Homemade Armadillo Trap

Grandpa Hulk’s home made armadillo trap borrows heavily from features previously found in a trap designed by old Doc Mockford who was a veterinarian in Greenville, Texas in the mid nineteen hundreds. His design has spread across the country over the last 60 years and it remains the most effective armadillo trap you can find.

Image 1 is the basic box and gravity powered doors.

The new redesigned trigger mechanism and top will be added later, but it is only a slight improvement on Doc’s original, which consisted of a notched dowel rod with twine attached and threaded through pulleys hung from a canopy framework. The notched dowel was pulled through a hole in the top of the trap and “caught” on the ledge of the hole.

When Mr. Armadillo bumbled through the trap, which appeared to him as a pleasant tunnel with open ends, he would bump into the dowel rod, causing it to dislodge from the hole and the weight of the door would bring them crashing down to seal each end of the box, trapping the armored mammal inside to await its dreary fate.

image 1

The genius of the trap was in its simplicity and the ability to take advantage of the armadillo’s propensity to follow along obstacles instead of traveling over or under them. The trap needs no bait, you simply staked some lawn edging or a few feet of boards on edge to “funnel” the critter into the trap from either end. An armadillo would come to the edge of these obstacles and turn and follow along it, either into or away from the trap. With the random burrowing and rooting habits of the armadillo, even at a fifty percent success rate for each time it happened to blunder into the boards, he was bound to get funneled into the trap sooner or later over the course of a single night.

The new trigger will be even simpler, consisting of the hole in the top, two small springs, two sticks whose ends will hold the doors open until the unsuspecting creature steps onto a trigger plate in the interior center of the trap, which will result in the withdrawal of a dowel rod from the top hole which holds the spring loaded sticks apart.

As the sticks draw towards each other their ends will retract from the bottom edges of the doors, allowing them to fall down into their closed position.

Stay tuned, actual photographs and more articles are on their way as this trap is built and deployed. Hopefully even photos of our first captive will be forthcoming.

Design image created by Timothy Frazier with Google’s free 3d CAD program, Sketchup.

avatar Art

Armadillo is driving me crazy,and am on the war path. Would like to have the plans for your trap,don’t know wether you sell them or not. Please let me know. Thanks

avatar Texgal

Will you be selling these on your site?

We have a “super” dillo that has been trapped numerous times but after mangling four different cages has managed to escape.

Hopefully a wooden cage wouldn’t be as easy to escape from.

avatar Troy

I saw your Armidillo trap on this site. How can I get the specs for it?
I built one almost identical 2 days ago. I’m not happy with my trap door design and how it works. I used fish line attached to two pins
in the front door that pulls the pins out and allows the door to drop
when the critter steps on the floor that is raised on the back end.
The floor has the fish line attached, so when the weight of the animal presses down on it the floor goes down and pulls the line.
I have the line attached to eye screws in the top.
But, I would like to understand how your trap door works.
Thanks for any ideas.

avatar Zel fortner

Hi! I,m zel Fortner. I want to buy 2 traps to catch armadillo. I wonder if you can make a better price since we will buy 2. I have 3 more friends that is interested to buy, but they want to see if really work for us. So you can contact me tomorrow after 3:30pm. My cell phone is 417-6996033. Thank you.

avatar Zel fortner

Please can I have your phone # ? It’s about armadillo trap. I think you have talk to my husband 4 or 5 days ago on the phone. I took note but I lost it

avatar Zel fortner

Please could you send to us the armadillo plan. I will pay for.
You can talk to my husband on 417-3348321 His name is Jim thank you

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