Android App Calls Cavalry If You Crash

Thanks to Doug at Forty Years on Two Wheels for this tidbit on an automatic crash reporting app for our Android phones.



“Help, I’ve fallen because my owner bi-sected a deer with his motorcycle at 90 miles per hour! He’s currently lying unconscious and bleeding in the bar ditch at latitude 32.212801, longitude -98.10791. Send an ambulance and a Gorilla Glass repair kit with a capacitive touch screen stylus, STAT!”

Imagine your phone automatically dialing up your spouse or buddies and saying that.

Well, it won’t actually describe the conditions or speak over the phone, but the CRADAR (for CRAsh Detection And Response) application will send a message to a mobile phone you specify stating that you may be in trouble along with your exact coordinates and a link to your location on Google maps.

Using the gyroscopic sensor in your Android smartphone, the app determines that a crash or fall may have occurred and immediately displays a prompt on it’s screen asking if you are okay.

If you don’t tap the “I’m Okay” button to abort the message, it sends the mayday call out automatically after a pre-configured number of seconds specified by you to a pre-configured mobile number specified by you.

Best of all, the app is free from the good folks at

While I have Google Latitude configured on my HTC Thunderbolt as a result of Robin having a difficult time tracking down which trauma center I was taken to after my November 2009 motorcycle crash, I now have the additional peace of mind that she’ll know even sooner if I come to a sudden stop. I can rest assured help is much more likely to be en route if I have hit that pesky deer on a dark and lonely road along the ridges of the Ozarks with nary another soul in sight.

This is one of those apps that will literally become a lifesaver for multiple people.

Want it?

Aim your Android phone’s bar code reader at the handy universal code image to the left or search for CRADAR in Android Marketplace.

avatar Michael Duke

I could have used this app while walking in the crosswalk last September. Running into a dude with a cane that has reflective AND day-glow stickers on it is just plain bad form.

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