spiders of any variety, but no other arachnids.

Specific exclusions listed in the bill are:

Insects of any kind






Pet Rocks

Any bird, mammal, or other creature which has a natural feather, fur, or skin color that is red.

newpuppyThe motivation for including pets under the Affordable Healthcare Act reportedly came from an incident where the Obama family’s Portuguese Water Dog, Bo, swallowed two golf balls and required surgery that had to be paid out of the President’s personal income.

Whether the bill will pass or even go to committee is yet to be seen.

The initial reaction from the Republican leadership was: “It just goes to show you that Obama-care is the sort of medical insurance you get when the government wants to treat you like an animal.”

Happy April 1.

This article is based on imaginary sources and written by staff reporter Mit Reizarf.