Dinner at The Press Box Grill in Downtown Dallas

Since I will be unable to eat solid food for several days after midnight tonight it is very fortunate that we have dinner plans with the Meleskys tonight at their restaurant in down town Dallas, The Press Box Grill.

Located in the historic Wilson building, this fabulous eatery and beer garden is one of Dallas’ best sports bars, with tons of plasma screen high definition displays scattered throughout and some awesome menu items. The Shiner Bock chili is some of the best I’ve ever had, and it tops off the best chili dog you’ll find in the Lone Star State…or any of the others, for that matter.

We’ve known Tom and Jan for years, Tom being the guy who kick started my IT career back in 1995 and made sure I progressed rapidly up the ol’ corporate ladder. He also made sure Robin got some great career opportunities as well, so we both owe him a lot of gratitude.

Tonight we’ll be celebrating that friendship and the recent acquisition of The Press Box Grill by Melesky Enterprises. I haven’t convinced Tom to turn it into a biker bar but you never know…he is a Ducati fanatic and a very experienced track racer.

No worries, sports fans, I think The Press Box will remain your classic sports venue and only has embellishments and upgrades in store (some already underway). But don’t be surprised if you see a few Triumphs, Ducatis, and even HDs parked nearby more often.

I think I’ll try the Heart Attack Sandwich tonight: Fried tender chicken breast, tossed in gravy and topped with bacon, jalapenos and cheese. May as well start the fire in my throat before the surgeon does. I’ll wash it all down with a pint of cold and bitter dark Guinness…maybe even a Black and Tan.

Haven’t had one of those in a while.

Next time you’re in downtown Dallas, stop in and try the great food, brew, and atmosphere of The Press Box Grill, 1623 Main Street, Dallas, Texas 75201 at the corner of Elm & Ervay.

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