Motor City MadMan Ted Nugent is Certifiably Sane

Uncle Ted and I are so much alike.

Except for the fact that I like killing wild pigs and have no interest, desire, or understanding of why Ted enjoys taking down almost anything else that runs on four legs, I otherwise I think he and I are cut from very similar cloth. Not that I’m any better than him for not killing and grilling my meat personally…the mere fact that I buy a steak or hamburger condemns cattle to having their heads severed. I just don’t enjoy seeing it.

But to the point, Ted makes perfect sense here, and at one point makes a statement that I could swear I’ve uttered word for word in the past. I think maybe he reads my blog.

Too bad I no longer have a pony tail like him…will have to do something about that.

Listen to this patriot preach, and pass it along!

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