World Vision Retracts Gay Hiring Statement and Pharisees Celebrate

Jesus-Picture-Teaching-The-Woman-At-The-WellWorld Vision’s retraction on hiring gay Christians is disappointing. I don’t understand how people who profess to be Christians can be so un-Christ-like in their opinions and rationalize doing and saying things that Christ would not have done or said.

So now we can’t allow people to help starving children based on sexual preference? Are gays and lesbians not allowed to help old ladies across the street, too? Are perfect people who never sin (according to our own feeble definitions of sin) the only people who may serve in Christian charitable organizations? If that is the hiring criteria, you have a candidate pool of exactly zero, and the only people you’ll be able to hire will be the liars.

All have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God. That means you are no better than a gay or lesbian individual. Nor am I.

Did you tell any lies today? Did you have any lustful thoughts? Have you been divorced? Did you treat someone unfairly?

Does God continue to forgive you you’re ongoing trespasses?

If you are a true child of Christ He does.

And if you happen to be a true child of Christ who is also gay or lesbian, He forgives you of your daily trespasses when you lie, steal or have an angry thought (just as straight people do) too.

Jesus spent a great deal of his time incarnate sitting down and eating with tax collectors, thieves, prostitutes, and He even touched lepers, despite the old testament prohibitions. Had anyone been able to be openly gay during that time and in that culture Jesus would have sat down and dined with them, too.

He came into the world to save, not to condemn. His followers should be following suite.

World Vision’s decision to hire openly gay Christians (yes, I surmise you can be gay or lesbian and Christian, too…nowhere in the Bible or in the words of Jesus does it say you can’t) was a good decision. World Vision’s initial announcement was not a betrayal of Christ, it was a confirmation of the all inclusive forgiveness and family that makes up the true body of Christ.

Whether you are gay or not, whether you believe being gay condemns your soul or not, is something you settle between yourself and God. It is not something people who call themselves Christians should be using against you or as leverage to exclude you from the Church or doing charitable work.

World Vision can hire or not hire whom they please…it’s just a shame that the spirit of Fred Phelps lives on in so many churches and was the impetus to making World Vision retract its decision.

Whether a professing “Christian” is a bit like Fred Phelps or a lot like Fred Phelps, sin is sin and condemnation and hatred in the name of Christ is the real issue here, not one specific group of peoples’ personal lives and relationships to God.

This is yet another example of the Church becoming the whore of Babylon and the prophets being dead-on as always. Come out from among them and be free. There is a true Church, a true Body of Christ, but it is much smaller than you think. It practices love and salvation, not judgement and condemnation. God is your judge, not man, and those who have a relationship with Him through the salvation offered by Jesus Christ know what He desires of us and how He wants us to live.

Therefore I do not condemn my brothers and sisters who might be homosexual. I also will never usurp the throne of the Most Holy and pretend that I know His mind as to whether another is fit to enter or work for His kingdom or not. He told us that whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. The was no exclusion in the context around those words.

I leave it to each individual and their God to decide whether they are sinning or not in their personal life and preferences. Just as I’ll thank everyone else to do the same for me regarding my personal life.

It is the role of the Holy Spirit to convict each of us for our sins, not the pastors, Sunday school teachers, the Pharisees, or the televangelists or false prophets

What My Beloved Wife and VSF&L Gave me for Christmas

For home invasions or the Zombie Apocalypse
For home invasions or the Zombie Apocalypse
For a long time I’ve lusted ater a .45 ACP carbine. My only hope was to save enough cash for a Thompson or settle for a cheap bulky Hi Point.

Until Beretta revealed the CX4 Storm in 2003. Robin got me the .45 ACP model (with a little help from Brother Sasquatch). I’m now totally prepped for a cast extra role on Battle Star Galactica as well (Although the barrel shrouds on the BSG props make them look like some sort of proctology instrument).