Fellowship Church pastor Ed Young under scrutiny

Channel Eight news out of the DFW area just ran a report on a private jet leased for use by Pastor Ed Young, Jr. of the mega church, Fellowship Church, Grapevine, Texas and Miami, Florida.

The story (video embedded below) reminds me of Church on the Rock pastor Larry Lea in Rockwall circa 1985. Last I heard he was being investigated regarding lots of fine homes and living a very luxurious lifestyle that his members had no clue about. I especially recall one story about how his little house burned down and the church members all pitched in to buy him another home. Then they found out he owned another residence.

Then it turned out that Primetime had really made some wild accusations and Larry Lea actually had been totally up front about all his money, in a technically legal sense. He’s still out there, post divorce and remarriage, peddling his teachings for a price at Larry Lea Ministries. There are lots of “Larry Lea” instances on that site rather than “Jesus Christs”. He’s got a nice vintage collection he’ll sell you for $40.00.

Larry Lea’s site also has a special page, “Larry Lea the Naked Truth” that details his miraculous exploits throughout planet earth. The “naked truth” about Dr. Larry Lea makes zero mention of Jesus Christ or his divorce. But it does mention how a little blind boy received his sight by attending a Larry Lea event in the Dominican Republic. Funny how that never happens in countries where technologically current and relevant medical diagnosis and records are kept.

It’s all been worth it because of all the converts Church on the Rock brought to Christ, right? Wrong.

I think my ‘crookdar’ first went off when I was sitting in a Fellowship Church sermon and Ed Young started pitching Larry North’s fitness center to the congregation as a great place to go work out. It wasn’t mentioned in passing, it was an all out church endorsement of a for profit fitness center.

Ed Young is no different that the money changers Jesus chased out of the temple a couple thousand years ago.

It’s been several years since we attended Fellowship church, and we didn’t attend for long. I always had an uneasy feeling about Pastor Young, and there just seemed to be a lot more entertainment going on than worship. I even posted a few blog entries about it, and eventually left the Fellowship Church to seek a more sincere place of worship.

Still searching.

I imagine the next public communications to come from Young will be something along the lines of being targeted for persecution, how the media hates the body of Christ, blah, blah, blah, which will be an absolute affront to those across this planet who truly are being persecuted for their Christianity, not simply being exposed for hiding the use of an eight million dollar private luxury jet from their congregates.

There are two major problems in the body of Christ today: Pastors who take financial advantage of their congregation, and congregations who take financial advantage of their pastors.

See my article, Candy Coated Christianity from May 30, 2008.

avatar Evan

I attended Fellowship years ago; was caught up in Ed driving a Cadillac on stage for the first time I went there and thought it was cool, but very soon after, something didn’t seem right. From how he would stop and pause mid-sentence to make it look like he was actually thinking about something to say to him saying “My man Moses” or “My man Jesus” to realizing that there just wasn’t much substance. Which is (or was, as the time) the key: why does he have to drive a Cadillac on stage? Why all of these theatrics/skits and stage shows (bringing out chairs, tables, couches, etc) to get his point across? He and his wife on stage acting like they are doing a cooking show? Substance. And then someone like Martin Lloyd Jones could fill out church after church after church for years without the theatrics because there was substance to his message – he taught the Bible.

As time went on, it seemed like Ed was in it for the money, with stylish clothes he and wife wore. And as I grew as a Christian and became educated, I realized he was seeker sensitive, and that many of his sermons were such. Hey, I’m here to learn about the Bible – not to hear a message suited for non-believers to get them to come back every week. Plus, I was getting tired of, for example, a 4 week message about marriage or something. I wanted to LEARN about the Bible, which was not the case with Ed and “his” church. I’m glad to say that I’ve been away from that place for several years, and have been LEARNING about the Bible from the expository preachings of Chuck Swindoll and from our men’s group lead by Steve Farrar.

I later found out the scoop about Fellowship from an old friend, someone I have known since 1st grade. After we reconnected a few years ago, he told me how he would sub (fill in) at Fellowship at times, as he plays the drums. He and his family were attending the church, but things didn’t come across right with him either after a while. He soon witnessed that whomever was speaking to the congregation was instructed to “appeal” to the young crowd. He said that behind stage it looked like a semi movie set, with the mirrors and lights and hair spray. He soon found out that Ed did not write his own sermons, and that after the final service, he usually left the church very promptly, as in he couldn’t wait to get out of there. He found out that someone named “Pace” wrote Ed’s messages, and that this person pretty much ran the church. And then the “bodyguards”. The final straw was when they needed a fill in bassist one weekend. Someone that had filled in before was highly recommended, but the new person that was the music director said no. He wanted someone else because the person that was recommended was very overweight and wouldn’t “appeal” to the crowd.

That was it for my friend. He told his wife they were done there, which made her mad. They found a new church, and she came around, realizing that her husband was correct. His father, upon hearing that he was done at Fellowship, told him “It’s about time you found a real church”.

I emailed Brett Shipp after this was broadcasted, thanking him for doing this & giving him my thoughts about Ed and Fellowship. His reply:
“Thanks Evan, nice to get some supportive email instead of being damned to hell.
Stay tuned, more to come.

avatar Ed Young

I am sorry to those of you who have found yourselves unsatisfied with my church. I hope you find another place where you can serve God dutifully.

