The second amendment was established to allow Americans to protect themselves from the government. It’s not about hunting, it’s not about foreign enemies. It’s about protection from a corrupt government.

City of Grapevine Gives Grapevine Mills a Million Dollars

The mega mall that refuses to allow Texas concealed handgun licence holders to enter its property while armed just got $1 million of my tax dollars, according to a Star Telegram article yesterday.

I don’t shop there because of their anti second amendment policy, but they get my money anyway.

Yet another reason to Flush on the First.

What business does the government, be it federal, state, or local, have in taking money from private citizens and giving it to private enterprise? The fact that I don’t like Grapevine Mills Mall’s gun policy is actually beside the point. I would be against this even if the money were being given to my church, or the company I work for.

If the City of Grapevine has enough tax revenue surplus to give a million bucks to a private company, then the City of Grapevine is collecting too much in taxes.

Government should be allowed only to tax enough to meet it’s primary obligations, and therefore should never have a surplus.

Off duty Texas law man takes heroic action in Commerce, Tx Walmart

It was Sunday, March 7, 2010 and off duty Delta County deputy Paul Robertson was shopping with his wife and infant daughter at the Walmart in Commerce, Texas.

Minutes before, law enforcement had received reports of shots being fired from a red Mustang on Interstate Highway 30 in the nearby town of Greenville. Artenio Rodriguez, the shooter, drove to Commerce and reportedly exchanged fire with Commerce police before leading them on a chase to the Commerce Walmart and entering the store brandishing an AK47 and a nine millimeter pistol.

According to a forwarded email attributed to Paul’s wife, Kristi Robertson, the off duty Deputy’s first notification that the shooter was in the store was a Walmart employee running past his wife shouting, “RUN MA’AM! HE’S GOT A GUN!”.

Deputy Robertson quickly instructed his wife to head to the back of the store and take cover, then he began a running tactical move toward the front of the store and the shooter.

Paul was carrying a .357 magnum revolver. It is unknown at this time whether his weapon was loaded with .357 or .38 ammo, but regardless six shots were not enough to stop Artenio Rodriguez, who began firing on Paul when the deputy ordered him to drop his firearms. Paul emptied his revolver, hitting Artenio Rodriguez multiple times. Paul took a nine millimeter slug to the chest, and might have taken more were it not for a Commerce P.D. officer opening fire on Artenio Rodriguez with a 12 gauge shot gun. Even that blast was not enough to stop the bad guy, and it took another shotgun round to put him down for good.

Kristi Robertson received a phone call from her injured hero husband when it was all over, and he told her he’d been shot but was going to be okay. If Paul was just saying that to calm his wife, it was a prophetic comment. Doctors discovered that the bullet had missed his vital organs and exited cleanly, entering his chest near center mass and escaping under his arm pit. The only thing that could have made the situation more miraculous would have been a New Testament in his shirt pocket stopping the bullet completely.

Paul Robertson is a hero. Paul was off duty, but he was armed. Paul didn’t run for cover. Paul acted decisively and in spite of any fear to stop a killer. If he had died in this incident someone may have made a memorial statue of him. I say make one anyway, he deserves it for putting his life on the line.

Folks who don’t believe law abiding citizens should be armed in public often claim that there’s a very slim chance of the average citizen encountering a situation where they would need a firearm to defend themselves. Those same folks will buy lotto tickets on a one in 9 million chance of winning.

Your odds of running into a violent criminal are much, much higher.

That’s why some law abiding citizens elect to carry a gun and a concealed handgun license.

That’s why virtually every law enforcement agency in the State of Texas requires its officers to be armed 24×7, even when off duty.

That’s why you should get your CHL and practice defending yourself and loved ones against the violent criminals that plague our society. You don’t have to take the extra heroic steps that Paul Robertson did of actively seeking out the bad guy and stopping them, but wouldn’t it be nice to know that you had a weapon to defend yourself if you were in that Walmart and a guy like Paul Robertson wasn’t there to put himself between the bad guy and your family?

Elm Fork shooting range

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who owns a few hundred acres in the country, you probably have to “settle” for one of the commercial gun ranges in your area. Gun ranges, due to excessive litigation and pressure from liberal city and county governments, have implemented numerous rules over the last decade that essentially restrict shooters to simple aim, shoot, count to two, aim, shoot, repeat exercises.

At any given gun range in the DFW metroplex you are likely to hear complaints from patrons about the no double-tap rule, the two seconds between each shot rule, the no draw and fire practice rule, and the list goes on. I’ve even been to one range where they checked my ammo and sent me packing because they don’t allow reloaded ammunition.

If you want to train for self defense, you have to join a law enforcement organization or get involved in competition matches (at considerable personal expense).

With all those limitations and rules there’s not much to distinguish one public range from another any more except for price and lane set-up. So, in reviewing DFW area gun ranges, there is little point in downgrading them for these restrictions. After all, they don’t have a lot of choice as long as their patrons fail to elect common-sense minded and freedom loving politicians.

With that stipulation, let’s take a look at Elm Fork Shooting Sports range located at 10751 Luna Road Dallas, Texas.

This range has undergone a couple of ownership changes over the last decade, and the current owners have done an outstanding job of rebuilding the site from the ground up. Sitting in a flood plan for one of the Trinity River tributaries, Elm Fork used to suffer frequent closings due to high water.

That’s all changed, now. The lanes have been built from scratch and raised, levies constructed, and now the place turns into dry islands with connecting elevated concrete walkways and drives during high water conditions.

