The second amendment was established to allow Americans to protect themselves from the government. It’s not about hunting, it’s not about foreign enemies. It’s about protection from a corrupt government.

Time to Renew that Concealed Handgun License

I like to avoid the inconvenience of being thrown in jail, therefore I have a Texas Concealed Handgun License.

I’m one of those folks who will carry a handgun because I belive it’s my right to have a firearm on my person if I so choose. If Texas had no laws allowing carrying of a handgun under a CHL there are situations where I would carry one anyway, state condoned or not. So a “shall issue” concealed handgun license law is better than what we had before…a state that refused to allow it’s citizens to exercise the second half of the second amendment (“bear arms”) in public at all.

As much as I disagree with having to get a special license from the State in order to carry concealed, I grudgingly pay my fees and obtain said license, simply because it’s a lot cheaper and more convenient to have complied than to get caught toting “illegally” and have to bond out of jail, hire attorneys, etc, etc, etc.

Aside from my dislike of the State controlling who does and doesn’t get to legally carry a firearm, I don’t mind taking the training at all. As a matter of fact, I enjoy it and learn a lot, especially since my CHL instructor is a Marine (retired) who makes the ten hours fly by with a very prolific presentation utilizing media from numerous sources. David Gilreath runs these classes from his home in Fort Worth and provides a very comfortable and friendly environment.

Besides, he’s a Kimber 1911 Master Dealer…so he knows his firearms.

I’ll get to enjoy his class for my renewal this coming Sunday.

If you live in the area and are interested in obtaining your CHL go to and contact David Gilreath through the email link you’ll find there.

The process for a CHL renewal has become a lot simpler. You don’t have to mess with finger prints, photographs, obtaining criminal history checks, etc. You just go to the Texas DPS concealed handgun license site and follow instructions to fill out the on line form and pay your fee.

At the end you are presented with a printable receipt and bar code form that you will later mail in with the training and range test results your instruction will provide you with after you complete the class.

Texas Senate Passes SB 321 Prohibiting Employers from Restricting Gun Rights

Some of us pass through some fairly dangerous territory as we make our way to and from work each day but despite the fact that it’s legal for us to have a gun in our vehicle in the State of Texas we dare not carry the means to defend ourselves should we run into a life and death situation with criminals along the way.

This is due to the fact that many draconian employers enacted company policies specifically to thwart the laws enacted in the State of Texas to allow the exercise of our individual God given rights to keep and bear arms.

The typical rule created by these un-American corporations is: If we discover you have a firearm in your vehicle while it is parked on our property or while you are driving your personal car on company business we will fire you.

There has been significant debate over the last few years in the law-making offices of Texas politicians as they tried to determine whether the rights of employers to exercise dominion over their property were more important than the rights of employees to have the means of defense while traveling to and from their place of employment.

The Texas Senate has seen reason and voted in favor of Senate Bill 321, which will prohibit employers from disciplining or firing an employee for having a firearm locked in his or her vehicle on company property. According to today’s press release by the NRA (an organization I’ve criticized heavily for it’s lopsided lobbying for gun manufacturers over gun owners),

Thanks to your phone calls and e-mails, the Texas Senate passed Senate Bill 321 by a 30 to 1 vote today with no gutting amendments. Introduced by state Senator Glenn Hegar (R-Katy), SB 321 is an NRA-backed bill that would prevent employers from enacting and enforcing policies to prohibit employees from storing firearms in their locked private motor vehicles while parked at work.

Let me say “Thank you!” to the NRA for their support of this bill and continued efforts for its twin in the House.

And to the companies and employers who currently have established policies providing for the discipline or firing of employees who keeps guns in their vehicles while parked at the employers’s parking lot (or even while off site but on company business, such as my employer has), I say, you should abandon and rescind those policies now. These bills will become law this year, and in September they will take effect. You should also realize that your policies were wrong and un-American in the first place, and offer to rehire those innocent patriots you fired under them.

The State of Texas will be siding against draconian anti-second amendment employers, and it will be nice to see government actually protecting liberty for a change instead of restricting it.

