Beatin’ the Odds Again

Back in the day American middle class folks, especially the men, could count on building a final career with one company after an initial decade of job hopping to find one that suited them. They’d finally settle down with an employer and spend the remaining 20, 30, or 50 years of their working life with that company, then retire gracefully with a gold watch and a livable pension.

Nowadays the corporations have learned that pensions are an albatross which grows larger and heavier with every generation, thanks to vampiric unions that have sucked all the future benefits out of the system.

Thus generation X is stuck with 401ks and our own savings – and if you dare to trust it to last ten more years – social security.

The benefit of staying in one place for 20 to 50 years has evaporated.

I recently looked around me and saw that I and one other person were all that was left of the original crew I hired into as a night shift server operator 17 years ago. With those guys also went most of the fun.

For that and other reasons it became obvious that the time had come for me to seek out new territory and a place that could better appreciate my experience.

I wanted – NEEDED – a fresh start. Miraculously, God provided.

It’s time to learn and teach once again, and I’m going to be just enough out of my comfort zone to give work life the energizing shot it’s been needing the last few months.

My best to the colleagues I leave behind, and I sincerely hope the customer I have served for the past 17 years continues to succeed in what we all hope is the tail end of a massive recession.

Hopefully my replacement there will arrive with the same energy and drive I intend to bring to my new employment.

So now you know the reason for my posting of the “Hazy Shade of Winter” clip last night. Parting is such sweet sorrow. There’s a bit of sadness, a bit of nostalgia, and a lot of excitement and relief all at the same time.

That old Simon and Garfunkle song, especially as interpreted by the Bangles, perfectly captured those emotions.

And to my dear sweet wife, Robin (my little “Victory”), here’s a song for you from those genious southern rockers, Molly Hatchett. I love it when we’re beatin’ the odds like this:

Beatin’ the Odds – Molly Hatchett

Well she grabbed me and asked me,
If I had a name,
She told me she was interested to see,
If I could play the game,
She said her name was Victory,
She didn’t want to know the rules,
That’s just the way I wanted to play,
In a game designed for fools.

We were beatin’ the odds, we
were beatin’ the odds,
We were beatin’ the odds again,
We were gambling with our souls,
We were playing to win,
We were beatin’ the odds again.

Well I rolled the dice feelin’ cold as ice,
And Victory drew the cards,
We knew that loosin’ when the stakes were high,
Could really hit us hard,

I strapped into the drivers seat,
With Miss Victory by my side,
She knew at a glance she was takin’ a chance,
By coming along for the ride.

We were beatin’ the odds, we
were beatin’ the odds,
We were beatin’ the odds again,
We were gambling with our souls,
We were playing to win,
We were beatin’ the odds again.

Time and space stood still that day,
With Victory’s soul and mine,
We were running a race between heaven and hell,
And we could not find the finish line,
And when it was all over we won it in the end,
We were splittin’ the prize
when she opened her eyes,
And said Baby let’s try it again.

avatar Greybeard

Well, you and me pal.
I wrote my boss tonight and informed him my last shift would be the evening of 3 April.
I love the job, so I’m having trouble adjusting to the idea. But I’m reluctantly having to admit I’m more and more fatigued after several nights work…
It now takes me more than 24 hours to recover from my 7 nights of twelve hours each. It’s time to hang it up before I get dangerous.
But I flew tonight (we have a crystal-clear half-moon night tonight), and while looking around at the twinkling lights of all the little towns I know by heart after flying this area for 37 years, I had a pang thinking how much I’ll miss it.
It’s tough. But it’s time.
Bring on the next adventure!

avatar Tim Frazier

It’s gotta be crazy tough on you…you’re giving up hundreds of thousands of dollars’ in high tech flying gear on top of everything else.

Hopefully the two-wheeler will satisfy some of the need to fly. I assume it’s the closest you can get to flying while maintaining physical ground contact.

avatar Fuzz

I hope this new venture brings you some of the spark that faded away. Most of all – i hope you find peace & happiness in whatever you must toil at each day~

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