Lumbar Laminectomy and Fusion on the Horizon

I have about 7 weeks to get some serious two-wheeling in before I go under the knife yet again; this time for a rebuild of my lower back.

For those who stumbled onto this site looking for personal experience with this surgery, I intend to blog all the gory details about the 9+ years of pain in my lower back, how difficult and painful the recovery is, and how fast I get back to “normal” as well as the extent of improvement post recovery.

My surgeon has already warned me that relieving the pressure on my spinal cord by removing the lamina and fusing the L4, L5, and S1 vertebrae with the addition on titanium rods, plates, and screws will not cure me of back pain, but it should cure my sciatic leg pains and numbness. I will be ecstatic even if that’s the minimum I get out of it.

My current condition is constant pain ranging from 4 to 7 on a one to ten scale, with spikes to 100 on a one to ten scale if I do any heavy lifting at all. This type of pain defies the laws of mathematical statistics. I have a fractured vertebrae…the common medical term is a “burst fracture”, which means that a sudden compression crushed the vertebrae and it cracked into multiple pieces.fusion I also have two herniated discs above and below that vertebrae which are pressing on my spinal cord, That’s where the sciatic nerve junctions off to travel down the legs, hence my constant leg pain.

I’m hopeful that in the near future I will be able to perform physical labor without having to spend the following two days consuming pain killers like Doctor House.

Stay tuned if you’re interested.

avatar Rita

What a coincidence. March 22nd Bob goes in for the same thing. Or a Laminotomy. Can’t remember which. He has a tumor in his spine between L1 and L2. Lost a significant amount of muscle mass in his right lower half. He won’t get that back, but it they don’t remove the tumor, he won’t be able to walk in a couple years.

His issue is that he DOESN’T have pain. And he knows he will after the surgery. They will cut out the L1 and L2, remove the tumor and then screw the pieces back in. Thankfully he is being realistic abut what his limitations will be. We were first thinking this would be a one night stay, but the surgeons indicate he will be in 3 to 4.

Good luck with your surgery. It will be interesting comparing the outcomes.

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