It’s the erosion of liberty, Stupid!

I returned from the Texas Libertarian Party 2016 State Convention Sunday night with a briefcase full of reference materials, ideas, and commitments that will be a major part of my life for at least the next two years.

I had not intended to become a Senate District 12 Representative on the State Libertarian Executive Committee when I was pitching my tent at the San Antonio KOA Friday night, but by the end of the first day of the convention on Saturday I had assumed that mantle from my fellow district 12 delegates, along with John Spivey, a very experienced and long serving Libertarian whom I have known only through facebook threads up until this past weekend.

I will be flooding my friends and family with information and pleas for you all to support the third largest political party in the great state of Texas over the coming days, weeks, and months.

I am more convinced than ever that the libertarian party is the greatest opportunity we have to stop and reverse the steady erosion of our personal liberty that has been the disguised agenda of the republican and democrat political machines for decades upon decades.

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