A Warning About WalMart.com

walmartGot a WalMart.com account?

Don’t store your credit card info in it.

Here’s why:

Walmart currently has a personal computer at one of their Maryland stores that was shipped there for store pickup via a fraudulent order on my account. I assume someone hacked my account due to lousy internet security. My experience with WalMart.com customer support indicates the whole company may be infested with incompetence.

I recieved an email notice about this charge on 2/12/13 and immediately called WalMart.com customer service at 800.966.6546 to alert them that the order was fraudulent. I also called my credit card company’s fraud reporting line and reported the card as lost or stolen.

The WalMart.com service representative assured me that the Maryland store would be instructed not to release the product and that my credit card would not be charged.

He lied. My card was charged with the full amount a couple of days later.

I called the Maryland store directly this morning and was told the product had not been released. As to the charge on my card they redirected me back to WalMart.com customer support at (800) 966-6546.

I called, and was informed that I would have to dispute the charge with my financial institution.

When I asked why WalMart charged my card after I informed them the order was fraudulent I just got a repeat of the statement that I would have to dispute the charge with my financial institution.

I asked to speak to a supervisor, and got Diane.

Diane stuck to the story, and had no explanation of why WalMart.com would charge my account when no one had recieved the product. She merely stated that she could not provide a refund under federal law on a fraudulent charge. I told her there shouldn’t have been a fraudulent charge because WalMart made the charge AFTER I reported a fraudulent order, and what happened to the policy of not charging a customer until the item was picked up?

She wasn’t willing to provide any answers, and just kept repeating the same irrelevant nonsense.

So now I’m sitting here deciding whether to pay some bills late or dig into the savings account because WalMart has charged me for a product I haven’t recieved, that WalMart still has in its possesion, and my bank is closed for President’s Day.

The little guy once again has to deal with the hassle and accept all the risk.

I’ve closed my WalMart.com account and plan to avoid their stores like the plague henceforth.

I would appreciate anyone and everyone reposting this article, as the web is the only recourse we have against large corporations that tilt their shoulders and force their customers to accept all risk in every transaction.

Tell ’em it’s all because of the way they mishandled order #2677063-458618 and allowed a thief to victimize their customer.

avatar Erica J

Im angry that this story is 6 years old and the exact same thing just happened to me. I ordered a tshirt from Walmart.com and now am getting strange purchases on my card. I did store my card that day but have since removed it. My bank says the purchase was a swiped purchase. Im at least 45 miles away at work, and have been all day. My credit card is with me in my purse. Not sure how someone is “swiping” my card. Thieves will also be a step ahead.

avatar Alex

Omg i have the same experience. Just 2 days ago i noticed Walmart Bentonville arus charged my becu account $5. Idk how they got my card number because i never go to walmart let alone have an account with them

avatar Max

I was almost scammed, someone got my Walmart.com account and ordered a IPAD. 474 dollars pending on my bank account for this order. I called Walmart 3 different times, twice they said they would cancel the shipment and refund my money, a day later the shipment was still in progress and the money came out of my account. The third time I called they said they would cancel the shipment but since it was fraud I had to dispute the charge to get my money back. After searching and looking and creating an account on FEDEX to see what was going on with the package I noticed the hackers put in a shipment change although the ship to was still my address. I changed it back to my address and called FedEx to cancel the shipment, they said they would but the IPAD showed up to my address. 3 calls to Walmart and 2 calls to FedEx but they still delivered to the address, luckily I found the change and got the IPAD so I can return it for my money.

avatar Hiro P

Yep still happening as of July 2018,

This time its the brentonville AR super walmart. Thing is I don’t have a walmart account but did use my debit card a few times in the store and online.

I work in IT so I know that any one with access to their electronic transactions can pull the card info and also my name . . .

I got a neato text. But the bank debit card customer service account guy was a n00b and couldn’t lock down my card.

But it sux because they/walmart kept charging over and over 500 USD here, 300 there. Until in a few hours I had over 5 K down out of ze checking. So my checking is zeroed out.

Plus several K in the overdraft protection. All because some kid couldn’t figure out how to freeze my card. I called an hour later and got someone who fixed the debit card issue.

My bank says for me to wait for charges to get out of pending, so I can dispute them. 3-4 DAYS.

I could have 500 USD on interest but my accounts are frozen. Yeah I should sue all parties and probably could but for $500 its not worth the damn headache and time. Yeah I could start a social media war, but I got better things to do cuz life is short and YOLO.

Unlike credit cards where as soon as its on there, you can fraud that cat.

Best bet is to never use debit cards, use only credit cards and watch your accounts like a hawk and dispute it. Since its my debit card, I am working with my bank, same deal happened to my pal and she had to close her account she had since she was 18 (she is 42 now) because the account was compromised, and while she has a new one, it’s like the new year, where one tends to put in last years info for the first 3 months of the new year . . . She had her old acct memorized.