For the record, I rake in around 9 million annually, after taxes. Miami is awesome y’all!

avatar Kelly

I did attend FC for a while, I even worked in the children’s church. I have read and studied the bible couple of times prior to going to FC. At that time in my life I was looking to find a way to serve in a church, FC offered that for me. But during that time Ed Young made different comments that concerned me these comments were made from the pulpit. I really took notice when home teams were “pushed” and he wasn’t apart of one or leading one. Granted that the church took a life all it own, too bad Ed Young didn’t stay the course and let other pastors start their own churches within the DFW area. I mean, after all he could have mentored them. I still hope and pray that God’s work will be done even though it sounds that he has or is starting to fall. Lou Reed once wrote a song titled “Straw Man” it is off his New York, New York album. I don’t think we need another multi-million dollar church when smaller churches do a lot of the work. I worked in a hospital in the DFW area years back and took care of one of his members that was ill. This man talked about FC church, but I don’t remember anyone from that church ever visiting him. I thought this was sad, even though he still believed the church was saving souls. My experiences at FC eventually took me away from the big corporate church, I have found church at a smaller level. There are other churches in the DFW area I would encourage members from FC to visit and think about the impact membership has in a smaller church. DTS graduates shouldn’t be hard to find in those smaller chruches. God Bless and may the Grace and Peace of Christ be accepted by many, for forgiveness is going to be called upon.

avatar Dave

In response to your dissentive garbage on Ed Young:

Read Mark 9:38 – 42 and then tell your readers/listeners if you believe God is more pleased with the Ed Youngs of the world preaching the gospel (with all of his foibles or imperfections), or the mudslingers who spend more time picking apart and tearing down others who are actually on the frontlines winning souls. And to the world out there, it just looks like Christians have internal jealousy and hatred running the ship.

Let’s recap….time and effort spent tearing down the church — or time and effort spent actually building up the church? Put it on the scales and weigh it in your heart. Then take a close look at that horse you are riding. Make sure it is a steed of honor to God and not just a destructive Spiritual High Horse.

I pastor a smaller church of 250 people. It would be easy for me to look at Ed or others and scream, opulence!!! Yet, if I were to do the “per capita math,” I probably make as much or more, based on per capita income (percentage/potential), as Ed Young does in his ministry. I’ve been blessed to own a very comfortable 1800 sq ft home. Do I begrudge Ed for his 7800 sq ft home?

In comparison to blogs or radio programs letting the world know that the church of Jesus Christ is full of self-righteous religious police, I wonder how many lives have been strengthened by spending time in Ed’s home, eating his wife’s home-cooking and being encouraged in the faith?

Back to verse 42 of Mark 9 — Encourage and build up…..or tear down and cause dissension?

42 “And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.”

You are taking a huge risk, my friend!

avatar Irani Maciel, Mr.

I have read you comments regarding Pastor Ed Young (from Grapevine) and your defense on his practices. I must agree 100% with you, because, those looking for a right church to enroll (like one said “still searching”), will NEVER find their place.
Their trend for judgement instead wil lead them to a harsh dialogue, someday ahead: “Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels…”(Mt.25:40)”
Peace, may God bless you and your beloved, keeping you all ready for THE DAY.

avatar Elizabeth

Amen Dave! I agree with you. I was raised in the Lutheran Church… Transferred to Methodist and have attended Fellowship on and off since 2001. Ed Young is preaching the Bible. He may have a style that appeals to a target market… That’s ok… If you don’t feel like this church is for you, go somewhere else. That’s why there are many denominations to choose from. It’s the USA. You can worship anywhere. When you start speaking negatively about someone… Or a place… Or a thing…. You are the evil one. Simply shut your mouth and attend somewhere else… Maybe the purpose for Ed’s church is to only be an introduction to the word. Maybe his purpose is to make people hungry for more…. Maybe this gateway will lead them to another… Who knows, but it is not our place to slander and ridicule.

That is all…. Have a blessed….mouth shut day! 🙂

avatar david

selfrightess pastors Mr EdYoung is very dangerouswith smoke and mirrows and drama,hr presents is wrong , hes using his people fir over 8 million dollars a year ,he never ever mentions jesus christ by name, he never says god either. check the spirit is what the word of god says.hes none of gods. plain and simple,ive never been there , ive tried to watch him on tv several times, his smoke and drama is scatter brain crap.what a waste.

avatar Lisa

God is imaginary.
It is interesting that in this day and age
people are still giving their time and money
to upkeep his pitch men. I don’t think the
tooth fairy does this well globally.

avatar Jessica

Not the Judge, It is not slander, it is FACTS. Ed Young Jr. is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and he’s not the only one.

As Christians we have a right to warn other fellow believers about wolves.
False Preachers lead people STRAIGHT to Hell, they do more damage than anything else I can think of (even murder).

God will judge us (along with False Preachers) if we stand by and don’t say anything regarding Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

avatar Not the Judge

Leviticus 19:16 – “Do not go about spreading slander among your people. “Do not do anything that endangers your neighbor’s life. I am the Lord.”

John 8:7 – “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone”….

Sad to read the many comments above.. I personally am not without sin, and therefore do not have the right or the authority to comment. I will however pray that God’s will be done.

avatar Jessica

Not The Judge, If you are a Christian you most def. have the duty and right to speak out and warn others of Wolves. I’m not afraid to speak and warn others of these “Pastors” who Mock and Defile MY Lord & Savior, Don’t be afraid to do the same.

