As relevant today as it was then

battle-of-athens-tn-sign-430For your consideration, here are two examples of why our founders wrote the second amendment. The first is a true case where infringement by our government cost numerous citizens their lives in Texas because a law abiding citizen obeyed an unjust law and did not carry her weapon into a restaurant. The second is a true case where tyrannical local government was defeated by citizens exercising their second amendment rights just as the founding fathers intended.

Carry hand guns to defend against those who would attack you on the streets, keep a shotgun in the house to defend against armed intruders, and keep so called “assault weapons” to defend your right to have the other weapons when unjust laws are used by government to take them away.

We are currently beset by a government that wishes to remove your liberties, and that government has been methodically doing so for decades. The final dissolution of your freedom is right around the corner after they remove your right to keep and bear arms. They’ve already removed you right to manufacture arms.

Do not think that the NRA will actually protect your second amendment rights. The NRA is an organization that supports gun manufacturers and gun retailers. They have little interest in your individual liberties, otherwise they would fight for your rights to have clubs, knives, swords, or spears. Not only should “assault weapons” bans be defeated, all laws against other blade, club, electrical, and alternative propellant weapons should be repealed.

If you’re a member of the NRA, consider writing them and asking why they don’t fight for all your second amendment rights.

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