Planning for the Zombie Apocalypse and TEOTWAWKI

There’s a thread at the Texas CHL forum titled Weapon of Choice for a Zombie Apocalypse. I ran across that thread when it was first started and have ever sense referred to the “Zombie Apocalypse” as my own personal code words for the possible total degeneration of American society.

That thread was created in jest, but there are bits of surprisingly good speculation in it.

What would you do if suddenly one day the stock market crashed, the government workers stopped reporting in, and all the immoral and narcissistic folks out there realized that the police and military were probably never going to show up again?

Far fetched, but far fetched is probably what folk in Iran, Libya, Egypt and Tunisia thought for the last few years, too.

And if you want to argue that America is too big and powerful and organized with too strong a government to let this happen, let me point you to the little states that used to belong to the Soviet Union a couple of decades back and all the chaos , murder, and disorder that’s happened in them ever since.

I’m no alarmist. I’m not spouting a prophecy that we are all going to be drowned in anarchy in the next week, or month or year. I’m only saying that it’s a possibility. And it’s a possibility that seems more likely with each passing day.

I know some folks who are taking it pretty darn seriously. While I’ve stockpiled a few guns and some ammo, they’re busy collecting military style rations with twenty year shelf life, buying and setting up water purifiers, and rigging generators that run off ordinary firewood.

Is that paranoid or smart?

Right now, most folks I know call them paranoid…but if the “Zombie Apocalypse” actually occurs, most of the folks calling them paranoid won’t last long enough to realize the survivalists were the smartest folks in the country.

And if they’re wrong, what harm have they done? They have plenty of food and water and have pretty well got themselves into position to tell the government to take a hike and go off the grid any time they like. That sounds like someone who’s created a bit of personal liberty insurance to me.

There must be a reason the following businesses are doing really well right now. Ever heard of ‘crowd wisdom”?

Food Insurance
Big Berkey Water Filters
Survival Time

Of course, the end of the world as we know it, or TEOTWAWKI, may even come from something that the government and military can do nothing about regardless. Solar flares causing a burnout of every electronic devices on the planet. An asteroid strike that creates a massive holocaust. In any event, it would be a shame to survive the initial blow only to die at the hands of bandits or of starvation shortly thereafter.

And then again, another century could pass with everything going fine and the human race becoming more enlightened and graceful. I’m not trying to cause a panic.

Don’t be scared, be prepared.

In closing, I’d like to say: “chicken broth and thanks to Rita”.

But I really HATE Cars

I recently developed a bit of new interest in tracing down my family roots. I located another researcher who has done an admirable job collecting info and building out her geneology online. We have some common ancestors, and she had an open invite on her web site for others interested in the family tree to contact her.

I sent an email and she replied the following day with this:

Hi Tim:

I received your invitation to view your Frazier Family Tree…

seems like we have common ancestors…

I skimmed your blog, and realized that though we may shake from a similar tree, we have nothing in common aside from some distant genes.

I hate guns and motorcycles… but really HATE guns…

Thanks for the invite, but I have a much more fleshed out family tree.


Her reply was a bit of a shock…I really didn’t think political views would be a consideration for whether someone communicated about shared family tree info, but I guess some folks take the no-compromise view.

Of course, I wonder if she’d ever have been able to accumulate so much info if she had the same attitude toward cars, or power tools, or kitchen knives…all of which are used as fatal weapons to kill more people every year than guns. Try swapping the word “gun” for any of those in the quoted text above and see if it doesn’t sound silly to you.

And, by the way, it sure sounds like she’s implying in the last sentence that if I had something she needed she might be willing to converse. Maybe she’s not so un-compromising, after all.

Motor City MadMan Ted Nugent is Certifiably Sane

Uncle Ted and I are so much alike.

Except for the fact that I like killing wild pigs and have no interest, desire, or understanding of why Ted enjoys taking down almost anything else that runs on four legs, I otherwise I think he and I are cut from very similar cloth. Not that I’m any better than him for not killing and grilling my meat personally…the mere fact that I buy a steak or hamburger condemns cattle to having their heads severed. I just don’t enjoy seeing it.

But to the point, Ted makes perfect sense here, and at one point makes a statement that I could swear I’ve uttered word for word in the past. I think maybe he reads my blog.

Too bad I no longer have a pony tail like him…will have to do something about that.

Listen to this patriot preach, and pass it along!