America rising

Power and corruption tend to go hand in hand. The founders of this country carefully crafted a constitution for this nation that would endure the onslaught of those who desired power over liberty, command and control over freedom. But it cannot endure if the American people do not read it, familiarize themselves with it, and defend themselves with it against the likes of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

Franklin Roosevelt ignored the Constitution. Woodrow Wilson ignored the Constitution. Theodore Roosevelt ignored the Constitution. The American people still suffer from the things that those presidents implemented in spite of the Constitution. A federal PROGRESSIVE income tax. A socialist public works program that drove people out of business and put their progeny on welfare for generations.

Barack Obama is ignoring the Constitution.

None of those politicians give a fig for the Constitution, much less the Declaration of Independence.

The birth of this nation did not occur under a revolution. It occurred under a WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE. A war for liberty. A war for freedom. A war that began as a protest over a 4% tax. And we dishoner those who gave their life’s blood in that war by accepting a federal tax of more than 40% today.

It is time for a new war for liberty. A war fought with votes instead of bullets. A war fought with your donations instead of artillery. Find independent conservative candidates in your area and donate to their campaigns.

And please, please vote. Feel free to start by checking out the link to Rick Perry’s campaign in the bottom left panel of this page.

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