Hopefully that doesn’t happen to my account, but I don’t care. I’ll get my money back but just lame when walmart can just simply make their security tighter and everyone will have a better day.

avatar Yolanda Summers

Walmart is a horrible company to deal with when it comes to a fraudulent charge. They accept no risk and they don’t work to resolve the issue. Their customers are left completely vulnerable.

avatar Jeanne

I know one of the ways they are stealing from people and how it’s being done but no one will listen to me not at the wal-mart nor the bank. I actually caught the thief yet still no one will listen and I’m not sure what to do. It is a seriously large network of thiefs. Who are well versed in not only internet security but also cell phone security and how to get around the very inept wal-mart crappy security.

avatar Josephine C

I received my Walmart Master Card statement 3 days ago, I noticed that I got a transaction charged me for US$21.11 that I didn’t authorized, so, I called the customer service, they transferred me to the security. The security office advised me to make a call at 1-800…., he said they could help me to refund that amount on my master card, so, I called, the man on the other end talked to me in patient, he said since they need to put back the amount onto my walmart master card, so, they need the card no. & my name & address, phone no. & email address; and they verified my account no.by charged US$1.11 & took it back the amount; then, they said everything was O.K. they need a piece of my ID, so, they did something on my computer, they used the Webcam to take photo of my Driver’s Licence(they said it was not too clear, so they took photo of my passport); and still he said it wasn’t too clear, I need to contact him after 24 hrs. because the system was not able to function if the camera took more than 3 times, something like that. Because I trust the walmart staff, I didn’t think otherwise, so, I called them after 24 hrs. later, during the man asked me to wait & call him back in an hr. time, I sensed something wrong, but I couldn’t tell; so, I called the walmart credit, they told me I got charged by “coin base” around forty something US dollars.; I was mad, I told them what was going on. Well, they just blamed me shouldn’t let anybody have my information, but it was their staff told me to call that no.;they would refund the amount to my account; I was worrying, so, I insisted to closed the account; they didn’t really want to close it for me, I insisted, finally they said even I closed the account, I still have to pay the balance on my so-called account; they made me promised to do that. I thought it was O.K. I just lost around $60 canadian dollars. I never know, even the customer service staff they lied to me; minutes ago, I looked up on the on-line master card account, I got charged US$100. on 5 transaction. WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW? They even hacked into my computer, I tried hard to clear those suspicious email & cookies (they use wise control to take over my LP), I restored my LP.. I hoped they didn’t get my other bank account information from my computer(I changed my password)…. I don’t know what else should I do? Anyone can tell me…

avatar Dusti

I’ve hated Walmart for awhile now. My credit card was used not at Walmart but to take trips by air get hotels courtesy cars etc., This was in Sri Lanka I live in IL. I was told this would be dismissed and I would not be charged. They lied now they want 68.00 from me on someone hacking my card. I made a police report as well. I shop other stores so I don’t have to shop there. It cost me more but no one knows anything there when you call. Liars and thieves.

avatar Alfredo

I am going to start a class action lawsuit against Walmart. Who’s with me? I got a pending fraudulent charge to my Citi card and I called my bank to cancel and not release the funds. I also called Walmart 3 times to notify them that was not authorized transaction. A month later I got letter from Citi about the charge. They contacted Walmart and said it was not fraudelant even tho it was a different name, email, and address on the shipping. How stupid can they be or they don’t care.

avatar Shawn

How’s that class action against Walmart working out? I can’t find a lawyer to take my case. A week after making a purchase through Walmart.com I started to receive alerts from my accounts. Someone hacked my accounts EBay $500 Walmart $250 twice and more. This guy has been doing this to a lot of people and he’s good at it. Not good enough though. He left bread crumbs to his identity along the way. I have his name, address, phone number, email address, IP address and IP Host address and the Walmart address where he works. I even know how he hacks the passwords from the recent search history on my EBay. If you key in the words “debit, credit, fraud, Walmart” you’ll see that this is happening to hundreds of people. I want to file a class action lawsuit against Walmart but lawyers won’t go against them. I need a lawyer fast.

avatar Marion reid

Wal mart is a damn joke I ordered an ecard for my phone and I never got the card and my debt card has been charged and was mart said they had to cancel my order and they sent me a recpit for the ecard. It has been took out of my Dept card account and it has not been put back in it. I’m not going to just forget it. I am fixing to make damn sure to print the info that wal mart sent out to me so everyone can see how sorry and how low life the people at walk mart is. I am getting all the info from wal mart that they emailed me and put it in the papers so every one can see how sorry the store is. I don’t think that no one hack my account other than Walmart there self

avatar Elizabeth felts

I am on my 4th Bank of America visa. Fraudulent charges start when I order photos from Walmart.com to be sent to my home from a Walmart in Arkansas. I am not sure how someone gets my card number. Is contacting visa claims best vs Walmart? Or who else do I contact to put a stop? Do you have suggestions?