I will be praying that the Lord open your eyes and ears to what these “Pastors” are mainly all about, (and it’s not just one thing).

P.S. sorry If my former post to you sounded mean, I did not mean it too. Please forgive me.

avatar Jessica

I pray and will continue to pray that the Lord keep on exposing Wolves like Ed Young and others like him.

I know a couple who still go to his church (I don’t know if they have seen the news reports or not).

and I will also pray that people begin to wake up and see what EY is really all about.

I just can’t believe that a “pastor” would treat people the way he does and yet they still stick up for him.

avatar Tony


I for one will not condemn you for your thoughts or position. I agree that we must continue to pray that God will exercise his justice on him and save any others from his scams.

I was one of the original members of FC when it was having services in a high school theatre room.

At that time, the message was true. The holy spirit was there. However, over the years, the greed and corruption has ripped any sense of holiness from EY’s message and the direction of the church.

The final straw for my departure was the Sunday a few years back when EY announced that they had put a giant FC.COM sign on the roof of the church so “Passengers on Flights coming into DFW would see it”, (at a cost of more than $35,000)

That same Sunday, after normal offering was taken, he passed the plates around one more time to take up a special offering to help the “needy families in the Coppell area”. Yea right.

My immediate thought was, how many truely needy families could have been helped with $35,000????

Your Brother in Christ,


avatar Justin

My wife and i were banned from attending Fellowship…We were going for three years felt called to plant a church in Ireland..Asked the church for prayers and if they wanted to help financially..
We were phoned and told that we were banned and to not set foot on the property or we would be escorted by security…

True story

Contact me if you want more details this above is just in brief

In Christ

Justin and Brandi

avatar Lynne

Justin and Brandi:

Our church has a loose association with Ed Young and Fellowship church. I would be interested in hearing more abut what happened when you asked for support to plant a church.

God Bless-


avatar Jessica

Carla, ED Young does not preach the Full Gospel; just because he quotes scripture does not mean that he is a Christian or a Pastor. nobody is judging him based on accusations but based on his Character, his Words and Actions (Fruit). EY has already shown his true self.

as Christians we are called to judge those who are in the Body of Christ. if we don’t judge then how are we to separate the wolves from the sheep if we don’t judge?

EY is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. I’ve never set foot in any of his churches, but went on the Fellowship Church website and looked around and within the first 5 minutes I thought “This guy is a False Teacher”. Esp. when I got to the Tithing page.

The fact that (as far as I know) he has not repented tells a lot about what he thinks about God.

ED Young makes a mockery of the King of Kings.

avatar Carla

Well – I’ve never heard EY preach anything that isn’t scripture based. I listen free to him all the time on Sundays and on his podcasts – (itunes). Have heard how important the LOCAL church is and how we should all support our local church – which I do near Houston. I love Ed’s preaching style – I relate to it, I don’t feel hypnotized since I’m usually just listening and not watching (audio podcast). Anyone can tear any Pastor apart – have you ever seen the youtube video called “Drive thru church”? I know Moses was blessed with many sheep and herds and land. I know God gives and takes away. I know God is in control. I know that Jesus Christ died for my sins, for yours, and for Ed’s. I know that we all fall short of the Glory of God. If Ed is doing something wrong, I pray that he turns from it and sets himself straight with God and walks in righteousness so that as a leader he can teach and preach the wonderful good news of Jesus. If he isn’t in the wrong than I pray that judging, condemning hearts will be changed and God’s glory will be seen in this entire situation. Remember the guy blamed the bomb in Atlanta during the Olympics? He was totally innocent, but was condemned by the majority before he could say boo. Remember Jesus, the Christ, who was innocent and died because of condemnation and hate from those who had cheered him on just a few days before he was killed? The Bible says to judge not – lest you be judged. Yes, we need to be on guard, but I’m tired of accusations and judgements that are based on feelings and hunches. May God’s glory shine on this entire situation and may we all humble ourselves before the Lord.

avatar Jessica

Why would anyone want to keep going to a church where the Speaker ( I refuse to call EY a pastor) continues to lie and deceive his congregation? I have never been to any of the fellowship campuses but I have listened to EY online and the man makes NO SENSE whatsoever.

he’s like a mixture of Dr. Phil and Oprah with some of Joel Osteen thrown in.

avatar Taking a Deep Breath

Whats interesting to me is the fact that you have been “Searching” for a sincere place to worship for a few years…. and have yet to find one… Not a church problem but a personal problem my friend….

avatar Tim Frazier

It is interesting how many folks are attacking me rather than looking for the truth about Ed Young or presenting a logical defence for him. I’m not sure how searching for a church home over a long period of time equates to a personal problem. How long does a person need to search without finding what they prefer in a church before it becomes a personal problem? A week? A month? A year? 5, 10, 15 years? I think it’s ceasing to search that indicates problems.

