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Beheading in Oklahoma a Call to Action for American Citizens

I believe the Moore, Oklahoma lone wolf Muslim murder is the beginning of the attacks within the United States ISIS and other proponents of Islam have been calling for over the last several weeks.

There is only one effective means to combat this threat and save lives: Legalize open and concealed carry of sidearms by American citizens. Start immediately with allowing current concealed carry permit holders to do so and provide protection from reprisals by employers.

Those who oppose this will have to live with their guilt for delaying it and causing unnecessary loss of innocent lives when the next attacks occur.

The only thing that prevented this guy from killing more than one person was the presence of an armed off duty deputy working at the location, the company COO, who shot the fanatic while he was stabbing the second victim.

How many businesses in the United States are going to be lucky enough to just happen to have an armed law enforcement officer present when an active shooter event unfolds?

Active shooter and mass murder via other deadly weapons are on the rise, not just by so-called Muslim extremists, but by other whackos as well. The Islamic lone wolf threat is simply going to increase the frequency many fold.

It’s time for people to demand this government return their God given right to defend themselves against the criminally insane.

Remembering Dad

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching.

Yesterday, at a private family gathering in a Campbell, Texas cemetery my Mother provided us an opportunity to take time to once again celebrate the life of my father, Ted Frazier. He passed away in August 1988 after a vehicle accident.

At the time of my father’s passing I was still a rookie police officer, and had only been patrolling solo for a few months. I remember the memorial service and that I wrote a few poetic verses, and that almost the entire Greenville Police Department turned out to escort the procession to the burial site; but much of that couple of weeks surrounding Dad’s passing and funeral is a blurred memory.

Yesterday was a good day to reflect on his memory without the blinding pain and shock of a recent loss.

I told Mother and my siblings who were there, my wife, and brother-in-law that I believed Dad would be very proud of his sons and daughter today. As time has passed since August of 1988, my pride in my father has continued to grow as I have learned more about what it is like to raise children, earn a good living, and be as self sufficient as one can.

Ted Frazier did not have an easy childhood. He overcame huge hardships and to date I have not found anyone with a more solid work ethic. Add to that his ability to learn things on his own, and you see why his children have accomplished the things they have. He passed along his work ethic and taught us how to do so many things, from penmanship to marksmanship to operating machinery and driving tractors, and a thousand other things.

He planted us all in a firm orthodox christian foundation and taught us all to read the Bible for ourselves and to discern whether teachers were true or false by viewing their words under the light of God’s Word.

I thank God for the talented and loving father he blessed us with, and I look forward to the day when we meet in our eternal home and talk about the joy of riding in the open wind on a motorcycle, chasing down stray cattle, hauling hay, and the unique and successful paths each of his children were able to tread on this earthly plane because of the special gifts he imparted to us.

I’m looking forward to once more being wrapped in a hug by those massive and secure arms.

Yamaha RD 350 73



Theodore Lawrence "Ted" Frazier

Theodore Lawrence “Ted” Frazier

World Vision Retracts Gay Hiring Statement and Pharisees Celebrate

Jesus-Picture-Teaching-The-Woman-At-The-WellWorld Vision’s retraction on hiring gay Christians is disappointing. I don’t understand how people who profess to be Christians can be so un-Christ-like in their opinions and rationalize doing and saying things that Christ would not have done or said.

So now we can’t allow people to help starving children based on sexual preference? Are gays and lesbians not allowed to help old ladies across the street, too? Are perfect people who never sin (according to our own feeble definitions of sin) the only people who may serve in Christian charitable organizations? If that is the hiring criteria, you have a candidate pool of exactly zero, and the only people you’ll be able to hire will be the liars.

All have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God. That means you are no better than a gay or lesbian individual. Nor am I.

Did you tell any lies today? Did you have any lustful thoughts? Have you been divorced? Did you treat someone unfairly?

Does God continue to forgive you you’re ongoing trespasses?

If you are a true child of Christ He does.

And if you happen to be a true child of Christ who is also gay or lesbian, He forgives you of your daily trespasses when you lie, steal or have an angry thought (just as straight people do) too.

Jesus spent a great deal of his time incarnate sitting down and eating with tax collectors, thieves, prostitutes, and He even touched lepers, despite the old testament prohibitions. Had anyone been able to be openly gay during that time and in that culture Jesus would have sat down and dined with them, too.

He came into the world to save, not to condemn. His followers should be following suite.

World Vision’s decision to hire openly gay Christians (yes, I surmise you can be gay or lesbian and Christian, too…nowhere in the Bible or in the words of Jesus does it say you can’t) was a good decision. World Vision’s initial announcement was not a betrayal of Christ, it was a confirmation of the all inclusive forgiveness and family that makes up the true body of Christ.