avatar james isham

On April 26th, and May 31, we ordered, from Walmart.com, Verizon Phone Cards for our cell phone. Last Tuesday, May 26th, I checked our checking account, which I do every day, and found an entry for the amount of $205.44, which was pending, at a Walmart Supercenter. Other than the two Verizon Cards we ordered on line, we haven’t used a credit card at Walmart in years.
I went to the bank and they did some checking. It was for a transaction at 9:00 AM, the previous day, at a Vacaville, California Walmart. We live in Michigan.
The charge is in the process of being disputed.

avatar Mercedes

My situation is as follows (very much like all the other stories I have read here): I went to Orlando to spend a couple of days with my kids (Epcot, Walt Disney). I stayed at a place called Allure Resort at 8444 International Drive, Orlando. This is the only place that actually took the credit card out of my hands to run it for a transaction. A day later I had $993.24 charged on Walmart.com. I live in Boca Raton (3 hours south of Orlando). I spoke to them and they told me that the merchandise was going to be delivered 2 days later in Orange City, FL (45 minutes North of Orlando). I advised Walmart.com that this was fraud. Credit card was informed, I filed a police report, I did the Affidavit for Walmart.com and sent it in. My credit card still has $993.24 on it and today they told me that I will get the reimbursement once they get the merchandise back. This is absolutely unacceptable as they were advised to stop shipments and today this THIEF is getting merchandise charged to my card. You bet I am going to raise hell if this charge is not removed from my card. Also, I cannot believe corporations like Walmart.com don’t do much at all to help law enforcement catch these low lives. This is very frustrating.

avatar Charles

I made an order for (e) delivery of a straight talk airtime card. The order was canceled within minutes. I checked my card it had not been charged. About an hour later checked my card again it was charged. $49.11 Ok since the order was canceled I expect it to be refunded within 24 hours. Three days later I called Walmart.com customer service. They told me it usually would be refunded in 48 hours but could take 5-7 business. It has now been six days. This morning I contacted customer service via customer feedback. With just minutes of contacting them another $1 was taken off of my card, that was all the money I had left on there. I immediately wrote them back and they denied making any such charge. I replied to them again with screenshots of the charges on my account. Gave me a run around after having denied the charge period said this is a preauthorization hold I should contact my bank or finacial institution. This is a prepaid visa card. I wrote them back saying preauthorization for what I did not make any order for no dollar and what about the refund for the $49.11. Oh our records do not show any charges have been made you should contact your financial institution. Grr!!! Needless to say if I do not get the money back in the next 72 hours I will be filing fraud and posibbly a law suit. My card shows it was walmart.com that made the charges.

avatar mary

i am going through almost the same thing, i had 13 boxes come to my house from wal mart,com in my name, i took these boxes to my local wal mart, it was 13 packages of paper plates, then when they ran the order through someone had ordered these plus the remainder of 1.426.21 dollars worth of e cards sent to a unknown e mail address, i deputed it with my bank, they put the money in my account, then took it back saying that someone used my card my address, my wal mart,com password,that it had to be someone i knew ???? whatever, it is not someone i know, noone has my information by me giving it to them, i am trying to do something about this, i have a police report i am going back to them i am going to do everything i can to fight this, anyone else have this happen to them this way,according to my bank they are not responsible and nither is wal mart help. they order sheet on the paper plates shows a name that ordered them, ( whitcomb)

avatar James

The same is happening to me now however I Have never ordered anything from Walmart.com and I never even put my debit info into it.
So I have no idea who is ordering or how even some one from Arkansas got my information

avatar John

Walmart now has new criminal partners, “netSpend” by “Bofi” Federal Bank Issuing a “Visa” debit card. Got one today, although I did not ask for it. Called “netSpend” and they want my ss# to confirm who I am, get that the crooks want me to give them my ss#. What utter bull@#$%. So now I have to file a police report and a report with the Federal Trade Commission. Had a problem with walmart.com last year, told them to remove my name from all their files! Walmart and all associates=CRIMINALS!

