Employee Parking Lot Gun Crime in Texas

September 1, 2011 marked the go-live date for the new Texas law barring employers from taking disciplinary action against employees for having concealed guns locked in their personal vehicles on company property.

Despite the claims of totalitarian government proponents and people with a tendency to believe fairy tales or who sport extreme IQ deficits, there have been no increases in work place violence since that date in the State of Texas.

In fact, work place violence will most likely trend downward over the next few years if anything, based on the overall downward trend of violent crime across the country in states that have issued concealed carry / right to carry laws over the last several years. See the image below? Guess which states are experiencing an increase in violent crime in opposition to the rest of the country?

Yep, the yellow ones and that single black one. Interesting that all the folks who always claimed that allowing citizens to carry handguns in public would lead to frequent shoot-outs in the streets and an increase in gun violence are strangely quiet now that reality has proven they were either idiots or liars.

Nationally, we are currently at a 36 year low in violent crime.

More freedom, more guns = less crime.

Can the dumb-ass in the White House understand that simple math? Apparently not.

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