Elm Fork shooting range

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who owns a few hundred acres in the country, you probably have to “settle” for one of the commercial gun ranges in your area. Gun ranges, due to excessive litigation and pressure from liberal city and county governments, have implemented numerous rules over the last decade that essentially restrict shooters to simple aim, shoot, count to two, aim, shoot, repeat exercises.

At any given gun range in the DFW metroplex you are likely to hear complaints from patrons about the no double-tap rule, the two seconds between each shot rule, the no draw and fire practice rule, and the list goes on. I’ve even been to one range where they checked my ammo and sent me packing because they don’t allow reloaded ammunition.

If you want to train for self defense, you have to join a law enforcement organization or get involved in competition matches (at considerable personal expense).

With all those limitations and rules there’s not much to distinguish one public range from another any more except for price and lane set-up. So, in reviewing DFW area gun ranges, there is little point in downgrading them for these restrictions. After all, they don’t have a lot of choice as long as their patrons fail to elect common-sense minded and freedom loving politicians.

With that stipulation, let’s take a look at Elm Fork Shooting Sports range located at 10751 Luna Road Dallas, Texas.

This range has undergone a couple of ownership changes over the last decade, and the current owners have done an outstanding job of rebuilding the site from the ground up. Sitting in a flood plan for one of the Trinity River tributaries, Elm Fork used to suffer frequent closings due to high water.

That’s all changed, now. The lanes have been built from scratch and raised, levies constructed, and now the place turns into dry islands with connecting elevated concrete walkways and drives during high water conditions.

The massive reconstruction project finished last year left Elm Fork with one of the nicest outdoor gun ranges in the United States, let alone Texas. Range masters there are friendly and helpful, and while they’re not all gun smiths, they know the basics to help beginners get started right and avoid the formation of bad habits. Folks who are just starting get a different colored wrist band so range masters can tell who is and isn’t an experienced shooter.

Elm Fork has an outstanding skeet range for the shotgun lovers, as well as ample room on their rifle range.

There’s always room regardless of whether you’re there to shoot pistol, rifle, shotgun, or have fun on their too cool reactive pistol ranges. Steel targets set on various pivots and gizmos make it a blast (no pun intended) for competitions with your shooting partner.

Elm Fork has remade itself into an outstanding facility, and one of the few outdoor ranges left in the DFW metro area. Please give them a try if you’re looking for a place to shoot near Irving, Texas. It’s only a mile or so from the old Texas Stadium site.

Photos coming soon.

avatar Bob Nero

No pistol grip ONLY rifles is actually correct! Real shooters wouldn’t own a pistol grip only gun. Those guns are for thug wanna be’s, not serious shooters.

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