avatar Andrea

Reading all these posts does not leave me very hopeful for our current situation! So I’m home sick with the flu but we had a lot of stuff going on financially this weekend, including our scheduled car payment due to come out tomorrow! Now there is no longer enough money in the bank due to a fraudulent charge via Walmart.com!! Last November, on Black Friday we purchased a flat screen tv, I had left several models in my save for later as I was comparing specs and prices. Today, 3/14/16, I received a charge from Walmart.com in the amount of $296.75 for a flat screen that was in my saved for later cart. It is ready for pick up in Marion, NC and we live in California!! Interestingly enough, the thief has added a name to my alternative pick up person, “Henry Camile”. I couldn’t help myself but to white page the name and location to find that the only listing in that area is a “Camille Henry”, I’m not sure if they are the one and same but I intend to find out!! Now I sit tired, sick, and pissed off having to wait till 3:30am my time to try to prevent the store in NC from releasing the tv to this lowlife fraud! Though I immediately deleted all card information from my account, and changed my password to a much more secure password, Walmart.com will not allow me to delete the name of the alternate pick up person. Depending on what the store says (which doesn’t seem promising) we will be canceling our debit card and possibly calling the authorities there in Marion, NC. No longer will I use this account and will be deleting it as soon as this has been resolved!!

avatar JP

The same exact thing happened to me. The reason they won’t discuss the inconsistencies is because it’s their employees doing it and they know it.

Never use anything but a credit card with 0% liability on fraud, which is most credit cards. This is way you can dispute the charge and get it refunded. Never, ever use debit cards. That’s just like someone sticking their had in your wallet and taking cash. You’ll never get that money back.

avatar Delores

Worst service ever. I been waiting for a replacement card for over 3 months. Can’t access my account. They won’t transfer to a supervisor, I’ve called well over a dozen times. And they hangs up on me. I’m still waiting now on a replacement check that will probably never make it.

avatar LVT III

It just happened to me as well, I see that two charges one for $24.83 and another for $285.92 was charged to my credit card. I did place an order for some items back on 9/03/15 but the total of all of them together was $48.87 and I picked them up at the store 3 hours after getting an email. Foolishly I left my credit card on my Walmart.com account, well I get an email yesterday morning 9/05/15 at 9:00 A.M. as well as a text alert from my bank stating I had a charge for $24.83 and $285.92 from Walmart.com. I am pretty heated so I call the number 8009666546 which appears on my bank statement as who charged my account and it is no other than Walmart.com(Go figure huh) so I speak with a customer service representative and guess what….SURPRISE she asked me for an order number which I don’t have because I have not placed an order, she brings up the order that I placed 9/03/15 which is fine because I did place an order on that date but for entire different amount then the two charges showing up today. Of course she does not know why I was charged and does not see any orders placed for me except the one I acknowledge. I contacted my bank to dispute the charges which they graciously did. I decided to contact Walmart.com again just to see what they would say I actually made up an order number for the amounts charged and told the representative that I placed the order 9/05/15(today right now is 09/06/15), what I was attempting to do was get information so I could find out exactly who used my card. Of course the representative did not see any of the transactions nor did he know what I was talking about so I asked to speak to a supervisor. Who came on the line about 10 minutes later giving me some bull that I was never charged for the amounts so the order could not go through, when I asked him what the order number was(remember I made up some and gave them to representative)again he told me because the amounts were not charged so there was no order number, when I asked him well I do have an order number guess what…the call was disconnected! I promptly called back and got pretty much the same song and dance from another representative and supervisor although I will say they both were very polite and apologized profusely and suggested I contact my bank to dispute charges and offered to close my Walmart.com account. These people are crooks I will never look at Walmart the same, I will NEVER order anything online from them if I can not find it in the store I will just have to go somewhere else. I thought the site to store option was great I had done a few times with no issue or problems until now. I am thankful to God that I had enough money in bank account so that when those bogus charges did come up I did not get hit with NSF fees! STAY AWAY FROM WALMART.COM PLEASE!!!

avatar Elizabeth

I was charged (thankfully only $6.12) last night on my walmart.com account. I call and got the same story you did. She didn’t see any purchases except for the last purchase I acknowledge making. Long story short, I had to go to my bank, cancel my card and order a new one. I then talked to someone else at WM Corporate and they can’t see where the $6.12 was charged either. Well, it’s plain as day on my banking statement! My bank reimbursed the money. Even though it was only a small amount, WM should be responsible for their carelessness with my account! The lady at the bank told me what people will do is charge a little bit, then next time make large purchases. I’m glad I check with my bank every few days or this could have gone unnoticed and really caused me problems had it continued. Needless to say I closed my WM.com account!