Oh, and redirecting the debate from the guy who is cloaking a lifestyle of luxury on his congregations tithes in secrecy, misdirection, and deception would be a personal problem, IMO.

avatar Taking a Deep Breath

How many have you personally led to the Kingdom of God? how many best selling books have you written? How many conferences do you speak at in a year that pay you? or should you not get paid? does the bible not say pay a man his worth? how are you using your resources to benefit the kingdom of God? what makes a Sincere church? how much should a pastor make? Pharisees and suducees knew the Word of God and were RELIGIOUS scholars too…

And i dont believe in church “Shopping” which is what you are doing by “finding” a church to suit your need… Guess what, the Church isnt here for YOU or ME. but for the lost the sick the perishing.

Mark 2:15 While Jesus was having dinner at Levi’s house, many tax collectors and “sinners” were eating with him and his disciples, for there were many who followed him. 16When the teachers of the law who were Pharisees saw him eating with the “sinners” and tax collectors, they asked his disciples: “Why does he eat with tax collectors and ‘sinners’?”

17On hearing this, Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

And the reason i point out the fact that you haven’t found a church that suits your needs, is because its part of considering the SOURCE of the hate towards Ed Young and fellowship church.

avatar Tim Frazier

Well, I’ll answer your questions directly:

I have never “personally led” anyone to the kingdom of God. I share my testimony when opportunity arises, and I share my beliefs with others. I haven’t published a single best-selling book…what is that, the 11th commandment or something? “Thou shalt publish a best seller”. Are you reading from that New World Translation?

I have published a few articles sharing my faith on the internet which have accumulated a few thousand page views. I try to live a life that others will recognise as different and realize that the influence of Christ is the reason for it…but I often fail at that and have to ask forgiveness for my shortfalls. Whether those actions have planted any fruitful seeds I don’t know, but it’s the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit that are responsible and creditable for anyone coming to the kingdom of God, not any man.

I’ve never spoken at a conference, and never been paid to speak, although in my youth I did speak in a couple of churches here and there as a youth director.

Of course I should get paid. I think Ed Young should get paid, too. And I also think his congregation should know how much he gets paid, and why. The salaries of all the C-Level officers of the company I work for are published by law. If I was at that level I’d have no objection to my salary being published as well. I think if the secular corporations can be held to that standard, the pastor of a church as large and influential as Fellowship Grapevine should certainly be able to rise to that level.

The issue is not how much Ed gets paid, it’s the fact that he is being deceitful about how much he gets paid and the other benefits he is enjoying.

Let’s see, what next? Oh, yeah, abouth the Bible saying pay a man his worth. If you’re referring to the parable in Matthew where Jesus spoke of the vineyard owner and his laborers, you’re taking the statement purely out of context. I think the point of the parable was to not complaim if someone comes along after you and negotiates a better agreement than you did. Now IF that was the text you were referring too, I’d think you could turn that into a pretty interesting argument on Ed Young’s behalf. .. if you care to stop attacking me and have a real intelligent debate about the subject of the article. See, I freely show my adversaries where their ammunition is stored…aren’t I the nicest opponent a person could have?

Next, how am I using my resources to benefit the kingdom of God? I spoke to that above somewhat, but I’ll readily admit I don’t do anywhere near what I should. No excuses, I’m guilty of that sin and many others, which Jesus Christ gave his life to pay for. I’ll keep trying to do better.

What makes a sincere church? Any group of believers that gather together in spirit and in truth, I believe is the correct answer. The again the real church is the entire Body of Christ, not some organization that meets in a specific location. But it’s beside the point for this debate…we’re not questioning the members of Fellowship Grapevine’s actions, we’re questioning Ed Young’s actions.

How much should a pastor make? As much as the Church agrees to pay him and he should keep as much as his conscience allows. Again, I don’t care how much he makes, I care about how he hides how much he makes. He seems to be the guy who has the big issue about how much he makes, otherwise why would he hemhaw around about the exact amount and the other lucrative benefits he enjoys?

I agree about the Pharisees and Saducees, and some of them were actually devout men of God while others were evil power-mongers. What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

And in regards to your opposition to “church shopping”…

So if the first church I happened upon was headed by some false prophet like Benny Hinn, Jesse Duplantis, Oral Roberts, Larry Lea, or Jimmy Swaggart; I should be content and stay there?

Do you have any arguments to provide on good reasons Ed Young should be evasive and misleading about his for profit businesses and benefits received from the coffers of Fellowship Church Grapevine?

avatar Taking a Deep Breath

The reason i mentioned books and conferences is because its obvious he’s not just getting paid by the church. He’s getting paid from outside sources. I have personally been a part of a church where a pastor embezzled lots of money and i had the choice to become cynical about church leadership or to let go and let God take care of HIS church. Church leadership overall has lots of responsibility and with that will come the bloggers who have the right to voice their opinions however they want. I guess really its just a waste of time to sit here and rebuttal your personal views. That is of course between you and God.

The scripture i referred to was when Paul wrote to timothy:

17The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching. 18For the Scripture says, “Do not muzzle the ox while it is treading out the grain,”[b] and “The worker deserves his wages.”[c] 19Do not entertain an accusation against an elder unless it is brought by two or three witnesses.

You wrote a blog post based on 1 news report initiated by an ex employee who couldn’t even show his/her face on screen. Once again like i said about your post, Consider the source.

Im pretty sure you have no way of saying any of the leaders you mentioned above are “false prophets,” unless you have a God complex and are ready to judge them.

