The second amendment was established to allow Americans to protect themselves from the government. It’s not about hunting, it’s not about foreign enemies. It’s about protection from a corrupt government.

Either Anarchy or A Police State

Mark my words, we are witnessing the beginning of the end for law and order in these United States. Smaller versions of what is happening in Maryland are happening with growing frequency throughout the country.

A prosecutor’s job is to champion justice.

Allowing even the appearance that a decision to prosecute was rushed or made under political motivations or mob threat is to substantially risk a miscarriage of justice on one side or the other. The speed with which those six officers were placed under prosecution is highly unprecedented (regardless of whether they are actually guilty or innocent).

There will be horrific consequences regardless of the final verdict now that expectations have been raised so abruptly.

If those six officers are found not guilty, you will have rioting and looting that will eclipse Watts, the Rodney King riots, Ferguson, and Baltimore.

If they are found guilty you will see celebrations in the streets that will degenerate into the same rioting and looting.

In the meantime good cops are going to leave the profession in a mass exodus, especially in the poverty stricken areas where people that depend upon them most live.

I pray for the good cops out there and have total empathy for those who are watching current events and making the tough decision to leave the profession for the sake of their own loved ones.

To those in the law enforcement community who daily uphold the Constitution and protect our individual liberties from criminals I say: The risk and sacrifice you men and women already accepted as routine was enough. There is no need to stay the course when the majority of the people you have pledged your lives for stand silent while mobs and rabble rousing politicians repay your service with anger and hatred.

To those who rush to judgement and broad-brush the entire law enforcement community as villains when you think you’ve spotted a couple of bad cops: You think there’s a lot of bad cops out there now? Once this is over the overwhelming majority of cops left will be bad cops.

Welcome to the new world. Today when seconds count the cops are only minutes away. In the near future you’ll be hoping the cops don’t show up at all, because you will have made what you think you have today a reality.

Stock up on guns and ammo and fortify your doors and gates. It’s going to look a lot like the law enforcement culture in the Republic of Mexico, and only the very wealthy and very corrupt will be able to afford police protection.

Beheading in Oklahoma a Call to Action for American Citizens

I believe the Moore, Oklahoma lone wolf Muslim murder is the beginning of the attacks within the United States ISIS and other proponents of Islam have been calling for over the last several weeks.

There is only one effective means to combat this threat and save lives: Legalize open and concealed carry of sidearms by American citizens. Start immediately with allowing current concealed carry permit holders to do so and provide protection from reprisals by employers.

Those who oppose this will have to live with their guilt for delaying it and causing unnecessary loss of innocent lives when the next attacks occur.

The only thing that prevented this guy from killing more than one person was the presence of an armed off duty deputy working at the location, the company COO, who shot the fanatic while he was stabbing the second victim.

How many businesses in the United States are going to be lucky enough to just happen to have an armed law enforcement officer present when an active shooter event unfolds?

Active shooter and mass murder via other deadly weapons are on the rise, not just by so-called Muslim extremists, but by other whackos as well. The Islamic lone wolf threat is simply going to increase the frequency many fold.

It’s time for people to demand this government return their God given right to defend themselves against the criminally insane.

What My Beloved Wife and VSF&L Gave me for Christmas

For home invasions or the Zombie Apocalypse
For home invasions or the Zombie Apocalypse
For a long time I’ve lusted ater a .45 ACP carbine. My only hope was to save enough cash for a Thompson or settle for a cheap bulky Hi Point.

Until Beretta revealed the CX4 Storm in 2003. Robin got me the .45 ACP model (with a little help from Brother Sasquatch). I’m now totally prepped for a cast extra role on Battle Star Galactica as well (Although the barrel shrouds on the BSG props make them look like some sort of proctology instrument).

As relevant today as it was then

battle-of-athens-tn-sign-430For your consideration, here are two examples of why our founders wrote the second amendment. The first is a true case where infringement by our government cost numerous citizens their lives in Texas because a law abiding citizen obeyed an unjust law and did not carry her weapon into a restaurant. The second is a true case where tyrannical local government was defeated by citizens exercising their second amendment rights just as the founding fathers intended.

Carry hand guns to defend against those who would attack you on the streets, keep a shotgun in the house to defend against armed intruders, and keep so called “assault weapons” to defend your right to have the other weapons when unjust laws are used by government to take them away.

We are currently beset by a government that wishes to remove your liberties, and that government has been methodically doing so for decades. The final dissolution of your freedom is right around the corner after they remove your right to keep and bear arms. They’ve already removed you right to manufacture arms.

Do not think that the NRA will actually protect your second amendment rights. The NRA is an organization that supports gun manufacturers and gun retailers. They have little interest in your individual liberties, otherwise they would fight for your rights to have clubs, knives, swords, or spears. Not only should “assault weapons” bans be defeated, all laws against other blade, club, electrical, and alternative propellant weapons should be repealed.

If you’re a member of the NRA, consider writing them and asking why they don’t fight for all your second amendment rights.