Whether you are gay or not, whether you believe being gay condemns your soul or not, is something you settle between yourself and God. It is not something people who call themselves Christians should be using against you or as leverage to exclude you from the Church or doing charitable work.

World Vision can hire or not hire whom they please…it’s just a shame that the spirit of Fred Phelps lives on in so many churches and was the impetus to making World Vision retract its decision.

Whether a professing “Christian” is a bit like Fred Phelps or a lot like Fred Phelps, sin is sin and condemnation and hatred in the name of Christ is the real issue here, not one specific group of peoples’ personal lives and relationships to God.

This is yet another example of the Church becoming the whore of Babylon and the prophets being dead-on as always. Come out from among them and be free. There is a true Church, a true Body of Christ, but it is much smaller than you think. It practices love and salvation, not judgement and condemnation. God is your judge, not man, and those who have a relationship with Him through the salvation offered by Jesus Christ know what He desires of us and how He wants us to live.

Therefore I do not condemn my brothers and sisters who might be homosexual. I also will never usurp the throne of the Most Holy and pretend that I know His mind as to whether another is fit to enter or work for His kingdom or not. He told us that whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. The was no exclusion in the context around those words.

I leave it to each individual and their God to decide whether they are sinning or not in their personal life and preferences. Just as I’ll thank everyone else to do the same for me regarding my personal life.

It is the role of the Holy Spirit to convict each of us for our sins, not the pastors, Sunday school teachers, the Pharisees, or the televangelists or false prophets

What My Beloved Wife and VSF&L Gave me for Christmas

For home invasions or the Zombie Apocalypse

For home invasions or the Zombie Apocalypse

For a long time I’ve lusted ater a .45 ACP carbine. My only hope was to save enough cash for a Thompson or settle for a cheap bulky Hi Point.

Until Beretta revealed the CX4 Storm in 2003. Robin got me the .45 ACP model (with a little help from Brother Sasquatch). I’m now totally prepped for a cast extra role on Battle Star Galactica as well (Although the barrel shrouds on the BSG props make them look like some sort of proctology instrument).

So This is Christmas

Garland-photoWe celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior today yet our souls still ache from the loss of our spiritual patriarch and beloved step-father, Walter Garland. It is our first Christmas without him, and we will all be thinking of him as one of us says the prayer before we eat, wishing we could do it as well as he always did. We will miss his admonishment that today is intended to remember and celebrate God’s greatest gift to man.

Walter celebrates in the presence of the One whose birth generated this tradition, and in that he is far better off than any of us.

Lord, please pass this message along to your faithful servant:

Walter, we love you and miss you, but the wisdom you shared with us and the example you set in your days on this earth are the staples that help us endure this loss.

With our love, sorrow, and joy,

Tim and Robin

The First Land Speed Record


Castrol and Triumph Motorcycles have teamed up to develop the Castrol Rocket, a potential land speed record breaker scheduled to hit the salt flats in the coming months.

One look at the machine and it’s a safe guess that copious amounts of cash went into the two wheeled missile with its dual Triumph Rocket III engines and sleek aerodynamic body.

By comparison, it seems that the very first land speed record of 39.252 MPH vs. today’s 400+ MPH records was pitifully meager. But remember, that first official record was a giant leap compared to the under 3 MPH limits motor vehicles had achieved up to that time. It was as fast as the fastest quarter horse, and could keep that pace for much longer.

Yet more astonishing is the fact that that first official record was achieved not by an internal combustion engine, but by an electric car.

The electric car would be almost instantly eclipsed by the rapid development and refinement of the internal combustion engine and the portability and abundance of petroleum based fuel; but for that brief moment in history the electric car was the fastest land vehicle on the planet.

Full circle: the time of the electric car is returning. Infrastructure is finally being built to support cross country drives in electrics such as Tesla automobiles, Zero Motorcycles, and nearly a hundred different hybrids already passing you numerous times a day on the streets and highways of all major American cities.

jeantaud_ElectricWould Count de Chasseloup-Laubat have believed it if you told him the day he piloted his 3,000+ lb French Jeantaud electric car to the first land speed record that electric cars would one day dominate the world? Yes, he would. And yet there are those today who won’t believe it.

The day is coming.

First in Flight and the Overlooked Wrench Twister

It was heavier than air and powered by an internal combustion engine.

