I Need My Moonshine

Escapism from barry munsterteiger on Vimeo.

The state of having wandering and imaginative thoughts in order to remove one's self from reality.

Shot with Panasonic AF100, Canon 1D Mark IV & the Cineflex HD. Your headphones will give you a true enthusiast's experience.


Barry Munsterteiger -Writer, Director, Animator, Editor, Rider
Colin Ducey – Co-Director, Director of Photography, Producer, Camera Car Owner Operator
Tom Miller – Cineflex Operator
Cameron Baird – Art Director, Assistant Director
Garrett Freberg – Assistant Director
Conrad Slater – Audio Recording, Camera Car Driver
Matthew Zipkin – Original Music and Sound Design
Mark Coleran – UI Design
Aaron Owen – Assistant DP, Data Management, Driver, Traffic Control
John McGovern – Vehicle Prep, Transportation, Traffic Control
Michael Jordan – Location Scout, Safety
Peter Newfield – Locations
Zach von Szeremy – Camera Car Grip
Joshua Vaughan – Camera Car Grip

Special Thanks, John Paul Canton, Andrea Onida, Andrew Sather, John Crossley, Russ Miller and all of our families.

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