Bucket List Item See Meat Loaf In Concert One More Time

Yeah, seeing Meat Loaf one more time was on my bucket list even before I knew what a bucket list was. And I saw him in the 93. And again in 95. And neither time did I scratch that item off my bucket list.

Because I haven’t seen him at least one more time yet.

As long as Meat Loaf is willing to get on stage somewhere within driving distance, I’m willing to buy a ticket and be in the audience. I don’t give a rat’s ass that he can’t hit the notes like he used to. He’s like 61 now, and still rocking like a fleet of chairs in front of a Cracker Barrel. He is the only guy on the planet who does “Bat Out of Hell” and “Anything for Love” justice, and the most pitch perfect singer on earth had best not even attempt those songs.

I’ll write up a review next Friday, and let you know what I thought of the night before. There might be some criticism of the pitch and a little grousing about the band since Kasim Sulton parted ways with Meat Loaf a while back but I’m already astonished to see the name Patti Russo in recent reviews of the tour…I thought she’d signed off after a decade or two with the Neverland Express. If she’s on stage with the Baron next Thursday I will consider that a massive bonus to this bucket list line item. Aspen Miller is a doll and has awesome pipes, but Patti Russo is just the irreplaceable queen of Meat Loaf duets.

I know the concert intro will be a hoot, Meat Loaf and the band always start off with a gimmick, and it’s always worth it, no matter how campy, cheesy, or outlandish it is.

One of those bucket list items accomplished by the time I lay me down next Thursday night.

And Friday, I’ll add “See Meat Loaf in Concert One More Time” to my bucket list.

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