Lumbering along for what seemed like ages, it finally struggled free of the earth and rose mere feet into the air…and stayed there, gliding incredibly over the land with its human pilot operating stick and rudder.

wrightDecember 17, 1903, American brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright made that historic flight. It was not the first manned flight, but it was the first mechanically powered on board human controlled take off, flight, and landing. Thus it made history and the Wright Brother’s method of three axis control became the standard for fixed wing aircraft pilot control to this day.

Most Americans are familiar with the Wright brothers through our American History curriculum in middle and high school. But what is seldom taught is that there was a third very key individual playing a role in that first historic powered flight.

Hired as a bicycle mechanic, Charlie Taylor was the gopher mechanic in Orville and Wilbur’s bike shop. He was a wrench twister, but he was also a natural mechanical engineer.

Orville and Wilbur discovered that the internal combustion engines of their day were all too heavy with too little horsepower to be used for their aircraft. They turned to Charlie Taylor and asked him to build them an engine that had a power to weight ratio suitable for their machine to get airborne with.

Charlie Taylor came through. But that’s not the whole story.

Charlie Taylor came through in an almost miraculous time frame. In six weeks he designed and fabricated an aluminum block water cooled engine with enough horsepower to do the job that weighed under 150 pounds.

Just a shade tree wrench twister.

And were it not for Charlie Taylor’s engine the Wright Brothers may never have made the history books.

Robin’s Christmas Tree 2013


I’m banned from riding motorcycles for eight months after my spinal lumbar fusion surgery. Robin has the same operation affecting twice as many vertebrae and less than four weeks later she’s climbing a ladder to decorate her 2013 Christmas tree while no one else is home with her.

I suppose the Christmas tree is considered a worthy risk.

It is a gorgeous tree. It looks like one you would find in the front window at the original Macy’s or Tiffany’s. And she pulls it off year after year with a totally different color scheme. This year I was expecting so much less after we had a fire in the shop where the decorations and ornaments were stored on top of her having four vertebrae fused in mid November.

I think the woman should start a seasonal consulting business doing trees in businesses and homes. $500.00 labor not including ornament and tree costs would be a great deal to get a tree to look this spectacular.

Want to see it?

I’ll post a pic as soon as we reach five comments on this article. AND HERE IT IS:

Robin's 2013 Frazier Family Christmas Tree

Robin’s 2013 Frazier Family Christmas Tree

P.S. – While you’re waiting for me to post this year’s tree, here is our tree that Robin did in 2010:

Robin's Frazier Family Christmas Tree 2010

Robin’s Frazier Family Christmas Tree 2010

Eulogy for Walter Fleming Garland

Note: The following is a transcript of the eulogy I gave at my stepfather’s memorial service on July 24, 2013. I am presenting it here for those who were unable to attend the services:

Walter Fleming Garland
In a land and time when so many are fatherless, I have been blessed to have two fathers. Thanks to the theological scholarship of these men I learned so much more than the average person about God’s word and having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Yesterday, Robin, Michael, Shelby, Kelli, and I were reminiscing about Walter (Dad) over breakfast. I asked then, and have asked many other family members since, if anyone knew why Walter preferred to wear these [holds up one of Walter's "Newsy" caps] flat caps. The answer appears to simply be because he liked them.

belfry-neptuno_tanThe image of Dad wearing these caps is burned into my mind. Many of you have probably seen Walter Garland wearing a “news boy cap” frequently as he walked to and from these church buildings over the years. I searched online and found that these caps are most often referred to as “Newsboy caps”. I thought: how coincidental is it that Dad’s preferred head covering is named after men who delivered the news in times past.

Walter was a news boy in a spiritual sense. He devoted much of his life to spreading the gospel; the “good news” that salvation is available to all mankind through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 52:7 says:

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news; who proclaims peace; who brings glad tidings of good things; who proclaims salvation; who says to Zion: “Your God reigns!”

As many of us know, Walter’s vocation led him to become a leader in Christian education. The thousands of lives and minds he influenced throughout his career will multiply exponentially as his former students live out their lives and in turn teach their children and grandchildren.

Speaking of children and grandchildren, Walter Garland became a devoted step-father and grandfather the day he married my mother. It is a tribute to Walter’s spirit of acceptance that he tolerated certain aspects of the Frazier and Wilemon family cultures.

One of the most commonly told anecdotes regarding Walter’s early shocking discoveries about our somewhat hillbilly style of childcare was his horror when he walked into his San Antonio kitchen to discover his newly acquired grandbaby Justin being bathed by Mom and Shelby in the kitchen sink.

He reacted by exclaiming, “You’re washing that kid in the sink? That’s where we wash our dishes!”

