Time to Renew that Concealed Handgun License

I like to avoid the inconvenience of being thrown in jail, therefore I have a Texas Concealed Handgun License.

I’m one of those folks who will carry a handgun because I belive it’s my right to have a firearm on my person if I so choose. If Texas had no laws allowing carrying of a handgun under a CHL there are situations where I would carry one anyway, state condoned or not. So a “shall issue” concealed handgun license law is better than what we had before…a state that refused to allow it’s citizens to exercise the second half of the second amendment (“bear arms”) in public at all.

As much as I disagree with having to get a special license from the State in order to carry concealed, I grudgingly pay my fees and obtain said license, simply because it’s a lot cheaper and more convenient to have complied than to get caught toting “illegally” and have to bond out of jail, hire attorneys, etc, etc, etc.

Aside from my dislike of the State controlling who does and doesn’t get to legally carry a firearm, I don’t mind taking the training at all. As a matter of fact, I enjoy it and learn a lot, especially since my CHL instructor is a Marine (retired) who makes the ten hours fly by with a very prolific presentation utilizing media from numerous sources. David Gilreath runs these classes from his home in Fort Worth and provides a very comfortable and friendly environment.

Besides, he’s a Kimber 1911 Master Dealer…so he knows his firearms.

I’ll get to enjoy his class for my renewal this coming Sunday.

If you live in the area and are interested in obtaining your CHL go to http://chltx.com and contact David Gilreath through the email link you’ll find there.

The process for a CHL renewal has become a lot simpler. You don’t have to mess with finger prints, photographs, obtaining criminal history checks, etc. You just go to the Texas DPS concealed handgun license site and follow instructions to fill out the on line form and pay your fee.

At the end you are presented with a printable receipt and bar code form that you will later mail in with the training and range test results your instruction will provide you with after you complete the class.

avatar Bloviating Zeppelin

All in all, though it’s the mandatory aspect that’s galling, and state interference, you have a lot more positive things in Tejas than we do in Fornicalia. If I weren’t a cop I’d play hell trying to get my CC card. They’re just not issued, not in my county, unless you’re a DONATER to the Sheriff.

Plus, it’s great when you find you have a good instructor as well.


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