DPS Troopers Sexually Assault Female Travelers

Have you heard this one?

Irving Women Sue State Troopers Over Roadside Body Cavity Search

I’ve always been one to give law enforcement officers below the rank of Captain the benifit of the doubt, but this one really looks undisputable.

This is not an unlawful search and seazuire. This is rape at the hands of the State.

The troopers involved deserve criminal incarceration and fines. Firing is way too lenient for rapists and those who conspire to commit rape.

We should learn the following lessons:

The agents of local, state, and federal government sometimes commit crimes and violate their oath to uphold the United States Constitution for the higher priority of revenue.

The TSA, ATF, FBI, and DEA are not the only government agencies that sometimes do poor screening and hire dumbasses or criminal minds.

Citizens should exercise their rights to defend themselves against unlawful search and seizure. I guarantee you if a person trys to put any part of themselves or any other object into one of my no-touchy places I’m going to react with extreme violence. A rapist is a rapist, whether they’re wearing a badge or a ski mask. If they attempt to go where no man has gone before on me I’m gonna do my level best to stop them, even if that means they die in the process.

Take this advice from a former law enforcement professional: Arm yourself at every opportunity. Most law enforcers are willing to make grave personal sacrifices to protect you and visit justice upon evil doers. But there are a few who are evil doers themselves, and no one can protect you from them but you.

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