I dont agree with many of their ideas or beliefs but Lord forgive me if i dare call one of his people “false prophets”

And should Ed Young be evasive? I cant say he has been evasive. I dont know him personally, and i havent personally seen any “documents” that would show otherwise… AND IF HE WAS being evasive? guess what that doesnt change my view on the Church or Gods work. We will all stand before Him one day On our own, with no one by our sides.

avatar Jessica

Please read the Bible, there is plenty of stuff in there about False Prophets.
and Ed Young and others like him fit the description to a T.

Preaches a False Gospel
More focused on Worldy things and issues

ummm….. that’s all I can think of

If EY is not a false preacher than God must be lying….. and we all know God can NEVER lie.

avatar Anti_Fellow

Tim…I pray for a more spiritual, biblical place of worship too. Let me know when you find it. I perceive the Fellowship Church as the Wal-Mart and smaller, sincere churches as Main Street….forced to compete and out of business. I’m very close to a member of YOUNG’S church. He/She is extremely defensive about it and displays complete support.This is a change in subject but I want it known what occurred several years ago at Fellowship. I have no respect for Mr. Young who displays no pastoring skills at all.
I am aware of a fraudulent investment corporation called Horizon Establishment with affiliations with Travis Correll. This was proposal made known by Associate Pastor Owen Goff and his wife Beverly with assistance from Frank and Carol Murphy( who made the actual sales presentation and signing of papers)The Goffs only introduced the plan. Under the guise of strong foreign mission connections and great earnings from banks this opportunity was only available to Christians and for a limited time. Sadly, this trusting soul invested 100,000 dollars and several close to him/her invested 130,000 dollars after being promised the principal would be safe.
Not a word of caution or encouragement from Mr. Young whose wingman Goff was personally involved in an illegal Ponzi Scheme. 2 months later, the investors lost all their money and not even an apology. It is so very upsetting and I could never see Fellowship as a church….it feels fake and downright evil to me. A word of caution to those that continue to attend and follow.

avatar Tim Frazier

I found a great place to worship in “power and in truth” in Irving if you’re in that area and if you can stand being around a bunch of blue collar bikers, ex-cons, former cops, and run of the mill everyday folks who happen to be Bible believing Christians. See http://4fraziers.com/wp/?p=754

avatar leon

Wow! Let’s pray for the pastor and move on. If he is not of God, then God will expose him. We must remember those seeking God and do not become a stumbling to them. In New York City there are some megachurches who are doing the same things. We must learn to fast and pray and let God expose the truth.

avatar Tim Frazier

Okay, I get really tired of the “let’s pray and move on” or “God will sort it out” mentality. Should we have stood down and waited for God to sort out Adolph Hitler? I’m not comparing Young to Hitler, here, just using an extreme example to knock down this faulty logic of doing nothing and trusting God to handle it. He didn’t put us on this planet just to sit around and watch Him work. He assigned us all jobs…GET TO IT! God works through His people, and he expects us to confront evil where ever we find it.

Be a man.

P.S. And Leon, why does your IP address register out of Wichita, Kansas yet the web site you posted and asked contributions for claims it is in New York? I deleted your web address from your post. Looks like you spend all your time posting comments in blogs just so you can list your bogus site and get fools to donate to your phony orphanage. How astonishing that you would be telling folks to “move on” and let God expose Ed Young. I’m scouring the web to add this little note under any of your comments I find on other blogs. Happy hunting!

avatar Bob Jamison


That aircraft is owned by Medill Corporation. It traces back to Ed Young as the principal through several other entities. The church is making the lease purchase payment on the aircraft. He only uses the lease word on stage and not purchase(evasive and deceitful). Ed paid $11.4 Million via a lease with a $1.00 Residual Buy Out for the aircraft at the end of the lease. He then wrapped the transaction in a “shell game” lease company that he owns set up as a Delaware Trust based in Texas. At the end of the lease, the congregation just bought Ed a jet. The only problem is N188FJ is a 1988 Model Falcon 50 that is now worth no more than 4.5 Million(Not the $8.4 Million the news reported. The news reported it as a 2002 Model and that is incorrect. Medill Corporation makes the payment to GE Capital each month. Is this the best use of the Lord’s money? The pilots that work for Brad Harris at Dallas Jet International(The management company for the jet based at Alliance Airport) that crew the aircraft have always known the aircraft is a secret. Alliance is highly secure and private compared to the other airports in this part of North Texas. Just call Brad Harris to confirm. He will give you the same half truth as Ed did on stage on who owns the aircraft. It is no secret that it is a secret and always has been. Here is the registration straight from the FAA Records:

Record 1 of 1 found


Make: FALCON Year of Delivery: 1989 Airport: AFW – KAFW – Ft. Worth Alliance Airport
Ft. Worth – TX – United States
Model: 50 Year of Manufacture: 1988 Serial Number: 50-188 Alt Ser#:
Registration Number: N188FJ Prev Reg#: XA-ALA Status: Not for Sale Purchase Date: 4/4/2001
Life Cycle: In Operation Previously Owned: Yes Ownership Type: Wholly Owned
Currently On Lease Last Change: 2/3/2009

Company Contact
Owner/Lessor – General Electric Capital Corporation
DBA GE Corporate Aircraft Finance
10 Riverview Drive
Danbury, CT 06810 United States
Office: 203-749-6000
Mr. Scott F. Forsberg
Manager, Aircraft Remarketing
Office: 203-749-6640