Sometimes we put Walter through trauma in a more physical sense. The Frazier boys have motor oil in their veins. Michael, who is a master mechanic and has a way of coaxing extraordinary horsepower out of internal combustion engines, invited Walter to go for a ride in his Malibu drag racer one day. As Walter buckled into the passenger seat, Michael asked, “This is going to be pretty intense; are you ready?

“I guess.” Walter replied.

Walter was NOT ready.

75malibuMichael launched the Chevy dragster and almost immediately attained what us Frazier boys refer to as “extra-legal” speed. Walter went into a g-force induced wail of “Whoop-whoop-whoop…” and capped it off with a shout of “SLOW DOWN!!!”

In the years since Walter has allowed himself to be repeatedly slimed by grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and dogs. He’s been a warm and loving father and grandfather to us all. Those of you who know Walter’s penchant for cleanliness and his constant battle against germs will realize how much of a challenge those sticky hands and faces must have been.

Mother, as I said before, you did a wise and wonderful thing when you married Walter Garland. You brought this family a precious gift in him, and we are forever grateful to you and Walter for your prayers, guidance, and living examples of love, faith, endurance, and loyalty.

George and Judy, I am so glad to finally know you. One day I and/or my siblings will experience the special pain of losing a brother or sister. For now I can only imagine your loss and marvel at the way you have supported us, my mother, and your brother in these last days. George, you truly are a rock, and cut from the same magnificent cloth as your brother Walter.

It is a testament to the quiet humility of Dad that he wanted his memorial service to be centered upon the salvation provided by Jesus Christ, and that we not dwell upon his substantial scholarly and spiritual accomplishments.

I understand that desire, but I know he will forgive me for pointing out that his very wish to take a back seat is worthy of exaltation.

Luke 14:7-11 says:

So he told a parable to those who were invited, when he noted how they chose the best places, saying to them:

“When you are invited by anyone to a wedding feast, do not sit down in the best place, lest one more honorable than you be invited by him; and he who invited you and him come and say, “Give place to this man”, and then you begin with shame to take the lowest place.

But when you are invited, go and sit in the lowest place, so that when he who invited you comes he may say to you, “Friend, go up higher.” Then you will have glory in the presence of those who sit with you.

For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

Walter Fleming Garland is alive and well today in the presence of God.

Walter, my friend, my dad, “Go higher”, and sit now in a place of honor prepared for you. We long for the day when we shall see you again.

Thank you all for being here to celebrate the life of our beloved husband, stepfather and grandfather, Walter Fleming Garland.

My Step Father, Walter Fleming Garland

Walter Fleming GarlandMy mother did a wise and wonderful thing for herself and our family when she married Walter Fleming Garland.

Walter walked the straight and narrow way without the dings against the guardrails that so many of us experience. He was unwavering in his faith, despite enduring great pain and waging an epic personal battle against illness over his final decade.

He devoted his adult working life to the gospel, the study of God’s word, and the Christ based education of thousands in their formative years.

Walter advised and supported me personally through some very difficult life experiences. He was always available to talk, and to listen, and he had a way of providing advice that was so gentle and non-patronizing that I often didn’t realize he had helped me reach the right conclusion until after I’d arrived.
Mom and Dad
As Walter Fleming Garland left this earthly existence to be welcomed into the loving arms of the God he served early this past Sunday morning, I was honored and grateful to have been touched by his life and testimony, and to have been in his presence in his final days.

Walter, “Dad” – we are grateful to you for your assumption of the mantle of father and grandfather left by the earlier passing of our beloved father Ted Frazier. We love you and we look forward to joining you in the joy and contentment of your new life. Thank you for your loving care and faithfulness to our mother, and for being a shining example of a husband and family leader.

I think I know the very words that greeted you as you left this existence in a flight that was faster than light itself and arrived at the threshold of your eternal home: “Well done, my good and faithful servant”.

Walter Fleming Garland’s Obituary

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing. – II Timothy 4:7-8

Titanium Screws and Rods Oh My

There’s one good thing about having suffered large areas of second and third degree burns when I was nineteen and UPPP (Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty) surgery a couple years back: I can honestly say I’ve felt worse pain than my recovery from spine surgery over the last several weeks.

The good news is Dr. Ramnath eliminated 100% of my sciatic pain and my legs feel like they’re nineteen again. The bad news is I still have months to go before I’m fully recovered, and I’m starting the full scale physical therapy portion next Monday.

