DIY Motorcycle Dog Trailer

moosemobiletrailerfabrication07071504I’m having a lot of fun fabricating a climate controlled passenger motorcycle trailer for my pit bull, Moose, to ride in. I have a few weeks to go before it’s complete but it’s really starting to take shape.

I started with a Harbor Freight Tagalong trailer and discarded the helper spring leaves during assembly to smooth out the ride. I’m fabricating the fairing by hand with West Marine resin and fiberglass cloth. The clear windscreen is a $26.00 Kage Racing P505C Clear Windscreen for 2005-2006 Honda CBR600RR’s ordered from Amazon.

moosemobiletrailerfabrication07071504My prototype cooling system will be a marine bilge pump sealed antifreeze system with reservoirs submerged in insulated ice tanks and piped to a small automotive heater core with a 120mm computer fan to blow cold air through it into the cockpit. As the entire system is sealed and the ice tanks will be isolated from the inner hull there will be no evaporation, no humidity, and no danger of Moose getting exposed to the coolant. I will post further updates and details as I reach milestones in the project.


avatar Dennis

Tim, I just found your post and am very interested in how it is going. My wife and I ride all around the country and already pull a little tag-a-long trailer behind our 2010 FLH. Our most recent family addition is my wife’s GSD service dog name Kimber, so now I’m looking to convert our trailer to bring kimber on our rides. If you are willing to share, I’m very interested in what you have done for Moose

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