Best Deal on TuffStuff Six-Pak Weight Training Machine

TuffStuff SPT-7 (SPT-6 with optional accessories) Weight Training Machine
Gleaming silver powder-coat, 920lb strength mil-spec cables, heavy steel framework and superbly crafted welds. But since there’s no motor and no wheels it’s just not that fun a machine.

However, the TuffStuff SPT-7 weight training machine Robin got for her birthday is definitely a prize. It now stands awaiting our commitment to shape up, waiting silently in the new home gym along with my state of the art and largely unused treadmill and a sparkling new 47 inch LED television set mounted on a fully articulating omnimount with the cables and power cord hidden away inside the wall.

Robin found this model and fell in love with it at the local Grapevine fitness equipment retail shop for a retail price of $2,629.00. Add the optional weights to bring it up from 150# to 200# was another $199.00. Delivery and installation? Sure! For another $200.00. I tried bargaining with them but they wouldn’t budge on the price and told me I wouldn’t find it cheaper anywhere.

$3,028.00 for a weight lifting machine…hmmm. $3,028 would sure purchase a lot of months of gym membership.

Well, I found a better deal.

Compare the MSRP for this unit at the manufaturer site, TuffStuff Six-Pak Trainer, then take a look at this one: Patriot Strength Trainer.

$1,959.00, shipping included.

And when it arrived the bill of lading said it was shipped direct from TuffStuff fitness equipment.

My only complaints were that it took over 20 business days for it to be shipped when the the seller claimed it would take around 8 to 13 business days, and that the frame is made in China when the image on the seller website has a big ‘ol “Made in U.S.A” icon on it. It may be designed and engineered in the U.S.A, but the metal is welded together in our commie financial overlords’ great People’s Republic of China.

The assembly instructions are translated to English (very poorly, I might add) by the Chi-Coms as well.

But I’ll live with those complaints and still be happy for the savings of $1,069.00. I wonder if Robin will let me spend that savings on shiny stuff for the motorcycle?

We are happy campers and have no excuses not to get in shape…after I recover from my hurt back (due to carrying 200 pounds of weights and a large steel frame up the drive and into the house).

Maybe I’ll be able to start working out in a couple of weeks.

avatar Richard

The link for your recommended equipment does not coincide with your purchase price. It’s the same price as tuffstuff.

avatar chris

hey just stumbled upon your review also. Was it hard to assemble? I am probably going to buy a used one. How often do you use it, are the cables and action still smooth?


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