avatar Carla Herrick

I SEE THIS HAPPENED to u in 2015. It is now 2018 and the same bullshit is still going on. I work 3 jobs to make ends meet. Im single so i just got my income to make it on. My mother passed away recently and i inheart 600$ i have 3 parrots so i decide i am making them an outside aviary with the money. I ordered my welded wire mesh from them to SAVE 50$ .I could have got it cheaper but i didnt know the other place and didnt want to risk it. I stuck with a name everyone knows thinking they are safe. I could have bout this mesh localy and spent 50 $ more but no no i went to walmart.com. had loaded260 on my debit card. Bought the mesh and spent a few dollars at the local gas station. 2 days later i get off work at 1130 pm from my 3 job of the day and stoped next door to a gas station to get sonething to eat. Whenbi went to pay i had 0 balance.thwy took out the 129$ twice on my debit card and are telling me they didnt. When i ask for a supervisor i get put on hold and no one picks up again. I am devestated after reading everyones comments here as i can see i will not get my money back. I am in for a class action lawsuiet. I did call the BBB. AND FILED A COMPLAINT AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO THIS . THIS IS THE SAME AS A GIANT THEFT RING INSTEAD OF ROBBING BANKS THEY ARE ROBBING FROM THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT IT

avatar AM

They tried to get us 7/24/15 to the tune of $2069 for 3 iPhone S6s shipping to 3 different Walmart stores, 1 in PA and 2 in CT, using our http://www.walmart.com account with Walmart credit card attached for auto pay. Had only used it back in January 2015. Got the fraud report back today and the IP address traces back to a business in CT. Waiting to hear from my detective as to next step. Everyone involved has been professional. The best thing to do is put cc alerts on your credit cards so you know when charges go thu immediately, immediately call your credit card co and let them know what’s happening, call the loss prevention/asset protection staff at the walmart stores the items are being shipped to (I received the order info on my email since the thieves didn’t change it) and then call http://www.walmart.com. File a police report for credit card theft and identity theft. You can also file on line with the FTC, etc.

avatar Nte

This is not rocket science people. Call the 1-800 on your credit card and report that the card information is stolen. Give them the information on teh fraudulent chage. The charge will be immediately removed.

There is NO reason to call the store, merchant or anyone else

Stolen credit card info is handled by your credit card company. Even if it a dispute and not known if fraud yet, the credit card company will not hold you responsible while they investigate. They will require to merchant to prove the items were sent to you and not elsewhere etc.

Again, not rocket science. I had a fraudulent charge of $800 show up on my card for walmart.com…10 minutes later after calling my card co, the card was cancelled, a new one was on the way and the charge was removed…

avatar Lora Sinclair

Sure that works until they tell you they have not received the affidavits that you have faxed back to them regarding fraudulent charges, so you fax again and two months later again as they keep repeating they have not received them, you mail them by registered mail but the security office has a p.o box so no one signs for them but you do have a tracking number and was delivered to WM financial STILL they said they don’t have the paperwork, so that is 3 faxes and 2 mail copies of paperwork…now they have given another fax number the 3rd…makes me think they are jerking us around or they are totally incompetent, I don’t have $8000.00 to give to a fraudster…let me talk to the same person twice…no way thats going to happen either…a total nightmare

avatar Ed C

I had something like this happen today and I hadn’t even bought anything online from Walmart in over five years. The purchases were for two $45 Christmas giftcards. I was at my laptop and saw them come in immediately on gmail. The people behind this are a little more sophisticated than it might seem.
1) The card I had stored had expired back in 2012 so
2) The “purchaser” used a stolen Card #, which was added to the payment methods
3) The cards were sent to the recipient via email. I’m assuming the recipient email was hacked too.
4) The contact information for the card was in the purchase information, and was in the area, so I was able to contact the cardholder immediately, and she contacted her bank. I’m assuming the same card # was probably being used elsewhere, possibly more card purchases on Christmas, especially since Customer Service was closed for the Holiday, and most people would be out.
5) I immediately changed the password to something fairly complex and cleared the payment methods and emailed cancellation messages, etc.
6) I’m assuming the password/email combination had to have come from another insecure site, so I ran through everything and changed passwords.

If they have half decent server logging they should have the purchaser’s IP in the logs, probably right in the server or transaction logs. The question is where the actual recipient is. However, it’s possible the person will get caught trying to use it.

avatar Antony

I just saw exactly the same pattern. 3 eGift cards were ordered using a newly added credit card not belonging to me. The credit card had a name and address and I left a VM at that number warning them about the problem. Fortunately none of the orders were fulfilled as the payment could not be verified.
I have removed my own stored credit card from the Walmart site.

avatar Michael

My wife is so upset she is going throught the very same thing now, has multiple fraudulent charges on her account and she never ordered anything from walmart.com we’re going to have to file a police report and get it done that way

avatar Alex Ceballos

I just had the same thing happen to me today! I always check my online bank statements and i noticed that I had two mysterious charges. The first charge was for $14 from a website named LULUS.COM and the second charges was for $35 from WALMART.COM. Both charges were reversed but I still had to cancel my WELLS FARGO bank card and now i have to wait 7-10 days to get a new card. The process took about 1 hour and for the record, I only used my card once in September at WALMART and I never had an account with WALMART.

