Raiders with the Greedy Heart

And thus another miserable 9/11 ends.

Today…well, yesterday now, really stunk for me as the elitists made another senseless decision that underscored their narcissistic devotion to mammon and disregard for their fellow man.

I guess passive denial isn’t as bad as active oppression, but I still despise both equally.

Sometimes you just have to hang up your spurs and go home. That time comes when you find yourself contributing to the diversion of real workers’ compensation to wealthy folks who are using that money for their own extravagant or miserly purposes.

Respect and manhood come from doing what’s right, not from a pretentious display of personal pain over having to separate a person from their income for “competitive business reasons” when the guy in charge is making ten times their salary.

I had a client CIO (Chief Information Officer) a few years ago who refused to execute one of those “hard business decisions” and voluntarily gave up his salary and job so others could keep theirs. He earned my permanent respect that day, even though I was not one of the people in jeopardy.

He was and continues to be more of a man and leader than all the other C level officers and VPs I’ve encountered.

He made solid and shrewd business decisions and was loyal to his company, but he placed that loyalty a notch below his love for his fellow man and his devotion to God and Jesus Christ.

Thank you, Mark Andrew Stone?, for providing that excellent example. It was a display of commitment and adherence to Christian and humanitarian values that are increasingly rare in the corporate world.

I’m a capitalist. But greedy capitalism is evil. Just like apples are good, but poison apples aren’t.

The corporate raiders are rising again, and they are responsible for the continual widening of the income gap. Their tactics are causing the band of opportunity for all people in a free economy to narrow, and a growing number of the individual contributor pool members are being poisoned with resentment.

These all too common executive types are feeding justification to the socialist looter mentality that is spreading among America’s youth like wildfire.

When the day comes that the new Bolsheviks start destroying the wealthy without discrimination between the good and the evil, these people will be responsible for feeding the flames of their own destruction along with the wealthy folks in our society who are charitable and good willed.

Am I being too vague?

I’m letting Midnight Oil sing me to sleep with “Beds are Burning”.

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