The second amendment was established to allow Americans to protect themselves from the government. It’s not about hunting, it’s not about foreign enemies. It’s about protection from a corrupt government.

Shop Owner Engages Robbers in Gun Battle

The shop owner in the video embedded below definitely has guts, but he really should get some training AND a larger capacity firearm. That looks like a five shot S&W Chief Special .38 or similar small capacity revolver.

Almost useless against two armed intruders who probably had 16 round nine mm semi-autos. Unless you’re back from the grave and your name is Bill Jordan. Why would he have a mouse gun when he could be storing a much larger combat pistol or even a shotgun under that counter?

If I was him, I’d have a large .45 and a Mossberg m500 stubby 12 gauge under that counter, and both those robbers would have been dead on my floor.

He taught those guys one of two lessons:

A. don’t ever rob anyone again because your victim may be armed


B. If you want to rob someone start by shooting everyone in the room so they can’t fight back.
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Smith and Wesson Model 19 Revolver for Christmas

Back in 1987 patrol officers in Greenville, Texas had one option for duty and off-duty firearms: a wheel-gun. Of course, since we had to buy our own we we allowed the liberty of picking between several brands and models.

I chose a Smith and Wesson Model 19 primarily because a former cop sold me one for $200 and I had to pawn several possessions just to buy it. Not to mention the additional $400 I had to personally invest for a bullet-proof vest, which the department also did not provide or compensate us for at the time.

A few years later I purchased a less complex revolver, the Ruger GP-100 and sold the S&W model 19. But I later regretted that sale.

The model 19 has an incredibly smooth trigger pull, and the leaf spring in the grip was superbly crafted out of some magical alloy that remembered its tension and shape perfectly despite many thousands of rounds of .357 magnum ordinance being processed through it.

The only thing I didn’t like about it was the need to tighten up the cylinder arm every couple of months.

The Ruger GP-100 was a much more rugged and simple revolver to clean and maintain, but that S & Wesson 19 was a joy to shoot. The non-stacking trigger pull and smooth action were unequal to any other revolver I’ve known, with the exception of the Ruger Red Hawk (original, not the Super Red Hawk).

This year for Christmas I was surprised with a “keepsake” gift of a Model 19. The only difference between it and my old duty gun is an eight inch barrel rather than four. Not a problem, since I carry a 1911 for personal defense and this one will be a keepsake and home defense gun, and perhaps a sidearm to tote if I ever go pig hunting again.

I nearly got misty as I dry-fired that black beauty in the living room. I surprised myself with how steady the muzzle remained as I squeezed the double-action trigger.

I kept thinking, “This is so much better than a Red Ryder air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time.”

Being a used gun, she needs a bit of work to tighten up that ever-loosening cylinder arm, and the ejector star is a bit sticky, but I’ll have those items rectified shortly. I can hardly wait to get to the range and run a few .38 +p rounds through it.

One of the more unique features of this revolver is the recessed bullet rim depressions in the cylinder. When you load a round, the rim of the shell sits flush with the back surface of the cylinder. It’s uneccessary, and I don’t know of any other revolver cylinder factory made that way, but it sure is aesthetically pleasing and helps to ensure the shells don’t go flying out until you punch that ejector rod.

Florida Schoolboard Shooting Illustrates How Gun Laws Serve to Disarm Only the Good Guys

As tired as you might be of the old cliche, “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”, it remains as true as ever.

Yesterday a deranged man took the podium at a public school board meeting in Florida, spray painted a large “V” symbol on the wall, and proceeded to terrorize a group of innocent school board officials and the superintendent for several minutes before opening fire and subsequently committing “suicide by security officer”.

As usual, when seconds counted, the police were only minutes away. No offense to law enforcement, but until teleporters are invented those guys will be hard pressed to make it to a scene like this in time to do much more than mop up and write the report.

The only clear answer is to comply with the United States Constitution and give law abiding citizens back their right to keep and BEAR arms.

The striking thing about this episode is that the entire event was captured on video and released to public outlets.

The clip is highly disturbing and contains the incredible footage not only of a surprisingly calm and self-sacrificing superintendent pleading with the gunman to let everyone else go and offering to take the full wrath of the madman upon himself, but also the astonishingly courageous and foolish act of a released female board member re-entering the danger zone and making a failed attempt to knock the gun out of the terrorist’s hand with her purse.

I’ve embedded the video below. Watch it only if you can stomach the sight of innocent people in serious jeopardy as a man attempts to murder them, and the subsequent shooting of the would-be murderer by the school district security officer. The video cuts off just prior to the self inflicted gunshot to the head that ends the life of this poor maniac.

And consider this as you watch these defenseless people sit and wonder if they will leave that room alive: The only armed person in the building besides the criminal was the School district’s security officer. He was outside the room until the gunman opened fire, at which time he burst through the door and engaged him in a fire fight. The security officer had been waiting outside the door, unsure of the gunman’s position in the room and making the wise choice not to enter and escalate the situation when he had no view into the room until he heard gun shots.

Had there been just one other person in that room in possession of a gun and the skill to use it, there were numerous opportunities throughout the ordeal for the gunman to have been taken down before he opened fire.

But current laws in Florida prohibit non-security personnel from possession of a gun in a school board meeting. That law worked fine to keep guns out of the hands of everyone except the person who had criminal intent…and the security officer who was elsewhere in the building at the time.