avatar Stacie

I am currently in dispute now with them about an item that I never received. I was told to contact the manufacturer to see what they can do. I asked, “what about the charge on my account? What about the items?” Like a robot she repeated to contact the manufacturer. BULLSH–! I am contacting Better Business Bureau and filing a dispute with them. I had this SAME issue with sears.com and had to contact BBB to get it straight. I am starting to have a different view of Walmart. The incompetence is un-freaking believable!! This might be another credit card that I will be cutting up.

avatar CJ Fernandes

Ditto. I cannot get anywhere near as close as everyone else has with customer service. They tell me they are not showing these charges, yet there they are on my account. Now, they want me to send the “billing statement” from the bank to them. I am just irate at this moment and ready to call corporate in the morning.

avatar Mysnook1

I’m reading everyone complaints on-line about Wal-Mart hacker C.C.
**Today my bank called and ask the same question did I make a large purchase online from Wal-Mart? The answer WAS NO. I’m going to make a police report tomorrow, because someone allowed this hacker to use my ID & get the 3 numbers off my personal bank card.Not only that they have my last 4 numbers of my S.S. card. I had to cancel all my c.c., Bank cards etc. I want a real investigation on why after 2yrs later people are still being hacket on-line from Wal-Mart?

avatar scuwedd5

Just happened to me! Someone ordered a $400 iPad mini for pickup. I do not remember if Walmart website ever got my permission to save the credit card information. Fortunately, my credit card company identified it as fradulant charge and declined to pay.

avatar Alice Nichols

To the original poster : Can you tell me which Wal-Mart store in Maryland the item was being sent? I had a fraud purchase being sent to a store in Maryland as well. I am curious if they’re the same town or store.

avatar RebeccaStarr

I don’t understand why they won’t give us the name, location and item that was charged. I would drive there and pick it up!
After I hit the crook with a baseball bat. After all, if it is being charged to me, don’t I have the right to know this?

avatar RebeccaStarr

I have been getting the runaround from EVERYONE connected to Walmart. I called
Walmart customer service, walmart.com, GE credit, GeCredit fraud dept and everyone says the other guy can take care if it.
Someone bought something from walmart.com on Easter Sunday. The NEXT day, I tried to prevent it from being delivered to them. No luck. I filed a police report. when the officer called the fraud dept, they said that nothing has been charged to that account. BECAUSE they made me close it, so it no longer exists.
I have never seen such incompetence. I am only trying to stop the thief from getting the merchandise. Their security dept is ridiculous.

avatar Angela

This just happened to me and i felt the same walmart scam kind of assistance from Walmart customer service. I have not ever felt too comfortable with walmart.com service and have always experienced problems with their website orders. I was not surprised when one click of research online brought me to this. I definately felt right away that this was all a walmart scam. I have disputed the charges and do hope to get my money back but I cant help thinking that this scam times millions of cutomers could rack up quite and interest payment for walmart even if I do get my money back they still had long enough to benefit from it.

avatar Doug

Here we go….just got a mc transaction and i dont even have a walmart.com account.. they claim the transaction was cancelled and also say they contacted my bank…Funny thing is my bank hasnt heard from them…So far i have already cancelled my card at the bank, but sure does sound like i am going to be charged for a purchase that is inteneded to be sent to Miami Florida!…I live in Michigan and have never been to Miami!! What a Joke this so far!!!!

avatar seni

It just happened to me with Walmart. Found a charge that I know I did not make. Delivery going to Greenburg Kentucky.. and I live in Ny.
That apparently did not bother Walmart..and they did not want to give me info on what is it that was purchased or the name of the individual.
I read the whole thing above and its disgusting what walmart is doing. Now I have to check all my credit cards I could have possibly used with them over few months. They are very incompetent.. from staff on the floor register and their managers. Now I see they are incompetent all the way to the top.
What a crappy company. They really don’t care about anything.
I would like to add that even in the product for animals cats and dogs they sell hearz and mostly only one on display.. that is proven and written about has killed animals. I am sure people have complained about it, but it seems Walmart does not care about anything in any department for excellence.

avatar Janet Farrell

I have no idea how they would have obtained my information. It was Friday, October 25, 2013 around 5:30 to 6:00 when my husband (who was in Denmark, SC) called me saying he got a text alert from the bank wanting to know if he had charges of $597.59 from Walmart.com. He wanted to know if I had been to Walmart and bought $597.59 worth of items. I told him no that I had been at work all day. I then checked my account online and saw that the charge of $597.59 was holding on my account. I called him back and told him same. I rechecked my account immediately after hanging up from talking to him and saw that two more charges were holding, one of $597.69 and one for $685.73. I immediately transferred the remaining balance to savings so no more charges could be made from whoever was fraudulently using my card information online to make charges. I called Walmart.com and verified that someone had made those three charges, but they would not give me a name of whom. They told me they were still going to send the merchandise out to pick up even though I let them know that it was not authorized by me to use my information. I disputed charges with my bank, and they added the funds back to my account. Two months later, MC finished it’s investigation only to say that there was a valid signature for charges at pickup (clearly not mine, another name completely) and they were taking funds back out of my accout. There were three different names actually on the ordering information that was sent to me by MC. They put a fake phone number for mine and the Shipping address was at a Walmart store in MO, only thousands of miles from me. They allowed all three items to be picked up and did nothing about it. I think a class action suit needs to be filed against walmart. If anyone here is interested, post and we can go from there.

