Links to the Right Part Two

Buckle up! Well, helmet up, anyway. Motorcycles fdon’t typically have seat belts. We’re continuing our ride around the web with part II of my 4Fraziers link descriptions.

Dr. Greg Frazier

Dr. Frazier may or may not be a distant relative…I haven’t had time to research it yet, but I located his site through the time-honored tradition of Googling my own name to see who has been recently swiping my articles.

Dr. Greg Frazier has not swiped any of my articles, because he doesn’t need to. He has a wealth of original stories and the real world experience of global treking to back it up. I believe he is currently getting ready to circumnavigate the globe for the third sixth time on a motorcycle.

UPDATE – Other links involving Dr. Frazier (thanks for dropping by and leaving the comments, Dr. Frazier):

Eurosport Cycle

My home motorcycle dealer.

EuroSport Cycle is a family owned and operated European motorcycle dealership and repair center in Fort Worth, Texas. They have a great family of customers and friends.

Their current web site was designed by yours truly and the majority of the articles there are written by me.

Girlie Motorcycle Blog

So what the heck is a grizzled old biker who use to earn his living with his fists doing frequenting the “Girlie Motorcycle Blog“?

Definitely NOT trying to get in touch with my feminine side. Rachael Galore is all about motorcycles. Okay, she tosses in a little romance about her fiance, Kenny, once in awhile. She loves to find odd things that accidentally or intentionally look like hearts in her travels. BUT she is 99% all about the joy of riding and exploring on motorcycles.

Owner of a Triumph Speed Triple and a Triumph Tiger, this chick posts some great short stories, articles, and photos of her moto-adventures. Her fiance and daughter are motorcycle nuts as well, so it’s a total family affair.

Whenever I need a break from perusing incident tickets and change records, or after I’ve just come from a two hour capacity planning meeting, I can always count on something at this site to take my mind out on the open road while my body is stuck at my desk.

Fellow bikers and he-men, don’t let the pink WordPress theme put you off, it’s a great site and the mother-lode of motorcycle vacation adventure reading.

Keep the camera clicking and the keyboard clacking, Fuzzy!

Okay, folks, while you check those out I’m gonna take a break. I’ll be back soon with Links to the Right Part III.

Links to the Right

Well, there isn’t much justice done to my fellow bloggers if all they get is a three or four word link in the right hand column. So let me tell you why those links show up here at 4Fraziers:

The Press Box Grill

Tom Melesky was an early boss and mentor to me when I was a fledgling manager in the information technology outsourcing business. He also became one of my best friends and quite the entrepreneur in the last few years. A while back he purchased The Press Box Grill, a downtown Dallas sports bar and grill, and with the help of his amazing wife and family turned it around.

He did such a stellar job of reviving the place that he recently bought another restaurant, this one in Grapevine, and made it into a second successful Press Box Grill location.

In the interest of full disclosure, I continue to work for Tom once in awhile when he needs a bit of network cabling or point-of-sale system troubleshooting done, but I’m not being biased at all when I say the Jalapeno Pork Chops and Shiner Bock Chili dog at the Press Box are simply outstanding.

Not to mention the great selection of draft and bottled beers (even great tasting oddities like “Dogfish Head IPA”). The Press Box Grill’s opening in Grapevine, Texas was recently announced in Indulge magazine.

UPDATE: For an unbiased review see this article at released today: Review: Press Box Grill in Grapevine

40 Years on Two Wheels
There are lots of us who have a desire to become Peter Egans. When I run across a motorcycle blog writer who can make me chuckle and also provide interesting history as well as current news about two wheelers, I spread the word.

Doug at 40 Years on Two Wheels is one of those guys who probably could rival Mr. Egan if he took up writing full time. His site is a treasure trove of humorous gleanings from his own mind and the web, as well as some outstanding photography.

As the Dude Abides…

Danilo Gurovich chronicles his thoughts on motorcycles and occasional funny rants about daily adventures. His blog is an eclectic collection of whatever he feels like spouting off about, and that pretty much makes him a kindred spirit. I try to keep it mainly about motorcycles, and so does he, but sometime we just have to tell everyone what ticks us off or makes us laugh.

It’s a ludicrous world, someone needs to document it.

Bill Muneio

Bill is a motorcycle lover, artist, and t-shirt designer. Something of a renaissance man.

He shares great rides, including the maps so you can duplicate his experience. He also turns up great tidbits from around the world wide web, as any responsible blogger should.

Dale’s Motorcycle Blog

Dale Franks presents reviews, news, and opinions. Sometimes a minor rant. He doesn’t care much for squids…and neither do I.

