Robin’s Christmas Tree 2013


I’m banned from riding motorcycles for eight months after my spinal lumbar fusion surgery. Robin has the same operation affecting twice as many vertebrae and less than four weeks later she’s climbing a ladder to decorate her 2013 Christmas tree while no one else is home with her.

I suppose the Christmas tree is considered a worthy risk.

It is a gorgeous tree. It looks like one you would find in the front window at the original Macy’s or Tiffany’s. And she pulls it off year after year with a totally different color scheme. This year I was expecting so much less after we had a fire in the shop where the decorations and ornaments were stored on top of her having four vertebrae fused in mid November.

I think the woman should start a seasonal consulting business doing trees in businesses and homes. $500.00 labor not including ornament and tree costs would be a great deal to get a tree to look this spectacular.

Want to see it?

I’ll post a pic as soon as we reach five comments on this article. AND HERE IT IS:

Robin's 2013 Frazier Family Christmas Tree
Robin’s 2013 Frazier Family Christmas Tree

P.S. – While you’re waiting for me to post this year’s tree, here is our tree that Robin did in 2010:

Robin's Frazier Family Christmas Tree 2010
Robin’s Frazier Family Christmas Tree 2010

avatar Tim Frazier

Bear with me, folks. I know I said as soon as we reach five comments, but I just realized that I have no decent pictures of it here at the office. I asked my photographer back at home to send me a couple, but evidently her $700.00 camera is unable to compensate for the Percocet she is currently on.

She keeps sending me grainy, out-of-focus photos of it via text messaging.

As soon as she sends me a good one, or I get home to take one with my trusty old DSLR, I’ll get it posted.

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