avatar ron

Me to!!!!!! 66 yr old man ordered a baby carage, sent it to texas. got same runaround till I gave up. That stink, a lot of people getting paid to do nothing.

avatar Marie Amason

I had the same thing happen to me! They charged and claimed delivery on a flat screen television. I disputed it all, but they still got my money!!! They insisted I had been hacked via internet. I was forced to accept their explanation with no recourse. During that time, I was very ill and confined to bed. Fed X said they left it on my front porch!!! Imagine, a flat screen tv sitting on my front porch in a box displaying it’s content and I live on a main street with heavy sidewalk traffic. Was it delivered and stolen!! Who knows!! I have no idea where it is. Since I didn’t order it, how could I have been anticipating delivery. What I do know is that I was never refunded for the charge and was treated as a liar when contacting customer service. They insisted that someone in my home made the charges. This was impossible as I live alone!!! It is impossible to get any assistance through their customer service department. They must be trained to respond a certain way when contacted about fraudulent charges. They have it down to an art!!! Either way, they are moving merchandise (or not) and heaven help you if you happen to be a victim. You will eat the cost of the entire mess. At least some of you got emails…a heads up. Not me!!! No warning…just five hundred dollars sucked out of my account and no knowledge of where this tv is that I did not order!!!

avatar David

Had the same thing happen to me just last week. Except I’ve never shopped at walmart.com, ever. Which leads me to believe the security breach came from another source… maybe a virus on my computer with a keylogger and hackers just stealing my Card number as i make online purchases . Sucks.

avatar Tom

A few days after ordering a computer with my master card from Walmart.com, an unknown charge appeared on my Mastercard. After cancelling that card, my other credit card (Amex) on file with walmart.com was pending to be charged for a laptop that was to be picked up in Ohio (I got an email confirmation from walmart.com about the order that I never placed).
Do not use Walmart.com !

avatar Reji Fontino

If your account being a bank account or credit card was charged contact you bank and file a complaint for the order. The order number for these charges are usually 8009666546, does it look familiar? It’s WalMart.com customer support number. This is the number the hacker uses.

avatar Michele

This is what happened to a cat he got caught inside the weed eater, & HURT the cats “Tail” & the lady said she was going to Walmart, bc ” that’s where they sell: “RE-TAILERS”

avatar Tina

It just happened to me,2 charges,one for $398.00 and the other for $390.00. I called Walmart .com,they would not disclose any information on the charges,but one was shipped to Alington Texas and the other in Michigan , I was told to call my financial institution to dispute the charges, I closed my Walmart account!!!!

avatar Chris

SPREAD THE WORD ON FACEBOOK TOO! TELL EVERYONE TO NOT USE WALMART>COM! THis happened to our Walmart accounts TWICE! First time in March 2013. Same as the other stories here – thieves used our existing account to buy phone cards and phones. Cancelled that VISA account, contacted walmart. We were dumb enough to make a purchase on walmart.com in July 2013, only this time we did not create an account. Didn’t matter. We just had $150 charge on a ‘walmart.com account’ that we didn’t even have. Walmart.com is NOT SECURE!

avatar Kimberly

I just had two tablets purchased and fedx priority 1 to a trailer park in San Jose, Ca. Wal Mart sent me to the credit card company just like the rest of you. I asked for an I.T. investigation and they asked me to fill out a feedback form. In my 20 years with I.T. and Customer Service at a couple of large companies and some small ones I never have seen such ignorance when it comes to putting the customer first. Mostly stupidity for not looking into why this keeps happening. Unlucky me I find out on the 4th of July when no one is open to contact! So I sit here and stew. In the mean time I’ve canceled just about every on-line shopping Web Site I had previously signed up with. I changed all my passwords- no two are alike, and I made sure my credit cards are not on file on any Web Site. Best of luck to those of you who lost out. I’m out about $500 at his point. I really want to send the trailer park house in San Jose a bill.