In his last post, he let slip that he sometimes drives a Ram 2500 Long Bed. It completely ruined my imaginary picture of him as a long haired biker who owned nothing more than an antique Indian Scout for transportation.

Hey Dale, it’s been too long! Post something new!

By the way, Dale has some great WordPress motorcycle themes he’ll let you download free of charge. I’ve used one of them in the past on this site.

We’re only about a quarter through the list. My next post will cover some more of them.

Where’s the Meat?


The marketing strategy (if one exists) for the new Meat Loaf album, “Hell in a Hand Basket” doesn’t seem to be working.

Die hard fans know the new set of tunes will be released in the U.S. in February, but not because the Meat Loaf web site says so, and certainly not because there have been any massive threads on facebook or Google+ about it.

Granted, Meat Loaf is an artist that polarizes music lovers into “love him or hate him” groups, and the lovers tend to be rabid about their personal promotion of his music, but it is simply not enough for Sony records to rely on free marketing by word of mouth alone.

“Hell in a Hand Basket” was released in Australia back in September of 2011. There were announcements and articles far and wide at least 60 days prior in the UK and Australia. We are probably less than thirty days away from the new Meatloaf album hitting shelves in the United States and there is no hype, no fanfare, not even an official release date on

It seems as if someone completely discounted the need to actually market new product from a larger than life rock industry idol.

So we ask, where’s the Meat?

It appears the most copious collection of speculation and fact about Meat Loaf’s new album is surprisingly contained on the Jim Steimnman hosted message board at Steinman’s personal web site.

Surprising because Steinman appears to have had nothing to do with the latest Meat Loaf album and many of the threads contained in the discussion board are about Meat Loaf possibly finally producing a collection of chart topping songs within a single album without Steinman’s contribution (See “Hell in a Hand Basket – Has Meat Loaf’s Curse Been Lifted”).

It certainly appears Steinman is being extraordinarily gracious in leaving such threads on his site despite the love-hate personal and commercial relationships he’s had with Meat Loaf and the army of attorneys they’ve both fed over the last three decades.

There are snippets of songs from the new album from time to time on YouTube, especially the personal anthem “All of Me”, but they are typically quickly pulled for copyright violation. Aside from ordering the CD from a UK or Australian site, fans are currently left to set up Google news alerts and mine discussion boards for news of the real or imagined homeland arrival of “Hell in a HandBasket”.

Hell, they don’t care about a hand basket…they’d be plenty happy just to know when hell will arrive in a jewel case.

Update 01/27/12: In a hurry? Pay premium pricing to have the off shore version of Meat’s new album shipped to you now by clicking the link to the right.

Happy Apocalyptic New Year 2012

Here comes the big 2012: the year that Hollywood, The History Channel, and wannabe hippies and new-agers across the globe claim we’re all in for either the end of days, planetary reboot, or alien invasion and subjugation.

Of course, they all base this on the belief that the ancient Mayans could forecast the end of the world 5,000 years into the future but they couldn’t forecast the much nearer development of Spaniards crossing the ocean to kick their asses and take their gold.

Not to mention the usual twisting of the writings of Nostradamus (which were so cryptic to start with anyone could derive a seemingly accurate “prophecy fulfillment” from them for almost any historical major event since their inception).

And there’s always a band of off-shoot Christians ready to leap on the wagon with claims that Christ is returning with lots of out-of-context scripture and arcane calculations from the Hebrew calendars to base it on.

Jesus himself said that no man will know the exact date of his return (Mark 13:32 – “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”). Perhaps He hasn’t come back yet just to ensure Harold Camping or some other charlatan isn’t inadvertently proven right.

I can imagine that Christ may well return on the one day that no self-appointed prophet has marked for it.

I used to love watching the History Channel, and they still have some cool programs, but they have really been airing some crazy space-cadet nonsense the last couple of years, especially regarding 2012.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse are not galloping our way, so put away the bribes of sugar cubes and carrots.

We have plenty of local, national, and planetary real problems to deal with, but they are not insurmountable and they do not involve the oceans rising or fire raining down from the sky or aliens landing on the White House lawn. As a matter of fact, most of the current crop of big problems could be solved by a majority voting libertarian instead of democrat or republican in the U.S. general election coming up. That would solve nearly all the national issues and many global issues at the same time.

The Mayans didn’t stop their calendars at 2012 because that was when the world would end. The Mayans stopped their calendars at 2012 because time is infinite and they had to stop somewhere. I imagine one day the stone carver just woke up and said, “Screw it. I retire.”

And his son decided to go into turquoise and gold jewelry making instead of following in his dad’s footsteps.

But if I’m wrong and the world does end in 2012, feel free to retaliate by unsubscribing my blog.