I Need My Moonshine

Escapism from barry munsterteiger on Vimeo.

The state of having wandering and imaginative thoughts in order to remove one's self from reality.

Shot with Panasonic AF100, Canon 1D Mark IV & the Cineflex HD. Your headphones will give you a true enthusiast's experience.


Barry Munsterteiger -Writer, Director, Animator, Editor, Rider
Colin Ducey – Co-Director, Director of Photography, Producer, Camera Car Owner Operator
Tom Miller – Cineflex Operator
Cameron Baird – Art Director, Assistant Director
Garrett Freberg – Assistant Director
Conrad Slater – Audio Recording, Camera Car Driver
Matthew Zipkin – Original Music and Sound Design
Mark Coleran – UI Design
Aaron Owen – Assistant DP, Data Management, Driver, Traffic Control
John McGovern – Vehicle Prep, Transportation, Traffic Control
Michael Jordan – Location Scout, Safety
Peter Newfield – Locations
Zach von Szeremy – Camera Car Grip
Joshua Vaughan – Camera Car Grip

Special Thanks, John Paul Canton, Andrea Onida, Andrew Sather, John Crossley, Russ Miller and all of our families.

The Hemi Isn’t Enough

Moon Shine remains in the garage, her fat leather seat and trunk are now “temporary” resting places for cartons filled with tools and supplies from ongoing household projects.

Non motorcycle related items piled on top of a motorcycle for more than 24 hours is one of the first signs that a bike has died. I walked past the fat bottomed girl this morning and shook my head sadly, thinking that I really ought to at least fire her up once a week to keep the oil circulating and the mud daubers from building nests in the tail pipes.

The Magnum with it’s neck breaking 5.7 Hemi just isn’t enough of a mover to take the place of a two wheeler.

On Saturday, October 6 we will have a “Save Moon Shine” yard sale at 1308 Laguna Vista Way, with proceeds going toward getting the old girl transported to Eurosport Cycle in Fort Worth to fix her broken internel shift linkage.

If I don’t get her back on the road soon I may just crawl out to the garage and expire with her. The withdrawel symptoms are THAT bad.

Triumph Rocket III Popping Out of Gear

This could be serious.

Moonshine (my 2008iTriumph Rocket 3 Classic) is currently in the garage awaiting a trailer ride to Eurosport Cycle. She started popping out of first and second gear under load on my way home from work the other day, which was very disturbing as the first occurance was in the middle of a hard lean into a turn at about 30 MPH.

I adjusted the clutch cable…no effect on the problem.

Google searches on rocket 3 gearbox and shifting issues hasn’t turned up much info on what it takes to fix this issue, but plenty of anecdotal stories from folks about multiple trips to the dealer with no full resolutions.

This isn’t a matter of not getting her into gear in the first place. I made sure that it was firmly into first and second each time and that power was being transmitted to the rear wheel. The thing fell back into neutral even while accelerating with the transmission under load.

Anyone else out there had this experience and gotten it satisfactorily resolved?

Back in the Saddle Again

Remember me?

Yeah, I’m the guy who used to post articles here almost daily, sometimes multiple articles in one day. I’ve been very, VERY busy the last couple of months and in the last 14 days or so I’ve finally managed to come up for air.

The weeks have zipped by since leaving Xerox (good riddance!) and although it’s been a very stressful and challenging ordeal to change clients and outsourcing comapies at the same time, I have finally gotten comfortable enough in the new environment to actually be able to sleep at night relatively worry free.

Coinciding with the reduction in stress came an appearance by Petra in Longview, a Christian rock band that started in the early seventies. Robin and I took the opportunity to see them with Mike and Shelby the weekend before last, then we all did some antique shopping and dining in Jefferson, Texas, along with a bit of sightseeing at Caddo Lake.

The Classic Petra concert was incredible. The lineup from the late seventies / mid eighties reunited to deliver a heart felt, bone shattering heavy metal Jesus rock experience. Lead singer Greg X. Volz’s vocals and stage presence having done nothing but get better over the last forty years, and I’d dare to say he has achieved perfection, reaching a quality in pitch and tone that rivals the original studio album versions of the songs.

The Rolling Stones may still be rocking after all these years, but I’ve not seen any bunch of geriatric rockers that can hold their own against their glory day selves the way the guys from Petra do. Were it not for the grey hair you’d think they were all in their twenties. The last time I’d seen Petra live was during their “Not of this World” tour around 1983. Last Friday night they were so much better. And I wouldn’t have thought you could get any better than the “Not of this World” event I saw in Reunion Arena some two and a half decades ago.

Pictures? Video? Are you kidding? I was too busy applauding and stomping my feet to do anything with the phone camera. Sorry. I think the bass and wailing lead guitar would have shattered the Gorilla Glass anyway.

Mike and I did some riding, but I was so focused on just enjoying the chance to have a weekend of not worrying over server outage reports and root cause analysis documentation updates that I decided to leave the video gear and DSLR in the touring trunk for the whole trip.

The good news is my brain has finally got a few cycles back from work focus to start posting on the blog again, so stay tuned for more of my drivel with new pictures and video, and of course, more cowbell!