Dancing Christmas Lights Arduino Plug and Play Box

This video was shot in my backyard after my son and I constructed revision 2 of out music and light synchronization controller.

We will be publishing an eBook or Instructable in the near future with step-by-step instructions and materials list for DIYers to build their own plug and play lights to music synchronizing box.

For the technically curious, this setup used the following components:

1 Arduino R3 mocro-controller < $20.00 1 SainSmart 8 channel solid state relay board <$25.00 1 spectrum analyzer shield from SparkFun <$30.00 4 standard 120 v electrical outlets <$10.00 8 50' outdoor 14 gauge extension cords <$150.00 Tons of LED light strings <$600.00 1 old Android smart phone (wifi only) for a music player 1 old re purposed stereo receiver

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