Lessee – Medill Company/ Ed Young
TX United States
Ms. Ann R. Duckart
Vice President Tracy M Lamb Vice President

Aircraft Management Company – Dallas Jet International, LP
5605 N. MacArthur Blvd. Suite 640
Irving, TX 75038 United States
Office: 972-812-7525
Fax: 972-812-7527
Mr. Brad Harris
President & CEO
Office: 972-812-7525
Fax: 817-853-5188

Registered as Owner – CEF 2002 Aircraft, LLC
United States
Hutson T. W
Hangar: 503-329-5901

This aircraft will be owned by ED YOUNG’S “SHELL” company, Medill for $1.00 at the end of the lease. ALL COMPLIMENTS OF THE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH. The aircraft costs the church over $1,000,000.00 per year currently with insurance, pilots, hangar, and repairs. Hmmm, now that’s not exactly as Ed put it on stage. There is no transparency at Fellowship because Ed owns the church and he won’t allow it. That is specifically against the way the New Testament insists that a church should be structured. It should not be owned by the Pastor. A church is owned by the membership but NOT AT ED YOUNG’S CHURCH. IT IS ALL SETUP WRONG AND IT IS FOR PROFIT BUSINESS THAT HE HAS CONVINCED HIMSELF IS SET UP CORRECTLY. LET ME KNOW HOW THAT IS WORKING FOR FELLOWSHIP CHURCH. WHAT A TURN OFF FOR SOMEONE LOOKING TO FIND CHRIST. ALL OVER A STUPID AIRPLANE AND A BIG HOUSE. ED YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!

avatar Lydia

“Ed has brought many people to God that were lost and going in bad direction so to speak”

And to think Paul lead all those people to Christ for free. and got persecuted for it. (Real persecution…not a bad PR press story)

avatar Jessica

That’s the problem, Ed is NOT on target with God, not only does he USE the very God he claims to know, but he twists scripture to suite HIS needs and desires.

He is deceiving and lying to people left and right. He is a False Teacher

I have never been to Fellowship but when I went on the website and saw what they posted under the “Giving” page about Cars, Homes, Jewelry etc. a HUGE red flag went up.

and his “easter” previews for the spring 2008 services are just sickening.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n00wO7xv8wk (Parts 2 & 3 are on the sidebar)

I can’t believe that anyone would defend this guy.

avatar Tim Frazier

Someone expresses an opinion you don’t agree with and you whip out the ol’ “Who are you to judge” oxymoron.

Christians are not required to leave discernment at the door when they join God’s kingdom. And I think you’re taking the “judge not lest ye be judged” command out of context and applying it way more broadly than intended…but that’s just my opinion. Call it my “judgement”; if you like.

avatar Rusty

I have been going to FC for about six months. And I am of the belief that the closer you get to God the harder the devil tries to discredit and get in the way of what God has in store for you. To paraphrase Pastor Ed; when you are on target for God you will become the target. And when you become a global church, as FC has, you will face global demons. And just a question for Mr.Frazier, who gives you the right to judge? I thought only God could do that?

avatar Proejo

“he is an excellent speaker. One you can acutally listen to and learn and thin about instead of fall asleep!!!!”

So were Hitler and Mussolini. Obama is a good speaker, if you put a teleprompter in front of him. The think is, we went to Fellowship, and did for many years. It became increasingly obvious, as the old-timers (I’m in my early 50’s) became a nuisance. The church is structured to attract those who “feel good” about concert music and aren’t of the mind to conduct their religion within the reverent norms of society that have developed over thousands of years. Yeah, Ed is hip. He’s cool. He’s not establishment… and that appeals to some people and he’s made a an obviously good living out of it. Maybe a little too good.

We ceased participating. I wrote the chuirch and told them specifically why we weren’t attending any longer. It has become the culture of obsession with Ed and Ed’s ego has become the center of his focus, not God. That church will someday implode. It does not cater to the 50+ crowd, the elderly and the informed. I have never been to a service where you would hear the names of those members in the church who have a heavy heart, an illness, a death in the family or a surgery in the immediate future. Every church I’ve ever been to prior to Fellowship brought together “the flock” as a family, and everyone was important and a part of the lives of everyone else. At Fellowship, you are a number, a person to seek tithes from, and for what? For the glory of God? No. It’s for the self-gratifying cognoscenti, those in the loop, those who are “chosen” to sing and be exhalted for their gift. And finally, it is about making money. Lots and lots of money. So that Ed can rest comfortably in a mansion on the edge of a lake. So that Ed and his family can fly on a private jet, with private pilots and spent huge suns on insurance, landing fees and fuel and maintenance.

Every church I was a part of had meeting to discuss the budget. There was openness and discussion of the members and deacons and leaders. I have no problem with paying… and paying well someone who brings success and growth and spiritual leadership. Ed is a phenomenal speaker… but my wife and I… long time members… left because it was going in a different direction than we wanted and catering to 20 and 30 somethings. The “magic” that we felt when it started is gone and has been replaced with pure, crass commercialism and a money grab. Thgose who subscribe to it are free to accept it. I choose to reject it for what it is. Deception, greed and following down the wrong path. It could have been great, but now… a change in direction may be too late to save this church.

avatar Jessica

I find it very funny that on the Fellowship website under “Giving”, This is what it says:

If a cash donation gift is not an option for you,please consider these other creative giving ideas:

*Coin Collections

I looked around the website and could not believe that this “Pastor” was charging $10.00 a piece to either buy/download his sermons. (not to mention all the Books, DVD’s, CD’s etc.) you can buy on the website.

