Lunch Break at the Gun Range

Do you know what tomorrow is?

Tomorrow is the day that a new law goes into effect in the State of Texas which forbids your employer from firing you for having a handgun securely locked in your own personal vehicle while it’s parked on company property.

Those who work near a gun range can now spend their lunch breaks doing a bit of target practice.

Talk about your mid-day stress relief.

Guess I should start melting down the rest of that last 150 pound batch of wheel weights pretty soon and start churning out more practice ammo with the Dillon Square Deal B. I’m going to be spending lots of lunch breaks at the range from now on and my colleagues will have to get used to the faint odor of cordite in those afternoon meetings. They won’t mind, some of them are going to be doing the same thing…except they buy that expensive factory ammo and can’t afford to do it as often.

There’s been a great deal of controversy over this new law. Conservatives and even Libertarians have been divided over it because a valid argument can be made that business owners should have every right to control what enters their property while individual employees should not be restricted from having a means of self defense in their car while traveling to and from work.

That is the true and valid controversy around this law. The argument that employees having weapons in their vehicles would raise the incidence of workplace shootings is, in my opinion, irrelevant. Whether it results in my workplace shootings or not, you do not restrict freedom and liberty based simply upon a risk that it will be abused or have an adverse affect for a few folks. I freely admit that they may be nut-cases out there who will fly off the handle and go grab a gun out of their car during an office altercation when they wouldn’t if they had time to cool down without the immediate convenience of a nearby accessible weapon.

But I doubt that’s going to happen. And I seriously doubt it’s going to happen often.

I believe it is far more likely that there will be circumstances where crimes are prevented and innocent lives are saved due to someone having a handgun in their car parked in the employee lot.

Freedom always has a price, and often comes with risk. Accept it or live at the mercy and whim of others.

avatar Mark Riley

where I work, I can be fired for carrying my handgun into their store to buy something while I’m off work. I have to go into some shithole areas of the inner city and I cant have anything in my service van that looks like a weapon. we have had techs beat in coma’s and one guy got shot. I guess I’m just not smart enough to figure their logic.

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