avatar deanna

This happened to me today. Someone placed an order for an ipad mini to be picked up in Alabama. I saw the confirmation email come through almost immediately, and I was able to cancel the order and called my credit card company to report it as stolen. I also deleted the card information from my walmart.com account. I don’t recall clicking an option when previously placing an order to save the information, but apparently I missed the ‘opt-out’ option. I will not be ordering from walmart.com ever again. Dealing with the credit card company was awesome though – within 30 seconds of placing the call I was speaking to a representative, and within 2 minutes, the card was cancelled and a replacement on it’s way. He also was able to confirm that because I cancelled the order, the temporary charge on my account had already been voided. Appears to just have been my walmart.com account that was comprimised, but I will be on the lookout for the next few weeks for any additional fraudulent charges…

avatar Jane Reis

WalMart.com Credit Card Fraud
My WalMart.com account was hacked this morning and I received a thank you for your order email at 2:00am. They used my “on account” Visa to order two iphones and changed my shipping address to Seattle, Wa. Luckily I saw the email early enough and was able to cancel the order. The WalMart rep was not very sympathetic or helpful, apparently this happens all the time on walmart.com. I cancelled my Visa, made a police report in the city where the address is located and checked my other online retailers. Only problem was with my WalMart account.

avatar sam g

Also – here!

2 orders were placed one-after-the-other for Gift Cards which were ’emailed’ to the hacker/thief. – I called walmart and reported the fraud within 2 hours of 5/3/2013 9:15am. they said they were unable to cancel the gift-card and I have to take it up with my Credit Card institution.

I said why could you not simply cancel the Gift card and give me credit?

they said they “have to follow proecedure, banking laws, etc” – bunch of crap

avatar C. H.

Hi Tim,
Sorry Walmart has proven that they are irresponsible with our debit and credit cards on their website! This happened to me today:

A car stereo arrived at my brother’s house. He does not drive or own a car.
I immediately checked my bank account. Sure enough there was a Walmart.com charge. I checked Walmart.com and my account had been closed.

I called my bank and asked to speak to the fraud dept. The fraud specialist at Bank Of America called Walmart.

We were on 3-way and the Walmart rep said she would cancel my account, but it would take a few days AND Walmart would not issue a credit to me.

She said I would have to contact my financial institution. How stupid! My financial institution called her.

Walmart needs an overhaul of their online ordering process.

avatar Pam Ricks

I am going through the Same thing with Walmart.com as the original poster! My bank is doing what they are supposed to but I cannot find anyone to get into my walmart account and give me or the bank the information there. They changed my password and now they have all the access!

avatar Joyce

When I used my home computer reset.75307679@walmart.com was in the place of my normal e-mail address on the Walmart site.
I have had to cancel my VISA card at the bank.
I filled out the Walmart identity theft affidavit and I am hoping that they can find out who hacked into my account, but I don’t have a lot of faith in their online security team.

avatar Joyce

I had this happen to me on May 8, 2013. I got an e-mail from Walmart informing me that I had asked for a password or e-mail change and then a minute later an order for AT&T card (delivered via e-mail) and some DVD.
I couldn’t get into the Walmart account using my normal e-mail.
I called Walmart and reported it as fraud and they said they would cancel it. I immediately cancelled my VISA card.
Apparently the charge went through and when I called Walmart I was told that I would have to dispute it with my credit card company.
I hadn’t purchased anything at Walmart since Christmas but my credit card information was stored on their site.
Interestingly, when I used my home computer the email address linked to my account as reset.75307679@walmart.com. This suggests to me that someone in the company had access to credit card information.
Walmart does not seem to care about the lack of security on their website. I told them that I wouldn’t be ordering from their site again.

avatar Tanya

This just happened to me yesterday and it is still showing pending. I chose not to deal with Walmart and immediately called my bank institution to close my card. Now it is just a waiting game. I am so frustrated and mad at myself at the same time as I made one online order last year. I never keep my info on file so I am not sure why I would have done something like that. Regardless it is such a hassle and I can’t believe the blogs that I have read about how long this has been going on. My charge says POS DEBIT WALMART.COM 8009666546 BENTONVILLE AR. I see online that this is the same for MANY others.

avatar Sam Failmart

You were smart to cancel the card. I had the same thing happen, a phantom charge from POS DEBIT WALMART.COM 8009666546 BENTONVILLE AR which was immediately reversed. I asked my bank about it and they said to not be concerned. I also contacted Walmart and they replied they had no record of any charge. So fast forward to today, I have 5 emails from Walmart.com and somebody is ordering merchandise (TV’s) to be picked up by an alternate in a store in Marietta, Georgia. It does not take genius to figure out what’s going on. Walmart, so far, has been less than helpful. I can’t prove it but Walmart is mum and it really reeks of inside job.

avatar diamond dave

Try putting your dispute on Twitter (whatever you can fit in small chunks). I recently had a friend that had a dispute with American Airlines that got promptly resolved when she started tweeting about it and and friends started retweeting.

avatar David Nunn

Best Buy did it to me, as did some mail order jewelry store. I would never buy jewelry by mail, and I haven’t done business with Best Buy since 1999.

Home Depot let a fellow in New Jersey open an account in my name, and tried to make me pay for it. I have never been, and will never go, to New Jersey.

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