Ed Young Jr. is one of those false teachers that the Bible warns about.

avatar KzKy

Ed has brought many people to God that were lost and going in bad direction so to speak. Look at all the money he has put into the church! Tons abviously if you have ever seen it! HE has been doing this for years! I personally don’t think he would need to spend 8 million on a jet. But he is an excellent speaker. One you can acutally listen to and learn and thin about instead of fall asleep!!!! He is not a false speaker by any means!

avatar gary dilworth

My wife and I went to Fellowship church starting in 2006. We withdrew our membership in 2009. Pastor Young would not answer my questions regarding how he allows Bishop Jakes, who denies the Trinity, and who denies therefore that Jesus Christ is the 2nd Person of the Trinity, to preach to the congregation at Fellowship, while keeping them in the dark about Jakes heretical views. How deeply does a pastor love Jesus Christ, when far from telling Mr. Jakes to stop believing a monad termed jesus, he instead lets him preach to his congregation year in and year out, and doesn’t tell his congregation he worships a different Jesus than we do? And where is the record of Ed Young’s giving to his church? Or any record of the church’s finances? Or any record of Ed’s full reimbursements for the planes hangar fees, lease payments, fuel costs, pilot costs, and insurance costs? Why did he hide a plane in plain sight for three years? How come he has to use it to fly 100 miles to the retreat center by Tyler? And what is this nonsense from the public relations firm about Ed frequently leading sermons at the Miami campus when he did 2 at the most between 2007 and 2009, as a way to try to explain 150 trips to Miami out of 416 total, in less than three years? Can you imagine what the membership of Miami is thinking right now about that? Just look at Ed Young, and all the secrets he keeps. He says he makes well under a million per year, but still pays back “every penny” of the planes costs, but he will never show you the books. Now that’s something. Take a real good, objective, calm and cool look at Ed Young. Use your mind. Jesus said, “Beware of false prophets…you will know them by their fruits. They come to you as inwardly ravenous wolves in sheeps clothing” Mat. 7:15. Do not be fooled. I have shown you much of his fruit. God is causing him to be exposed. Think. Ask God to help you understand what his fruit is.

avatar gary dilworth

I said, “And what is this nonsense from the public relations firm about Ed frequently leading sermons at the Miami campus when he did 2 at the most between 2007 and 2009, as a way to try to explain 150 trips to Miami out of 416 total, in less than three years?”
My wife and I saw 2 sermons on the screen in Grapevine between 2007-2009. We stopped going to FC in 05.2009. As I wrote that above quoted statement, I failed to consider any teaching Young did in Miami that was not shown to FC at large. I greatly mishandled the evidence, which is sin. I repent of this. I publicly apologize to Ed Young, to Fellowship Church, and to all readers of this board. I deeply regret this.

avatar TXMutt

We’ve been going to FC for about two years. I’ve always gathered that Young makes a good deal of money for his efforts. No surprise. I’m certain he’s on par with pastors of other large churches… Prestonwood, Joel Osteen, etc.

I’m not sure how I feel about the plane issue, or what the facts are. It seems a bit much, but Young does travel extensively in his ministry. There’s definitely more story to be told. I do not feel betrayed in anyway. I don’t feel as a member that anything was not told to me, or kept from me. I don’t know how many fleet vehicles FC owns, I don’t know the cash value of the properties, and really I don’t much care.

I’m worried that there may be good sensible reasons for Mr. Young to conduct business this way, but those will be overlooked for the sexy, flashy story of a big time preacher flying on an expensive jet. My only question is that if you need a private jet, why not go with fractional ownership or something that is a bit more economical than owning the jet outright, which has yet to be confirmed.

Small minds will only see the dollar figures involved. I’m not ready to be the judge.

Young is only part of the reason we go to FC. The main reason is that until we went there my young children were not interested in church, no matter how we tried. Now my teenage daughter reminds me that she has Wednesday night activities and out of the blue tells me, “I love church”. My 8 year old son can’t wait for church on Sunday mornings. That is worth a million bucks to me. We learn interesting lessons from Young’s sermons, which we feel are Christ centered, addressing the the question, “How should we then live?”. Sure, his topics are not what we got at the small church we came from, be we as a family are more alive in Christ than we have ever been (and I’m a preacher’s son!). He’s controversial at times, but I’ve walked out of those services more times than not, having worshiped and examining my own life in the light of the word I had just heard.

I’ll be satisfied to let the truth come, and pray for everyone involved.

avatar Tim Frazier

“Small minds”??? Wow.

I’m not into blindly giving away the money God entrusts to me. I think that He intends us to exercise some judgement in how and where we give. When I was putting money in the offering plates at Fellowship, I was intending to give to God, not Ed. Sure, he should get a nice living wage out of it; a million dollar annual salary, quarter of a million dollar yearly housing expense, use of a private jet and a cloak of invisibility wasn’t what I had in mind.

