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Government Marriage Recognition Debate – We’re All Doing It Wrong

We have allowed the government the power to legitimize our heterosexual marriages and simultaneously gave the government the power to dissolve our heterosexual marriages.

Too many people are blinded by their opposition to other people’s personal choices to see the real threat we’ve created for ourselves by allowing the government to regulate OUR personal relationships.

If you want the right for government to stay out of your bedrooms and not have a say in what your god or gods command of you then you’d best support the same rights of all men and women to be free of that government interference as well, regardless of whether they believe as you do or not.

With the tyranny of the federal government reaching new heights, marriage records could one day become a database of targets. Any god given right the government has chosen to “regulate” becomes a right that the government can take away. In this sense heterosexual married partners (while enjoying tax benefits and other state recognized marriage perks) are in more jeopardy than same sex marriage partners that are not recognized by the state.

You don’t have to support or even recognize gay marriage to support equality. Equality is the removal of government recognition of a marriage, regardless of who the marriage participants are and regardless of their sex, race, or beliefs.

Beheading in Oklahoma a Call to Action for American Citizens

I believe the Moore, Oklahoma lone wolf Muslim murder is the beginning of the attacks within the United States ISIS and other proponents of Islam have been calling for over the last several weeks.

There is only one effective means to combat this threat and save lives: Legalize open and concealed carry of sidearms by American citizens. Start immediately with allowing current concealed carry permit holders to do so and provide protection from reprisals by employers.

Those who oppose this will have to live with their guilt for delaying it and causing unnecessary loss of innocent lives when the next attacks occur.

The only thing that prevented this guy from killing more than one person was the presence of an armed off duty deputy working at the location, the company COO, who shot the fanatic while he was stabbing the second victim.

How many businesses in the United States are going to be lucky enough to just happen to have an armed law enforcement officer present when an active shooter event unfolds?

Active shooter and mass murder via other deadly weapons are on the rise, not just by so-called Muslim extremists, but by other whackos as well. The Islamic lone wolf threat is simply going to increase the frequency many fold.

It’s time for people to demand this government return their God given right to defend themselves against the criminally insane.

Remembering Dad

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching.

Yesterday, at a private family gathering in a Campbell, Texas cemetery my Mother provided us an opportunity to take time to once again celebrate the life of my father, Ted Frazier. He passed away in August 1988 after a vehicle accident.

At the time of my father’s passing I was still a rookie police officer, and had only been patrolling solo for a few months. I remember the memorial service and that I wrote a few poetic verses, and that almost the entire Greenville Police Department turned out to escort the procession to the burial site; but much of that couple of weeks surrounding Dad’s passing and funeral is a blurred memory.

Yesterday was a good day to reflect on his memory without the blinding pain and shock of a recent loss.

I told Mother and my siblings who were there, my wife, and brother-in-law that I believed Dad would be very proud of his sons and daughter today. As time has passed since August of 1988, my pride in my father has continued to grow as I have learned more about what it is like to raise children, earn a good living, and be as self sufficient as one can.

Ted Frazier did not have an easy childhood. He overcame huge hardships and to date I have not found anyone with a more solid work ethic. Add to that his ability to learn things on his own, and you see why his children have accomplished the things they have. He passed along his work ethic and taught us how to do so many things, from penmanship to marksmanship to operating machinery and driving tractors, and a thousand other things.

He planted us all in a firm orthodox christian foundation and taught us all to read the Bible for ourselves and to discern whether teachers were true or false by viewing their words under the light of God’s Word.

I thank God for the talented and loving father he blessed us with, and I look forward to the day when we meet in our eternal home and talk about the joy of riding in the open wind on a motorcycle, chasing down stray cattle, hauling hay, and the unique and successful paths each of his children were able to tread on this earthly plane because of the special gifts he imparted to us.

I’m looking forward to once more being wrapped in a hug by those massive and secure arms.

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Theodore Lawrence "Ted" Frazier

Theodore Lawrence “Ted” Frazier