Motorcycle Cam AKA Motorola Droid

A u-bolt, a disassembled Droid car mount, a little southern engineering and viola! The Droid cycle cam is born.

I mounted my trusty phone on the handle bar of the Triumph Rocket III and here’s the first test run. I think it turned out really well, although the audio doesn’t do justice to the growling triple.

As fate would have it, about one tenth of a mile into this test ride the law made an appearance. He wasn’t after me, but it sure made an impact on my plans for the test ride…especially on the way back, as I knew he was probably still going to be in the vicinity… since he’s one of my neighbors.

Anyway, here’s the clip.

I think this will work great for capturing some of the excitement next time I ride Talemina, even though Youtube’s compression routines really lower the quality of the original.


And another:

avatar gphyjim

Tim, I think you are right.. It is a reflection of the nut fastening the U-bolt. Amazing the good looks and intelligence built into that U connected to the handle bar.

avatar Helmet Cam System

[…] as a video camera mounted on my R3 Classic handlebar. First test run with a shot of the mount at Motorcycle Canm AKA Motorola Droid. Probably not as good as the dedicated systems like Hero but the quality is above par if you […]

avatar gphyjim

Interesting how the Droid has some sort of red-blue light sensor connected to the sound on the camera as the engine noise seemed to drop drammatically when they appeared in the picture.

You could link this to the GPS and you’d have a new streetview like google.


avatar Tim Frazier

Thanks, Jim. I think you’re seeing the reflection of the left turn signal on one of the facets of the nut that’s showing which has the u-bolt fastened down on the handle bar in the lower right corner. I can’t see anything else that might fit what you’re describing.

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