Those with “large minds” can ignore the money trail and keep right on giving to Ed. My feeble “small mind” can’t stop them.

avatar John

From the doctor who was attending Fellowship and encouraged Ed Young to get a co-op with other pastors in the area … he refused … the doctor no longer attends Fellowship and was a huge giver of tithes. So sad.

avatar TXChristian

Many of the staff have left the church due to what they know. Please do not judge the staff. God will take care of the situation. If Ed is real, then God will protect him. If not, God will take him down. Surely after all the times he has preached about how God can turn your life upside down he realizes that this includes him and Lisa as well. How sad for his children if he and Lisa have acted unethically. This whole thing is sad for me as I had such respect for him and Lisa.

avatar bobbycharles1texas

I have been attending and tithing at fellowship church for years now. I have been blessed personally and finacially all these years = “all glory to GOD”.

I attended a small church in the hill country of Texas prior with a budget about $50,000.00 annually…. and even then some folks complained about the pastor collecting a small salary while getting military retirement too.

Before that we attended Cornerstone Church in San Antonio and same thing there… Big church with effective pastor delivering the “Good news of Jesus Christ” and I believe Pastor John Hagee to is blessed in a big way personally and finacially and as promised in the Bible for faithful devotion.

I want to say that I personlly have seen many come to Christ and be born again into the Family of GOD through the teaching of ED Young and some pretty practical messages for a faith full christian walk delivered in Fellowship church.

So it is no surprise to learn the Church is run like a business … it is… and has a huge budget and ministry around the world. God desires the best for his children and the devil likes to put up opsticles to get in the way of effective ministry.

Furthermore there would be no need for discussing money in the church if the folks being fed there were not walking the check after the services by not bringing the Tithe. You cannot out give GOD and from what I understand from scripture is he does not like to be robbed.

So my point is no matter where you go to church… there are always be .those who will find some reason to complain… I believe we should keep everyone accountable but still need to give credit where credit is due.

Fellowship Church has a record of evanglism that I believe GOD himself is Happy with.

avatar jaja

A more accurate symbol of the “devil” is DECEPTION!

“So it is no surprise to learn the Church is run like a business … it is… and has a huge budget and ministry around the world. God desires the best for his children and the devil likes to put up opsticles to get in the way of effective ministry.”

This isn’t about the “Church” being run like a business, this is about Ed USING the church to set up and run HIS businesses. You deceive yourself here by believing this is an attack on Ed’s ministry. The interesting thing is, if you listen to his sermons they are really an unconscious projection of his own guilt: the sermon about not hiding anything from God which is a “cover” for his hiding his own business dealings, private jet, and lavish lifestyle from his own congregation. Look for his illicit sex affairs to be exposed which would coincide with his “sex talk” sermon and “bringing sex back into the church”.
For those of you who have been giving him your money, ultimately, it is your own responsibility for listening to him or any other “flashy preacher”. They are the “wolves dressed in sheepskin” you have been warned over and over about. You have to remember, Jesus wasn’t a preacher, he was a Teacher. Stop listening to “preachers” and start listening to Teachers…learn from them and teach others. It is in our Teaching that we demonstrate what we have learned and believe.

avatar Rob Todd

Agreed, we attended for a short time as well and figured out that there seemed to be too much lecturing on how we should be reaching deeper into our pockets rather than quality time interpreting scripture. At one point in the service calculations were strongly amplified on just how much money could be brought in per month if everyone reached in a little deeper. At that point, I decided that this church was more interested in tithing than anything else. I am quite sure that the church followers will be well prepared, well versed, well justified, and well convinced.

avatar Teg

I went exactly once and didn’t go back for the same reason. I arrived a little late but was greeted with a rock concert as I entered. Nothing against contemporary music in worship, even though it’s not really my preference and much of it is lyrically suspect and vague theologically, but the degree to which it was staged turned it into a full blown, professionaly done concert that seemed more for entertainment value than for glory and worship of God. The sermon itself as I remember was actually decent if not spectacular. But literally the last 15 minutes or so of the sermon was focused solely on tithing. Pastor Young VERY strongly suggested, but carefully did not say outright, that not tithing was a SIN. Now, I can agree to disagree on whether it is an actual sin even though I think it requires some pretty significant logical gymnastics to come to that conclusion. But to devote so much time and be so in your face about it along with all the other conspicuous, ostentatios displays of money worship that I saw in just that one visit is where the real sin lies. Money appears to be the idol of that church. I think the greatest turn off to me though was the fact that I can’t recall a single instance of prayer during the entire service. Since I arrived late I can’t say for sure that there was not one at any time, and I vaguely recall that the emcee that took over after the band and before the satellite feed of the pastor came up on the big screens might have said something. But I know that pastor Young offered no opening prayer, no prayer during the sermon, and no closing prayer (at least that was broadcast to us in Plano). What kind of church does not pray? I’m still searching for a good, solidly bible-based church here in the DFW area that isn’t more worried about money or being trendy and bending themselves to appeal to ‘modern’ Christians. I’m a recent (3 yrs) transplant from the Seattle WA area, which is hardly a Christian stronghold, and the number of churches here in Texas is comparatively staggering but I’m also struck by how, more often than not, churches in Texas seem to be more like social clubs and entertainment venues, or something you do just because that’s the way it’s done around here. FC is one of the larger, more obvious examples, but doesn’t appear to be unique I’m afraid.

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