***************** WARNING! Graphic and disturbing video follows, in which a criminal is shot multiple times and cuts off just before he finally dies of a self-inflicted gunshot to the head *****************

Wasted Donations and The National Rifle Association

For many years hard earned money of gun owners and second amendment advocates have poured into the National Rifle Association. I have maintained membership with the NRA off and on throughout my adult life.

Where else, besides the individual contributors, does this powerhouse lobbying organization get it’s funds?

Gun manufacturers.

Ammunition manufacturers.

Commercial gun ranges.

Shooting accessory manufacturers.

Sporting goods retailers.

And what does the majority of the entities in the above list want? They want laws ensuring you can buy their products.

They also want laws ensuring you can’t produce your own guns and ammunition. And the NRA is working hard for all of them as it collects billions of donations and sells lifelok, cheap wine, Chinese knives, and various other trinkets to further inflate the coffers of many big government spenders’ campaign war chests whose only attachment to conservatism is their claim to uphold the second amendment. Beyond that they will earmark, spend, and tax as they always have. And they have the TSA poke and prod you against your will and be damned with the constitution.

There is only one organization that is solely engaged and committed to the rights of the individual citizen, and that organization is the Libertarian Party.

Look through the campaign scorecards over the last several decades produced by the National Rifle Association. Look at the records of those they have helped place into publicly elected positions. While many have espoused gun ownership as a sacred right they would fight for, many of those same individuals have supported and even authored the laws that restrict you from owning a shot gun that is too short, a rifle that fires more than one round per pull of the trigger, or to design and build your own guns and ammunition or sell them without millions of dollars invested in storage, security, and background investigations that you have to pay for.

While the NRA fought to obtain you the privilege of concealed carry with a background investigation and permission slip from the state, they should have been fighting for the right of concealed and open carry without government interference except in cases where actual gun fights break out.

I used to buy into the nonsense of “fight the battle you have a chance of winning, don’t start the war you know you will lose.” That philosophy is cowardice. Our founding fathers would never have fired a second shot in the American War for Independence had they believed that pile of horse feathers.

While that all important right to keep and bear arms has been whittled away to simply a right for companies to sell you their mass-produced and cheaply made arms, your other rights to privacy, to be secure in your papers and person, have been violated over and over and over again.

Stop donating to the NRA. Donate to the Libertarian party and its candidates instead. They understand that liberty is the precious thing we must fight and die for, not guns, not money, not the right for large sporting goods manufaturers to monopolize the industry and squash the small start-up firearms company that dares try to get off the ground these days.

Those Redcoats weren’t sent back across the ocean with their tails tucked by Glocks and Colts and Smith & Wessons. They went before the black smoke belching from Kentucky flint-locks forged of horseshoe iron and whittled oak fence posts. They went in terror from spears and swords hammered from wagon tack, willow roots, and reshaped bridal bits.

Wheel weights are getting mighty hard to com by due to recent “environmental protection laws.”

What will you do when the Government tells you the ammo shelves at Bass Pro, WalMart, and Cabellas are empty and there shall be no more because Remington, Winchester, and CCI are all busy making ammo only for military and law enforcement consumption now.

Do you think those nancy-boy republicans and a few blue-dogs empowered by the NRA will help you fill your empty guns then?

It’s time to wash our hands of the NRA and its constant pleas for cash and it’s attempts to gift you with Chinese made trinkets to thank you for your donation.

Let’s form the Libertarian Gun Owners Association and show the NRA what Liberty is all about. Let’s show them how supporting individual freedom without compromise to large corporations will save this great nation.

…More to follow.

Gun Owners Celebrate Another Supreme Court Victory

“…the right to keep and bear arms must be regarded as a substantive guarantee, not a prohibition that could be ignored so long as the States legislated in an evenhanded manner.”
– United States Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito

While we’ve all been glued to our screens watching another Louisiana apocolypse and the anomoly of American’s actually recognising soccer as a sport (I still don’t), a gun battle has been occuring in D.C, so to speak.

To sum up the two sides of this debate:

  • Gun owners contend that the right to keep and bear arms is a protection for all citizens of the United States, and implies a prohibition against state or local laws the place restrictions on keeping and bearing arms.
  • Gun control advocates (AKA idiot totalitarian pansies) contend that states and local governments have the right to create and enforce laws within their own jurisdiction that restrict rights despite the guarantees in the founding documents.
  • No brainer, right? If the states and local governments could override constitutional rights, the Constitution might as well not exist, right? By that logic, it should be no surprise the Supreme Court made the ruling that it did and declared the Chicago gun ban unconstitutional. But then you look at all the crazy stuff over the decades that the Supreme Court has done like telling a wheat farmer he can’t feed his own wheat to his own cattle because it affects interstate commerce and you know you can never be sure.

    Just to reinforce that point, let it be known that four of the supreme court justices voted to uphold the Chicago gun ban. The four idiots who violated their oaths and knowingly tried to undermine the United States Constitution are:

  • John Paul Stevens
  • Stephen Breyer
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Sonia Sotomayor
  • So, score one for logic, sanity, and liberty.

    I’m sure our anti-american president is seething over it, and anything that frustrate Obama is probably a good thing for liberty, justice, and freedom.