But I really HATE Cars

I recently developed a bit of new interest in tracing down my family roots. I located another researcher who has done an admirable job collecting info and building out her geneology online. We have some common ancestors, and she had an open invite on her web site for others interested in the family tree to contact her.

I sent an email and she replied the following day with this:

Hi Tim:

I received your invitation to view your Frazier Family Tree…

seems like we have common ancestors…

I skimmed your blog, and realized that though we may shake from a similar tree, we have nothing in common aside from some distant genes.

I hate guns and motorcycles… but really HATE guns…

Thanks for the invite, but I have a much more fleshed out family tree.


Her reply was a bit of a shock…I really didn’t think political views would be a consideration for whether someone communicated about shared family tree info, but I guess some folks take the no-compromise view.

Of course, I wonder if she’d ever have been able to accumulate so much info if she had the same attitude toward cars, or power tools, or kitchen knives…all of which are used as fatal weapons to kill more people every year than guns. Try swapping the word “gun” for any of those in the quoted text above and see if it doesn’t sound silly to you.

And, by the way, it sure sounds like she’s implying in the last sentence that if I had something she needed she might be willing to converse. Maybe she’s not so un-compromising, after all.

avatar Rita

Well Tim, you KNOW if she just “skimmed” your blog, she’ll continue to “skim” it. She’ll treat it as anyone that drives past a car wreck (I won’t say motorcycle wreck), you just can’t look away.

All I come away with is that if she is trying to piece together your ancestory, what does your opinion of guns and motorcycles have to do with anything?

And I’m not crazy about motorcycles only because I have a knucklehead brother who’s done a 180 over the top of a car without a helmet OR ID, but I haven’t given up on him yet. I think he must have been dropped on his head as a baby, but he’s still my brother and I love him no matter how much I have to yell at him. He’s just starting to blog. You can find him at http://rumblesfromthevent.blogspot.com/

You’d have alot in common. Well, except for family rejecting you based on guns and motorcycles.

avatar Tim Frazier

BUT WHAT REALLY HURTS…how could anyone hate motorcycles? That’s like saying you hate baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet…oh wait…I HATE Chevrolet. Mainly because they make cars.

avatar Greybeard

Please, please, please… send her a link to this post and have her read the comments.
I too am considering political views, even among family members, when I allow others into my inner circle. Boneheads who are unprepared for the coming chaos, (and in fact are the reason FOR the coming chaos!), need not come knocking for protection from the goons with whom they will have to deal when their cupboard is bare and the barbarians come calling.

We’re visiting our son in the Los Angeles metro area. An avid Glenn Beck follower, he is surrounded by folks like your ignorant family member. These people have two kids, are smokers, yet buy annual passes to Disneyland, but use food stamps to survive. (They have cell phones and text like crazy on them too… what a country!)
And the debt continues out of control. It simply cannot continue…
I think the economy is in fact now running on nervous energy… no one wants to admit what is about to happen.

Two nights ago our son asked, “Have you seen ‘The Book of Eli’?”
We hadn’t. I sat amazed, watching a movie I would not have believed could be made in Hollywood today. If you haven’t seen it, watch it right away… it’s a glimpse into the worst-case-scenario we might be facing.

Don’t concern yourself about your family member. Surround yourself with your NEW family… neighbors and other like minded people who are part of the solution, not the problem. They already have the mindset you will need when we start blowing heads off shoulders of those who threaten our “family”.
And as the Congressman, (what was his name… Capuano?) suggested, THERE WILL BE BLOOD. Soon.

But please, I need just a little more time…
More ammo.
More practice time with each of my (terrible) guns.
More time to gather like-minded people around me.

Ants and grasshoppers…
I bet she knows that story. But she probably believed the alternative “liberal” ending.
How sad.

avatar Tim Frazier

Broham, I would be proud if you were a leaf in my family tree.

I posted it here instead of replying to her because I didn’t want to get accused of internet stalking by replying with a common sense answer to her blatant and unnecessary brush-off. As my darlin’ wife said, “The [broad] would have been more polite to not have responded at all.”

I keep referring to the Zombie Apocalypse, but it’s just a code word for the real “dumb-ass apocalypse” when all these dopes come barreling up our driveways hoping to take what we stored in preparation for the storm.

They didn’t believe Noah, who had the word straight from God. They certainly aren’t gonna believe us when all we have to go by is common sense and the obvious signals that our economic and military power is on the brink of collapse.

I saw “The Book of Eli” a couple of months ago. And “The Road” with Viggo Mortenson. If you haven’t seen that one you should watch it as well…although I had to rant and rave incredulously at the TV screen a bit as I watched that one (how hard is it to file down an old car spring or make a bow and arrow, or even a spear instead of walking around hording your very last bullet as if guns were the only weapon ever invented?).

I think big hulking Bowie knives are good ’cause they never run out of ammo. I think that may be what’s missing from the Frazier Family Zombie Apocalypse kit. I have lots of .45 and .223 for short and long range battle, but nothing for close quarters inside three feet. A couple of quality machetes, spears, and cross bows ought to be added to the mix. Remember, he who has bread and no weapon ends up with nothing when met with he who has only a weapon and no bread.

Better to be prepared for a fancied attack (by zombies, dumb-asses, or wild animals) that never comes than to be attacked and be bare-handed.

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