Pain levels are tolerable with the help of muscle relaxers and an occasional Vicodin now, except for rare sneezing fits such as the one brought on by last night’s hay fever attack as Robin and I were in the back yard observing the super moon. I ended up frozen in a stooping position for about five minutes with tears running down my cheeks as it felt like I’d been shot in the lower back with a nail gun.

Sneezing is a manly exercise in my family. When we do it we engage every fiber of our being in the event; as if expelling an evil spirit from our very soul. Dogs have been known to start barking several neighborhoods away when I or one of my brothers sneeze out doors in the middle of the night.

I’ve sneezed with broken ribs before…sneezing with a mending spine is a tad bit worse. For a second I was sure I’d popped one of those titanium rods right out of its socket.

Spine Back View

Spine Side View

Surgery for Spondylolisthesis

Tomorrow, at or around 0700 CT, Doctor Devesh Ramnath will be performing a lumbar lamenectomy fusion on my achey-breakey back.

I’ll chronicle as much of my experience here as I can, as soon as I can.

Let me start by saying the last few weeks my pain level has been steadily climbing. I firmly believe that this is a psychosymatic reaction to finding out I had a fractured vertebrae, coupled with the approaching surgery date.

Tonight, with surgery a mere seven hours away, I’m feeling like an ice pick is being twisted between my vertebrae. Despite 10 milligrams of hydrocodone coursing through my veins.

Surely it can’t get any worse.

I know some close family and friends will be looking here for updates. I’ll do my best to post in a timely manner.

Thanks for the prayers and support, folks.

Riding Three Twisted Sisters in the Texas Hill Country

Bandera HouseStanding on the balcony overlooking the river flood plane below our rented house in Bandera, Texas, I was itching for sunup. The sunset was beautiful, and the small herd of wild deer jostling each other aside as they worked for their share of the grain Robin had strategically piled in the back yard were a joy to watch from so near a vantage point, but I was there for one thing and one thing only: the ride.Bandera Sunset

We had arrived and unpacked in a stellar former ranch house that had been up converted into a two story with a massive master bedroom and bath over the car port, where the gleaming Yamaha Road Star Silverado and Triumph Rocket III now waiting for morning.

While the rest of the family finished their wildlife observations and settled into the great room to watch TV I slid into the king size bed upstairs and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

I awoke shortly after sunrise and within an hour Mike and I were in our saddles and pointing our bars north to the Three Sisters Hill Country Scenic Drive. I had the GoPro Hero mounted on the front right dresser bar and snapping a pic every thirty seconds as we leaned and accelerated through 150 miles of curves, hills, and valleys.

We made it back to our “base camp” well before dark and had a nice barbeque dinner in downtown Bandera. Within a couple more hours we were all nestled back into the rental house and watching the NRA 500. I wasn’t able to make it through the entire race, as I had consumed my nightly regimine of pain killers for my fractured vertebrae and soon had to drag myself back upstairs to dream of the hairpin turns and majestic rolling Texas hills I’d ridden over mere hours before.


The final day of our trip was spent breakfasting at the Old Spanish Trail Cafe and browsing the local antique shops prior to loading up the cages and heading home.

I said a forlorn goodbye to Moonshine as she disappeared into the distance on Mike’s trailer. She will be staying in his capable hands in Tyler untill I’ve recovered from my upcoming spinal surgery.

Perhaps I’ll be able to squeeze one more ride in this weekend before I go under the knife next Tuesday. I may just drive to Tyler Friday night in the motor home and do a one day swamp or piney woods ride before she get’s locked away in Mike’s garage for the next several months.


Three Sisters

EveryTrail – Find the best Hiking near San Antonio, Texas

Gearpocalypse Day 187

My Triumph Rocket III v5

One-hundred-eighty-seven days, thirty-four minutes, and two cigars.

That’s how long it’s been since I’ve planted my butt in the saddle of my Triumph R3 for a good long ride. I’m probably going to have to take up smoking.

Two weeks ago I stopped in at Eurosport and Tony was nice enough to pull me into the shop so I could see what was being done to my bike.

There’s a reason that surgeons don’t allow family to come in and watch when they are meddling around with the innards of a loved one on the operating table. Motorcycle mechanics should have the same basic rules.

Seeing my precious in a hundred or so pieces made me feel nauseous. I have full faith and confidence that Tony’s crew knows what they’re doing, but I’d just as soon not see behind the curtain again. The only parts I could readily recognize were the front forks and wheel propped up forlornly in the corner, and the barren frame on the lift in the middle of the shop floor.

The guys are working hard to re-assemble Moonshine after replacing a few gears and linkage parts inside the gearbox. I’ve told Tony I’m desperate to get some riding in before my back surgery in late April. After that it will be another six months of no riding.