The massive reconstruction project finished last year left Elm Fork with one of the nicest outdoor gun ranges in the United States, let alone Texas. Range masters there are friendly and helpful, and while they’re not all gun smiths, they know the basics to help beginners get started right and avoid the formation of bad habits. Folks who are just starting get a different colored wrist band so range masters can tell who is and isn’t an experienced shooter.

Elm Fork has an outstanding skeet range for the shotgun lovers, as well as ample room on their rifle range.

There’s always room regardless of whether you’re there to shoot pistol, rifle, shotgun, or have fun on their too cool reactive pistol ranges. Steel targets set on various pivots and gizmos make it a blast (no pun intended) for competitions with your shooting partner.

Elm Fork has remade itself into an outstanding facility, and one of the few outdoor ranges left in the DFW metro area. Please give them a try if you’re looking for a place to shoot near Irving, Texas. It’s only a mile or so from the old Texas Stadium site.

Photos coming soon.

Retail Packaging or “Triumph of the Orcs”

I’m going to find one of those machines that packages everything you buy off store shelves these days and use it to make myself a gun safe. I can think of no better way to secure my valuables from thieves, and it would likely be cheaper than a store-bought safe.

It used to be the big frustration after the Christmas gifts were opened was in assembly. Now one can be driven to distraction simply via the act of trying to open the packages.

You can’t use scissors very effectively on this material, as the plastic tends to have sharp edges of its own after being cut, and once you’re in past the length of the scissor blades you run the risk of a cut on your fingers or hand from the stuff. The only thing that works well is a really sharp knife, but if you’re not careful you will damage the contents you are hoping to extract with it.No need to ban misfit toys to an island, just leave them in their injection molded packaging

I’ve been doing a bit of research on plastic injection molding, thinking perhaps there is some nefarious conspiracy behind it. In so doing I’ve discovered several injection molding companies, one of which is “Master Molded Products”, or, translated into the vulgar toungue, “Master of Mordor Products”.

Yes, I think it is Sauron himself that has developed this evil plot. The plastics used in the process of creating this retail packaging cannot be destroyed unless you travel to the land of sorrows itself and cast them into the fires of Mount Doom. Inside the factories that make it wicked Orcs and Goblins slave away to encase your toys, electric shavers, and all manner of medium to small sized gadgetry in the transparent shielding.

One day, after they have perfected it to the point that even knives and razor blades cannot sever it, the orcs and goblins will descend upon us, wearing impenetrable injection molded armor (the evil answer to mithril, wreaking havoc upon man and dwarf alike as we struggle to free our weapons from their injection molded restraints. The elves knew this would happen, that’s why they all sailed away to the elvish havens at the end of the third age.

This is how the Dark Lord will finally conquer middle earth.

Yes, I had wild mushroom stuffing for Christmas. Why do you ask?

Coyotes In Grapevine Suburbia

Recently several of my neighbors reported seeing one or more coyotes in our neighborhood. Amid the emails and conversations, a champion or two stood up to defend the poor canines from the rest of us who were busily sharpening our pitchforks and lighting our torches.

The defenders of the coyotes threw themselves valiantly in front of the mob of vigilantes whose collective blood-lust I’d been earnestly stoking. They told us how we are destroying all our wildlife and the poor coyotes aren’t hurting anyone. Shamed and humiliated, the crowd dispersed after forming a single file line and tossing their torches and pitchforks onto a growing bonfire before they trudged off to their houses with their heads hung low.

I was unrepentant.

I love most critters, and track deer only to take a photo, not to shoot (but I have no problem at all with folks who do shoot them…sometimes they need shootin’ because they get to be a nuisance, too; but I’m currently writing to justify a blood-thirsty rampage against the miscreants that are always plotting murder and mayhem against the roadrunner).

Coyotes are waaay over-populated in this region and the more there are; the scarcer their food becomes; the more risks they take to go after pets and garbage. When they show up in our yards it is a clear sign there’s either something mentally/physically askew with them or they are growing desperate from too much competition.

The current coyote over-population in our area is the reason we no longer have a sustainable population of gray fox, bobcat, and several other competing predators. Nobody trapped or shot those predators out of existence in our area, they all got eaten and out-competed by the sheer number of coyotes that we weren’t trapping or shooting. Coyotes are quickly consuming the rabbit population and now Red-Tailed Hawks, just a few years ago overly abundant in this area, are becoming scarce because rabbit is their primary food source.

I’d love to see a few foxes or bobcats now and then, but they’re pretty much gone, replaced by tons of coyotes.

I’m not advocating we all go out hunting the little buggers (the torch and pitchfork part was made up by my over-active and plagiarist imagination). I just don’t think the “wildlife advocates” think these things through before they start telling everyone else to let the deer and coyotes continue to roam free and live in herds and packs until there’s one running out in front of my bike and your car every 100 yards each night.

There’s really no danger of the coyote becoming extinct or even endangered, no matter how many we might trap and remove from our neighborhood. They have the tenacity, cleverness, and breeding habits of the rat, and we’ve been strenuously trying to eradicate those for tens of thousands of years to no avail.

I don’t want to see a coyote unless I’m purposefully looking for it via a rifle scope. They aren’t cute in my front yard, like the ducks that used to hang out and build nests in the hedges there…before the coyotes started showing up.

Seen any ducks down at the lake lately? Nope.

Coyotes love duck, which are much slower on the hoof than roadrunners.