Titanium Screws and Rods Oh My

There’s one good thing about having suffered large areas of second and third degree burns when I was nineteen and UPPP (Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty) surgery a couple years back: I can honestly say I’ve felt worse pain than my recovery from spine surgery over the last several weeks.

The good news is Dr. Ramnath eliminated 100% of my sciatic pain and my legs feel like they’re nineteen again. The bad news is I still have months to go before I’m fully recovered, and I’m starting the full scale physical therapy portion next Monday.

Pain levels are tolerable with the help of muscle relaxers and an occasional Vicodin now, except for rare sneezing fits such as the one brought on by last night’s hay fever attack as Robin and I were in the back yard observing the super moon. I ended up frozen in a stooping position for about five minutes with tears running down my cheeks as it felt like I’d been shot in the lower back with a nail gun.

Sneezing is a manly exercise in my family. When we do it we engage every fiber of our being in the event; as if expelling an evil spirit from our very soul. Dogs have been known to start barking several neighborhoods away when I or one of my brothers sneeze out doors in the middle of the night.

I’ve sneezed with broken ribs before…sneezing with a mending spine is a tad bit worse. For a second I was sure I’d popped one of those titanium rods right out of its socket.

Spine Back View

Spine Side View

avatar Mark Riley

Yeowww that looks painful man!
I sneezed so hard once that I broke a rib that I had cracked the week before.
Hurt like hell but don’t think it compares to the hardware they installed in you.
I thought rotator cuff surgeries were painful, don’t think anything compares to the time I gave birth to kidney stones.
Burn???? I’ve had small 3rd degree burns nothing comes close to that kind of pain.
Hope you get feeling better soon my friend.

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